Yoga Escape

Yoga Escape offers international yoga retreats (India, Bali, Thailand, Europe) and is specialized in Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Hatha yoga.

Instructors 2

Laurent Peyret

Laurent Peyret or Seva Karam Singh was interested very early in the humanistic philosophies which led him quite naturally towards the practice of Ashtanga yoga then of Kundalini yoga before to have made a short passage beforehand by the practice of the judo. Today, he teaches these two forms of yoga in Lyon in the center which he has created that enriches his inner life every day. Laurent Peyret defines himself primarily as a sadhaka (practitioner) and especially as a teacher who believes that discipline is the essence of any spiritual process.

Emilie Hourtoulle

A student in Naturopathy at CENATHO (European College of Traditional Holistic Naturopathy), Emilie Hourtoulle is passionate about the links between diet and global health for many years. The severe manifestation of an autoimmune disease 15 years ago led her to rethink deeply her lifestyles and diet. She has followed many medical treatments and has been "abandoned" by modern medicine and it is finally Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and naturopathy that allowed her to live again.

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