Yoga Health Retreats - Byron Bay

New South Wales, Australia

Yoga Health Retreats - Byron Bay invites you to join them on their residential or weekend inspiring yoga retreats that will create a happier, healthier you!

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  • Nadine QLD

    Yoga in Daily Life Melbourne website

    Wonderfully experienced and caring people. So much more than a retreat. A whole body rejuvenation. A must do for everybody. A chance to reconnect with myself and become more grounded, meet beautiful people and spend time with my long time friend.

  • Emily NSW Australia

    Yoga in Daily Life Melbourne website

    The retreat week with Sue and her incredible team has been one of the most restorative weeks of my life!

  • Donna Australia

    Yoga Health Retreats website

    The retreat has taught me to take life as it is. Live in the moment and the rest will follow. We write the story of our own life, believe in what you create.

  • Debbie Australia

    Yoga Health Retreats website

    The week has been wonderful! Love the schedule of yoga and meditation, particularly the Restorative yoga in the afternoons. The kindness of Sue, Grant, and all the other women has really helped me as I face some demons and let go of them. The combination of yoga, meditation, massage and rest has meant I feel stronger, clearer, more grounded both physically and emotionally and ready to continue my journey toward a full life. Sue you are an incredible teacher and Grant a wonderful healer! Thank you!! Bali Joyful Spirit Yoga Retreat.

  • Jane Australia

    Yoga Health Retreats website

    If you are looking for an environment to rest and rejuvenate not only your body but also your mind, I would definitely recommend the Joyful Spirit retreat. Great company, great location, supportive atmosphere. Plenty of free time to chill out and reflect, but at the same time 4 hours of yoga every day. This was exactly what I was after when I booked in for the week.

  • Jessica Australia

    Yoga Health Retreats website

    The retreat experience feels life changing, uplifting, relaxing, and utterly amazing! I feel stronger, centered, and coping skills more finite. Thank you Sue.

  • Samantha Australia

    Yoga Health Retreats - Byron Bay website

    A great gift to myself. I feel renewed and reborn, sounds silly, but it has really happened for me! I am a new person and ready to start living and be happy. A special thanks to Sue and her many years of experience. Yoga was varied and strong enough for all levels. The core energetics work was powerful stuff and Ranil is a master!

  • Leena Sydney

    Yoga Health Retreats - Byron Bay website

    When I booked the retreat, my mindset was that I needed to focus on myself through yoga and meditation. The week has been that and so much more. The women I shared my room with have become firm friends and the time we shared talking about our life experiences, laughing and crying have bonded us. We have made a pact to go to Bali next year to do another retreat because this has been so fantastic and a true life experience! Thank you so much, Sue.

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