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Yoga in Paradise

Yoga In Paradise runs retreats, teacher trainings, and workshops in most beautiful, natural places. Reminding the magic of our planet earth!

Instructors 2

Frauke Schroth

Frauke is a multiple trained yoga and meditation teacher since 2009. She’s been training yoga teachers since 2016, living and working in Bali and Berlin. Frauke is known for her open, positive being and inspiring way of teaching yoga. She combines the physical aspects of yoga with the mystical, making it easy to understand and accessible for every level. She integrates dynamic and static sequences, precise as well as individual alignment, meditation, visualization, and intention, creating an inner journey for health and peace.

Shirin Ourmuchi

Shirin Ourmutchi is an energetic and spiritual healer, mindfulness-coach, and holistic yoga-instructor. In her work, she helps people to reconnect with their inner source, intuition, creativity and higher consciousness, through spiritual and energetic work and Soul Guidance. Shirin is trained and inclined since 2012 by the spiritual teachings of Salubrious School of Angels in Berlin and got certified as Vinyasa Flow Yoga from Spirit Yoga in Berlin 2011. She works also as an artist since 2000, as an expression of spiritual Creativity.

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