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Alo Raptopoulos

Viktoria Ilina

Reviews (2)

Steffi Dittrich

from Austria, October 2019

"Colorful and enrichring. Spirit!"

A friend said, that my voice sounds so anchored in my body shortly after I was back from the retreat in Morocco.

I think that says a lot.

People who want to practice yoga and experience sound healing can look forward to being in the best hands with Alo and Mel to enjoy this time. Just have a good time.

The Morocco retreat was special for me, not only what I was allowed to learn and was colorful and enriching.

In retrospect I believe that it is not a matter of course to find a good place and to attract exactly those people who make this place so unique and where you can feel connected with each other.

Alo and Mel made this possible with their special way.

Clélia Spycher

from Mexico, September 2021

"Une expérience au top"

Professeure attentionnée et pleine de bonne volonté. Très professionnelle, Alo a su répondre à mes attentes et cibler mes besoins pour progresser dans le yoga. Aux petits soins, elle veillait toujours à mon confort et mon bien-être. Une personne chaleureuse et humaine, avec un bon bagage yogique. On le perçoit à sa manière d'enseigner, riche et sécuritaire. Je ne peux que recommander !!!!