8 Days Spiritual Adventure and Yoga Retreat in Bali

  • Ubud - Sanur

8 Days Spiritual Adventure and Yoga Retreat in Bali

  • Ubud - Sanur

Spiritual Adventure Yoga Retreat in Bali

Participants will get to see a window in Balinese culture, as well as a window into their own soul. The Balinese live their spiritual practice on a daily basis, hence this is the best place to expand yoga practice and meditation into daily life. Explore Balinese villages, history, arts, and temples as Diane guides participants through this mystical land, often called the island of the gods. Start each day with Kundalini yoga and meditation, plus experience meditations and activities at specific Balinese temples as guided.


  • Daily yoga session
  • Meeting with an accomplished Balinese healer
  • 1 gourmet cooking class with Ubud's best chefs
  • Visit to ancient temples, local village, & UNESCO heritage site
  • Experience 2 Balinese cultural dances
  • Downhill bike ride from a volcano
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 3 daily gourmet meals
  • 6 days with instruction
  • English
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Ubud Cultural Center (5 nights)

  • Morning Kundalini yoga class
  • 2 evening cultural dances
  • 3 massages
  • Cooking class
  • Downhill bike riding
  • Experience 500 monkeys in one park
  • Meeting with an accomplished Balinese healer (optional)
  • Riding elephants
  • Visit 5 ancient temples and share 'sacred sound' with crystal bowls
  • Visit a UNESCO world heritage site

Sanur (2 nights)

  • Morning Kundalini yoga class
  • 1 temple visit
  • 2 massages
  • Free time in the afternoon to explore and relax
  • Dining
  • Water activities
  • Diane Cline

    Diane Cline, RYT, is a leader in global consciousness, life coach, sound healer, medicine woman, and multi-talented in serving others. As the founder of Yoga Inspirations, she has award-winning DVDs and has served over 4,000 children (when in the Phoenix, Arizona area), yoga to over 3,000 adults and sound healing of several varieties to over 6,000 people while on Kauai. Propelled by her love for humanity, she dedicates her life to serving and uplifting others.

Participants will explore three places in Bali namely Ubud, Nusa Lembongen, and Sanur. Ubud is a separate island which is a protected marine sanctuary. Nusa Lembongen will be a 30-minute boat ride where guests will enjoy snorkeling in pristine waters. And last stop will be at Sanur, a beachfront and quaint town with many water activities, shopping, and excellent dining.

  • Diving
  • Massage
  • Snorkeling
  • 3 gourmet meals a day
  • 3 massages
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 7 yoga classes
  • Airport transfer to the first hotel
  • All transportation within Bali
  • All activities and adventures
  • Evening sound alchemy (2 classes a day)
  • Meditation practice
  • Yogic philosophy
  • The deposit is fully refundable if the booking is cancelled up to 90 days before the arrival date.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.


  • Review by Laurel Mitchell

    "I originally joined the retreat to spend some quality time with my sister, and perhaps relax a bit. Unbeknownst to me, the retreat became a life changer. My life took a dramatic change right before the retreat and I entered into the retreat completely stressed out. Within no time at all ,Diane changed my life and introduced me to a new way. I continue every day forward with a different outlook. And as a bonus, I met some really amazing soul sisters and brother who I hope to continue the friendship with."

    "Thank you so much, my sister and I plan on attending future retreats!"

    Yoga Inspirations website, edited

  • Review by Nancy D. from Washington DC

    "I attended Diane's yoga retreat with the hope of enjoying a restful weekend and making some new friends. I came away with a life altering spiritual awakening and friendships with kindred spirits who will be lifelong friends. I am forever grateful for this experience and will be joining her for retreat again ."


    Yoga Inspirations website, edited

  • Review by a traveler

    "Diane's retreat healed my heart, changed my body and saved my life."

    Yoga Inspirations website, edited

  • Review by Michelle Lewan

    "Dear Diane and Steve,"

    "Thank you for renewing our souls. I took a chance coming to the retreat with my sister and can honestly say it's been the best gift I have ever given myself. I did not do a lot of research prior to booking but know now the universe brought us to you. Both my sister and I were going down a pathway of the unknown and left the retreat with such a sense peace and clarity. I also feel we all became soul sisters at the retreat..with one brother, Steve. I am hoping the women I met at the retreat are lifelong friends. "

    "Thanks for being such a wonderful leader. Love and Light as you say. "

    Yoga Inspirations website, edited

  • Review by a traveler

    "I took this trip to Hawaii without knowing what to expect. What wonderful, generous hosts Diane and Steve turned out to be. They put us up in an excellent place and took care of everything, making sure each day was special. I can honestly say that every moment of this retreat was wonderful. I was healed, inspired and blessed. Kundalini yoga is transformational and Diane's teaching is amazing. The crystal singing bowls were mind blowing. My heart is overflowing with gratitude; this retreat could not have been more perfect for me right now. Snorkeling, eating good food, meditating and practicing among beautiful new friends in sacred surroundings, just perfect. Mahalo!"

    Yoga Inspirations website, edited

  • Review by Emina

    "Aloha Beautiful Diane,"

    "Thank you, one more time, for the most amazing trip of my life time. It had exceeded all my expectations and the only thing I have been able to think about since my return home has been how to get back there to see you soon again. You and your amazing sounds, Steve and kundalini yoga, fed my soul in a way I had never experienced before. I am so excited and eager to continue to practice my meditation and to get more comfortable with kundalini yoga, which is cultivating the discovery of my spiritual path. Thank you thank you thank you for your generosity and service from the bottom of my heart. Sat Nam:)"

    "Much love."


    Yoga Inspirations website, edited

  • Review by Gair

    "My wife, Hannchen, and I stayed at Alii Kai II for two weeks in November and enjoyed getting to know Diane, learning to paddle board, a trip to the Blue Room, three or four gong sessions and regular yoga sessions. Before we left you gave us a two page photo copy of the Kundalini exercises. Since our return in November, I have practiced the 14 exercises daily and am chanting two to three times daily (incorporating three of the chants you recommended) for five to 11 minutes each.We are both enjoying the daily practice very much. It takes a bit to fit it all into a busy work and family schedule but it has felt very worthwhile. After decades of meditating and Hatha yoga. I am feeling very good about this new practice and expect to keep it up indefinitely.Thank you for your instruction, your periodic emails and care. Blessings."

    Yoga Inspirations website, edited

  • Review by Susy Westmoreland

    "I have been doing yoga for the past eight years. My yoga experience with Diane can be summarized like this; Diane is the most inspiring teacher I have ever had. Every cell in my body was awakened and filled with the most incredible energy. The breath work we do in her yoga class is absolutely awesome. Your body, mind, and spirit will be uplifted like never before."I highly recommend taking her yoga class anytime."

    Yoga Inspirations website, edited

  • Review by Kevin from United States

    "We are so blessed to have met you and experienced your spirituality and light. Our whole family enjoyed the yoga classes and gong."

    Yoga Inspirations website, edited

  • Review by Dr. Marilyn from United States

    "Your yoga classes have lifted me out of a long depression after the death of my husband. I am forever grateful."

    Yoga Inspirations website, edited

  • Review by Sonja Keala Cabebe

    "Meeting Diane has been life changing for me. In a crazy world she has taught me to relax and to breathe. It sounds so easy but when you experience the level of relaxation that she takes you to, you may realize that youre not getting there on your own. It has brought so much healing into my life; however, the number one benefit is the calming of my nervous system. I can see now that Diane coming into my life has definitely been a divine appointment!"

    Yoga Inspirations website, edited

  • Review by Anne Archerfrom Mill Valley

    "Diane is truly amazing! She has been an angel that I believe was brought to me when I was going thru some tough time in my personal life. She taught me how to relax thru breathing and mediating thru yoga. I love her CD and I love her classes. I am so blessed to her has a friend and teacher. Mahalo!"

    Yoga Inspirations website, edited

  • Review by a traveler

    "What a profound experience I had during my private meditation session followed by the morning Kundalini yoga practice with Diane. She has shared such an insightful information during our meditations practice, I truly believe that through years of her extensive and dedicated practices, she is gifted in receiving insightful information from the higher consciousness, about the person she works with, and sharing it with us. I literally became the embodiment of love, gratitude, peace, and joy after Diane played the crystal bowls and the gong which took me to a whole another dimension. Mahalo."

    Yoga Inspirations website, edited

  • Review by Jafree from Hawaii

    "Diane holds a very powerful healing Kundalini yoga class that brings deep healing sensations into every cell of your body. She is super fun, positive, clear, and very energizing to be around. I highly recommend taking her yoga class anytime."

    Yoga Inspirations website, edited

Hawaii, United States

Yoga Inspirations features Diane Cline who leads empowering retreats four times per year in Hawaii and Indonesia. The retreats are open to all levels and ages.

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8 days / 7 nights


Arrival: Saturday May 19, 2018
Departure: Saturday May 26, 2018

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