Yoga-Fit is an accessible yoga and sports center that promotes a healthy lifestyle through sports, yoga, and diet. They also offer boot camp lessons, nutrition seminars, mindfulness workshops and yoga retreats.

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Arelys Winklaar

Yoga-Fit website

I am now my 6 weeks passed and I feel good. These are words that I would previously not easily use ... tired ... my word.

I started my lifestyle change because I did not feel comfortable in my skin and was always tired and lethargic.

The first week I noticed a difference in my energy level and my mood.

Not only did I noticed a difference, but also people around me said that I behaved differently and was more cheerful.

Of course losing weight a very nice extra, but this is personal.

What I want people to know and I think is very important is that I have ADD and no medicine for this use.

Daily life was so very hard for me.

Through my food choices, I find myself too much quieter in my day and am much more relaxed doorcom than before.

Thx to my Life Managers

Jurij Skornik

Yoga-Fit website

After my father was deceased I arrived 23 kilos and I realized that I was not happy in my current relationship and track.

I can admit that I am gay and have given thanks to this program, my job as a lawyer to continue with my music what I did before. so many fears and so much grief now a slim shapely body and I can finally say NO and stand up for myself. I finally sleep without stress and endless mind I really live in the moment! I eat really healthy sport now and love so much time!

stopped with drugs

stopped my psychologist

end of my training has been requested or not satisfied after three months if you want to share! hereby! I can look in the mirror (nude) and be proud! all those years on diet after diet which sometimes worked but few kilos or very quickly and then three times arrive so hard! yeah had some give and ff well get used to it but Jesus what a result and actually it's nothing new, just as you get so much information you will be shaken awake ff. Thank you for awakening my inner self!

Jose Oliveira

Yoga-Fit website

I just want to thank you and say that I could buy a whole new wardrobe because everything was too big! good advice also to wait three months since I bought new clothes and then three months later could buy new clothes because I was shrunk again in size. I do think my new way of eating and exercising delicious! everyone look at my gym who are sweating daily come to me twice a week for a short time and everyone asks me how I achieve so fast results! So Gil new customers again!

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