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Tamara Hockey

Tamara Hockey has studied at Yogawest on Gloucester road in Bristol since 2000. She qualified as a teacher in 2005, and now teaches at the Yogawest center in Bristol and at Wotton under Edge. Tamara continues to practice and studies for progressive levels of teaching, most recently obtaining her junior intermediate level three certificate in March, 2011. For the month of January 2013, Tamara attended Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute (RIMYI), in Pune, India.

Sarah Constantinides

Sarah is based in Somerset and is known for her lovely warm presence. She brings many years of teaching experience to her classes.

Testimonials 5

  • Aleksandra Lewicki

    Tamara Yoga Facebook page

    I went on the yoga holiday that Tamara ran in the Maldives in 2016. It was one of the best holidays I have ever been on. The location, the Barefoot Eco Hotel, was very well chosen – it offered everything that I find important when travelling, including very open-minded, warm and friendly local staff, healthy food options, sustainable tourism and an eco-friendly infrastructure. It is located on Hanimaadhoo, one of the first Maldivian Islands that are inhabited by locals and have been opened up for tourism two years ago. That means one is not separated from Maldivians on an Island that exclusively hosts Western tourists, but you can go to the village and mingle with the extremely welcoming locals during your yoga free hours. The yoga lessons were fantastic, just perfect for a holiday – we received a lot of caring attention for a wide variety of special needs. The lessons were sufficiently challenging for those who wanted to develop their practice, but there was no pressure in this regard. I particularly appreciated Tamara’s very thoughtful instructions. I also very much benefitted from her deep insight into the way bodies work, their impact on the mind, the varied shapes and forms that injuries can take, and her alertness to the remedial aspects of yoga. She and Sarah, who taught together with Tamara on this holiday, were a great team. Sarah’s lessons were very uplifting and activated a self-detached energy in me. Both teachers were very considerate and had a very kind and caring presence throughout. The holiday was not only inspirational while I was there, it also helped me to expand my daily practice subsequently – and as it was a the beginning of December, it helped me to get through the usual end of year madness much more light-heartedly – or as Tamara and Sarah put it with a cooler head and warmer heart :-). Strongly recommended!

  • Barbara Canvin

    Tamara Yoga Facebook page

    Tamara and Sarah are excellent Iyengar yoga teachers. Our trip to the Maldives with approx 5 hours of yoga per day was both challenging and inspirational. I feel that I have improved my yoga practice so much in just one week. In addition the pranayama sessions were a new experience for me and very relaxing. The location on Hanimaadhou island in the Maldives was perfect for this yoga week, with opportunities to experience water sports if you do wish. I personally am now a convert to snorkelling , but equally if you prefer the beach then this island always seems quiet and perfect for relaxing in the sun. I would highly suggest recommend a yoga holiday with Tamara whatever the location, but this Maldives yoga holiday just had so many hidden bonuses. Thank you Tamara and Sarah for being such great teachers.

  • John

    Tamara Yoga Facebook page

    A busy life results in wear and tear, and I was becoming increasingly concerned that this would eventually stop my outdoor activities. Following a bout of sciatica, I had been taking ibuprofen every night for around 20 years, just to get a good night's sleep. More recently, a recurrent problem with a trapped nerve in my neck resulted in loss of strength in my left arm and I needed regular visits to an osteopath to try and correct the problem. My partner persuaded me to try yoga and I attended my first class with Tamara in January 2014. I've been attending classes regularly since then. In a relatively short time I am convinced that as a result of Tamara's teaching, yoga has helped me in a number of ways. With no back pain, I am now able to sleep without the need for painkillers. I no longer suffer with a trapped nerve, so strength has returned to my arm and I can continue with rock climbing. My posture has improved so that I can once more enjoy mountaineering, a sport that I thought I would have to give up. I had a climbing trip to Scotland last winter and off for another next week. I'm now 67 years old and I think yoga is the best activity people of any age. It's never too late to start. Thank you Tamara.

  • Chris

    Tamara Yoga Facebook page

    I was a complete beginner when i started going to Tamara's class about a year ago. I do enjoy her teaching approach and her empathy for what is possible. She instills real confidence, so much in fact that I took the plunge and went on the week's retreat to Turkey last September. I had an amazing time, both on and off the mat. All the equipment was provided. It was such a lovely way to start to practice regularly, to discover what I could do, and I'd recommend it whatever your ability. Tamara and Sarah's great teaching, great accommodation, great food, great days out, and best of all I felt great by the end, much more chilled than after a 'normal' break. That's me on the end of the group and those are my holiday legs draped up the rail of the boat on a sunny excursion day out. Great!

  • Louise

    Tamara Yoga Facebook page

    I've been taught by Tamara on and off for almost 5 years now, through pregnancy classes, general classes as well as her much valued support within another teacher's therapy class. Her teaching is excellent; clear, precise and easy to follow. She is knowledgeable but also very generous with her help to all her students in class. That doesn't mean her classes are easy though! Tamara has a great knack of working you and pushing you to excel, before bringing in restful poses exactly when they are needed. I would highly recommend her.

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