Yoga for the Soul

Sidney, Australia

Yoga For the Soul Retreats will deepen your daily yoga and meditation practice whilst having a soulful, spiritual, and cultural experience.

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  • Kayleen Deaves Australia

    Yoga for the Soul website

    "Yoga for the Soul Retreats experience was joyful, exhilarating, and at times deeply moving. I feel gratitude to Chetana, for the attention to detail in the planning of such a balanced itinerary. Her understanding, love, and respect for the Nepali people was evident in the way in which the program was then able to evolve and unfold. I adored the daily yoga sessions accompanied by harmonium and tanpura (classical Indian instruments) in amazing and usually out of the way venues.

    Although I hadn't met Chetana or any of the group members I felt supported and at ease with every stage of the journey."

  • Donata Germany

    Yoga for the Soul website

    “Thank you for the wonderful course with you! I have been so inspired that I’m starting my teacher training tomorrow at Shivananda.

    Om Shanti!”

  • Janine South Africa

    Yoga for the Soul website

    “The yoga retreat was incredible and it has given me direction in pursuing it in my everyday life. Since then, I have been doing yoga every morning on my own, it’s been really good in helping with anxiety and relaxation.

    You really are a great teacher, a big thank you Chetana.”

  • Carolyn Armstrong Australia

    Yoga for the Soul website

    "I have been fortunate to have traveled to many counties, over many years. I have hiked, biked, trekked, toured, back-packed, and starred the length and breadth of most continents. Yoga for the Soul Retreats with Chetana at the helm has been one of the most wonderful travel experiences of my life!

    Because of her passion for Nepal, her knowledge of yoga practice, and her love of travel herself, Chetana was able to open doors to both spiritual and geographical worlds that one only sees in books. Her sensitivity to understand individual needs, her respect, and reverence to local culture and people led us in a beautiful journey both inwardly and outwardly.

    An experience that will stay with me a lifetime.

    Thank you Chetana!"

  • Tina Berkeley Australia

    Yoga For the Soul website

    I have been fortunate to have Chetana come to my home for a private yoga class every Thursday. The individualized and personally focused instruction has re-invigorated my yoga practice and has helped me to become more flexible, relaxed and centered. The benefits of private instruction have been significant as each week Chetana is able to accommodate my varying needs and provide me with the tools to continue my practice daily.

  • Simone Australia

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  • Max Althammer Germany

    Yoga For the Soul website

    A truly beautiful experience. Haven’t been as energized and relaxed in a long time. Recommended!

  • Sebastian Spain

    Yoga For The Soul website

    I really enjoy the yoga course at Hilltop Guesthouse at Begnas Lake, Nepal. It was perfect for getting an overview of everything related to yoga! And also the place was peaceful and quiet, perfect for the practice. Thank you very much! Ps: the teacher, Chetana was also brilliant!

  • Eva Poland

    Yoga For The Soul website

    Thank you Chetana for opening my heart to the world and reality of yoga, it is so beautiful. Im now on a journey of self discovery, and through your teachings Im becoming more conscious of who I am. I hope we will meet again and you will teach me many beautiful things about myself, Yoga and its energy!.

  • Ali Mcturtle New Zealand

    Yoga For The Soul website

    The mid-week yoga course in Pokhara, Nepal with Chetana, was great. What a gem! Thank you so much, Chetana youve definitely inspired me to a right real yoga nut, both on and off the mat! Tashi Dele.

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