Yoga en Tenerife offers yoga classes, workshops, and holidays as well as massage therapies and health consultations at a privileged location on Tenerife Island, Spain.

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Aday Isidro García Díaz

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Ulla Collins

from Denmark, March 2020

"Yoga and meditation retreat"

The compound and housing exellent, good likewise Fresh, well prepared and presented.

The outings very enjoyable and interesting

Maria Noemi Plastino

from Austria, March 2020

"Namasté, Aday"

I’m not the same person who arrived in Tenerife one week ago. I was blessed to share this unique experience with a group of wonderful people, who were ready for this journey. We shared a lot of tears, hugs, dancing, chanting and laughing together, practicing asanas and pranayama, walking in meditation through breathtaking natural landscapes, bathing in the ocean waves, sitting by the fireplace at a sweatlodge mexican ritual (Aday knows every single power spot on the island), eating excellent and healthy food - grazie, Giosué! Something magic happened in this blissful Hacienda Cristoforo: a miracle of empathy, awareness and compassion developed during this week in each one of us.

All this wouldn’t have been possible without Aday. His kindness, generosity, his knowledge and his guidance are amazing: I was stuck in my yoga practice and now I’m back on the right track. I was emotionally blocked as well in many different ways: at the very beginning I felt inner resistance, but I gave in and it was worth it. And I learned what a joy it means to let go and trust somebody.

I cherish Aday’s teachings, I will keep them close to my heart.

Om Namah Shivaya

Kasia Bialek

from Isle of Man, March 2020

"Unique yoga experience "

It truly is difficult to put into words what do you actually experience during the 7 days of the retreat. Aday walked us through Tenerife’s natural wonders and spirituality. Every day we had different schedules with activities and each of one of them was a unique experience. Every day I have learned different type of briefing techniques, mantras and yoga positions. I have met wonderful people and am 100 % sure I have booked the right retreat.

Jonathan Stollar

from United Kingdom, January 2020

"Not a Yoga retreat "

The setting, food and fellow people on the retreat where lovely.

Franzie Kah

from Germany, November 2019

I arrived to this retreat, just having finished a difficult time in my life and not feeling well. This trip really helped me to feel healthier and more myself again. The place was absolutely stunning, the food was healthy, tasty, and diverse. Aday is an excellent yoga teacher, and he also taught us many techniques to heal and rise our vibration and I am very motivated to practice them at home. Everyday we made a great trip into nature and Aday kindly and patiently answered many of my questions about spiritual awakening. I would definitely return.


from Austria, November 2019

"perfect getaway"

First of all I did not come here for the food but it was incredible!!! This retreat is for everyone who isn't into Yoga just for the acrobatics. Loved all the hikes and the beautiful beaches we visited.

Katharina Anda

from Norway, November 2019

"Soul adventure😊"

Special envirement, nice people in a small group. Yoga, meditation, hikes. Løed it all😎

Kamila Kuty

from United Kingdom, October 2019

"Unforgettable experience "

I was attracted to this particular retreat as I started going through my own spiritual awakening with tantric practices and I felt very disturbed and erratic. I lost my purpose in life and didn’t know which direction to go. After a week with Aday different breathing exercises, meditation, singing, dancing and yoga practices I released lots of stuck emotions and started feeling in peace with myself. Aday teach me and showed me different way of looking at life and planted the seeds of knowledge deep in my heart.

I had a truly life changing experience 🥰


Annemarie Ward

from Ireland, October 2019

"A little corner of Paradise"

Just back from a most enjoyable retreat at Cristaforo in Tenerife. From yoga to trekking and out on the boat dolphin watching it was so well organised and so much fun. The food was delicious and Luca who cooked for us the sweetest lady. Accommodation was like being in a little corner of paradise. Highly recommend


from United Kingdom, September 2019

"Not a yoga retreat, too much emphasis on of his beliefs "

The Tibetan sound bowls, were amazing

Jeanne Forget

from Germany, August 2019

"Great meditation and yoga experience in a wonderful location"

Everything: the atmosphere in the quiet and serene grounds at Cristoforo, the guidance of Aday throughout the week, the spirituality behind the yoga and meditation practices, plenty of activities to discover the island, the wonderful vegetarian food that Luz prepared with a lot of heart and love. Highly recommended for anyone loving yoga, wanting to deepen and enrich his/her meditation practice and looking for a bit of peace.

Jane Bousfield

from United Kingdom, July 2019

"Yoga extra"

I went with my sister and we were most impressed with the care, attention and time that Aday generously gave the group throughout the week. He took us out for all the excursions advertised and showed us the varied beauty of the island. His knowledge of every aspect of yoga is also impressive and this retreat went far beyond the physical which you normally get from teachers into the breathing, meditation and other spiritual investigations and healing. I would whole heartedly recommend this retreat to anyone. Thanks Aday.

Helena Rasker

from Netherlands, July 2019

"Fabulously relaxing retreat"

The combination of beautiful surroundings, delicious food and a yoga instructor that guides you seemingly planless through time with yoga practice, meditation and spectacular day trips, makes for a perfectly relaxing holiday. If you don't like looking into the mirror of your soul or you're more interested in the acrobatics of yoga, maybe don't come here, but if you're here to recharge, rebalance and learn something on the side, you're in the right place.....

Murray Dundas

from United Kingdom, April 2019

"Aday "

Aday is a legend! He goes above and beyond, the yoga is fantastic, as is the food from Luc. Aday thinks nothing of sitting up to the early hours discussing all aspects of life in a very positive way. It’s more than a yoga retreat, much more. I will be back!

Gilberta Pereira

from Portugal, April 2019

It´s hard to express by words what I felt from all the spectacular, profound experiences that I ever had - a deep journey to my being.

Cristoforo is soooo beautiful, a tiny, cozy, fairy tale village, designed to relaxe – takes you to a deep spiritual and energizing environment.

The yoga, meditation, workshops, rituals and the excursions in such a profound connection with nature – mother earth – were unbelievable, surprising more and more, day by day.

This happens when you have a mentor who completely inspires you to allow to give yourself to all the experiences that this retreat gives you - Aday - an exceptional human being.

To repeat? Yes, of course!:)

Alex Alvarez

from United Kingdom, April 2019

"A beautiful experience "

I loved the range of experiences we all went through, the perfect balance of structure and going with the flow, the quality and wisdom of Aday, and literally all the wonderful energy and people on the island

Antonia Bottoni

from Ireland, April 2019

"Life changing experience"

Aday is approachable, very intuitive, compassionate and giving.

He teaches with love and is generous in his sharing.

Everything I felt was communicated with warmth and I never felt uncomfortable not even once.

I will definitely come back and recommend this experience to everyone.

Malgorzata Mroczek-robinska

from Ireland, March 2019

"Magic can happen"

This retreat was just amazing .I liked the little village we lived in. Absolutely gorgeous.Unique style of each house and room,with a specific energy and atmosphere. Felt home.I liked that from the minute one the organiser took care of me. The pic up from the airport made me feel safe on the island. It was so significant and priceless that the Yoga Teacher Aday our guide and "souls shepherd" -was with the group almost at all the time.He was teaching classes with deep understanding of yoga philosophy, enthusiasm,passion,and a big dose of humour.Adjusting phisical asanas to everyone abilities, chanting mantras,guiding beautiful meditations and excursions,he was more than a Teach. Sitting with us and eating delicious meals prepared with love by golden hands of our lovely Pocahontas Luz, Aday was available and open for any kind of discussion, continuosly spreading his knowledge,wisdom and love. His massages were amazing, professional and very helpfu.Friendly,gentle, smile personality of Aday is not only providing joy,fun and contentment,but thanks to his knowledge and experience he is taking one out from the comfort zone and challenging to discover something more about Self. Would love to go back to learn more,enjoy more the beauty of Island, Christoforo,yoga,chanting,mantras,dancing to experience good, positive vibrations. I would recommend this retreat to absolute beginners and advanced yoga practitioners...everyone will benefit from this holiday. Thank you all for being.

Gita Popat

from United Kingdom, March 2019

"Best yoga retreat I've ever been on!"

What a fantastic experience we had on this yoga retreat. We enjoyed the best yoga twice a day with Anahat, who is a master at teaching yoga and really helped us to do postures the right way. Alongside the yoga sessions we had a variety of daily meditations and were taught valuable lessons in many aspects of spirituality. We loved every minute of the week and every day was different, Anahat took us on excursions to places we would have never visited had we been travelling by ourselves and experiences we would not normally have had that helped us connect within and grow. Thank you Anahat for your kindness, generosity in sharing your wealth of information and for giving so much of yourself to helping our group. You are an amazing person and have a natural gift for what you do. I would definitely recommend this retreat to anyone, plus the food is so fresh, varied and tasty, you won't be disappointed! Xx

Justyna Tkaczyńska

from United States, February 2019

"Magical experience"

I fell in love with the peacefully located place with cosy cottages, animals, organic garden and palm trees. All those things make you want to stay there forever.

All the activities were perfectly organised and very interesting. There was a great variety to choose from, among others, yoga classes, meditation, singing mantras, sweat lodge, hiking, visiting beautiful beaches, and a boat trip.

Aday and Luz are very friendly and professional. They surely know how to take good care of their guests.

I must say that the stay exceeded my expectations – it was absolutely magical. Every day was a surprise with a portion of good energy. It was a journey within myself, which helped me look at priorities in my life from a different perspective.

After the retreat I feel blessed and I value everyday miracles more.

I highly recommend this retreat to everyone!

Kay Eastwood

from United Kingdom, February 2019

"Mystical healthy experience "

Aday helps one to be perfectly healthy in body, mind and soul.

Victoria Ewart

from United Kingdom, February 2019

"Far, far exceeded my expectations "

I have done a lot of yoga, and still learned loads from Aday. He skilfully blends traditions to offer his unique and powerful but gentle style. He takes you on an inner journey while offering plenty of fun, energetic and interesting excursions. All free. From whale-spotting on a catamaran to a sweat lodge atop the mountains, from hikes around a volcano to spaghetti beach (not to be missed) from ancient forests to mud treatments beside the waves. Really, I cannot recommend this highly enough. Aday works hard so that every detail is taken care of leaving you to breathe, relax and enjoy. If you are not sure, my advice is Book It!

Bea Somer

from United Kingdom, September 2018

"Aday is a very Fabulous instructor one of the best!"

His teaching and understanding what exercises/poses you personally need

Rosanne Awadalla

from United Kingdom, April 2018

"A gift of a week away!"

Aday is a passionate teacher, sharing his wisdom, his yoga practice and his healing energy. The beautiful mixture of yoga, meditation, teaching, great food and amazing excursions for us to experience the best gifts the island has to offer, far exceeded my expectations! Aday’s healing meditations were something special for me to experience, and his massage treatment too, seeing dolphins jump and dive by our boat, the magical mystery of the sweat lodge gave me a transforming gift, Luz’s detoxing and nurturing food was a wonderful thing and our trips to the ocean and Mount Teide, with a wonderful group of people. If you are considering this retreat, go for may be somewhat different to what you first expect, but the rewards are many to receive for the opening heart!

Sonya Clifton

from United Kingdom, April 2018

Learning meditative techniques.

The trips and experiences were extremely interesting.

Jill Gillingwater

from United Kingdom, March 2018

"Time to reconnect with yourself and others"

Loved everything about this retreat - the unique and soulful location, the learning and fun created by Aday's gently assertive approach, our group from all nationalities, the walk up into the national park, the different beach locations, sitting under the stars at night with my husband, I could go on ...

Juliet Stevenson

from United Kingdom, March 2018

"A wonderful trip"

The setting in Cristoforo was just beautiful

The trips out in the afternoon were varied and fun.

The sweat lodge was an "experience" and the dance class one evening was one of the most fun activities I've done for years

It was a small group of 9 from different countries but within a day or so we had all bonded and it felt like we'd known each other for years

It was just what I needed - a combination of learning more about yoga/meditation and time to relax in beautiful surroundings.

Thanks to Aday and to all my fellow yogis and hope to see you all again.

Amanda Barry-hirst

from United Kingdom, March 2018

"Lovely place, great experience"

Cristforo is a wonderful haven with a relaxed vibe, green trees and birdsong.

The accommodation was charming, rustic and clean.

The people were friendly and welcoming.

Aday was a gentle, inspiring guide and teacher. He took us on some great trips and led great meditation, yoga snd chanting sessions.


from United Kingdom, March 2018

"Just what I needed"

The house and grounds of Hacienda Cristoforo

The way the week was set up with yoga first and last thing (often outside), communal breakfast and dinner, and outings during the afternoon.

Interactions with the 6 other participants, all women travelling alone, and Aday.

Elena Pleshan

from United States, February 2018

A truly spiritual experience. If you are seeking a change in your life, wishing to go beyond the physical part of yoga, and learn about the yogic ways of handling difficulties in your life and welcoming positive changes - this retreat will set you up for an amazing fresh start! I felt the real benefits of it right away and the effect strengthened in a few weeks (I am writing this review 2 weeks after).

Some people that I met on the retreat were sceptical about the philosophy and teaching style initially, but later were writing to me that this retreat filled them with immense positive energy. I can only agree!

During the retreat I was having some bad dreams related to my fears and negative emotions buried deep inside me - probably karmic cleansing. But I did not quite have any time to think about my problems, because the days were jam packed with activities. Upon my return home, I noticed my head getting clear, my sleep getting deeper and more energizing than usual, and many of my problems either seemed to either have reasonable solutions, or I just realized they aren't even problems :)

Conclusion: if you're feeling down, open yourself to something a bit out of the ordinary and go for this retreat. If your usual way of handling things doesn't help, accept that there are different ways of looking at your life and yourself and find out about them on this retreat.

Anne O Connor

from Ireland, February 2018

Excellent experience. Aday was interesting and have good mediation experiences and introduced alternative pratices which were enlightening.

Anatoly Lebedev

from Ireland, February 2018

"Probably the best vacation ever"

From the beginning till the end it was an unforgettable experience. The location, the activities and most importantly the peace for soul. Aday made me feel relaxed and I learned a lot from the experience, meditation and yoga classes.

I left with the feeling I am going to be back.

I can totally recommend to anyone looking to find a peace, and start the journey on the way to find and enjoy your happiness.

A J M Halvorsen Bogo

from Norway, January 2018

"Best yoga retreat ever!"

I loved coming as a single person and feeling at home immediately. I liked the venue very much, its an exquisite gem, totally different from everywhere else I saw on Tenerife. You feel you have landed in a fairytale. The house is set in beautiful gardens, there is a pool, 1 minutes walk away and the whole place is tranquil and nurturing. The group became like a family and it was very nice to share the beautiful house together. I loved not having to think at all about how to get to anywhere as Aday took us to hike, to swim or to practise yoga in lovely places around the island. All the food was vegan or vegetarian. I loved that all the meals were included and often they were gourmet standard.

Sinead Nicgearailt

from Ireland, January 2018

"The perfect retreat!"

Aday is a lovely ,spiritual yogi and a cool guy ,adept to guide you on all planes of exsistance during your holiday.This yoga is beyond merely the physical asanas.

The Hacienda Cristofo , is a spiritual sanctuary , which is inspirational .


from United Kingdom, January 2018

"Lovely place, yoga classes so so"

The place is like a littel hidden paradise full of beautiful trees, flowers, little pools, places to seat and relax. I enjoyed the walks and exploring Tenerife and I loved the vegetarian food. The trip on el barco was wonderful and we had opportunity to see the whales. The houses are amazingly built and you rather feel like in a Flinston's age but obviously with all the 'uptodate' facilities and equipments to use. Just lovely and unique place to stay.


from Switzerland, November 2017

"A trip into the yoga world. "

I came along just to do the usual yoga postures in a natural environment. What I found was so much more. It was a real discovery of many other aspects of yoga, going deeper into oneself & having the teacher fully there present to our needs. The excursions were fun and beautiful, a real treat in addition to the yoga. I am so glad to have participated in this intense & wonderful experience.

Maite Linares Ballesté

from Spain, July 2019

"Camino para profundización en el yoga."

Me gustaron todas las prácticas de yoga, las comidas, la adaptación del retiro al grupo de asistentes y la relación entre el instructor y el grupo.

Todas las prácticas han tenido un gran sentido espiritual y han enriquecido personalmente a todos los asistentes.


from United States, February 2019


El enclave es perfecto para disfrutar de un remanso de paz. Las actividades espirituales como el temascal y el mantra yoga un descubrimiento. El yoga durante esta semana me ha revitalizado el cuerpo y el espiritu. Gracias por la experiencia. He vuelto con mucho yogi power!

Harjit Singh

from Netherlands, January 2019

"A magical experience"

The location (haciënda cristoforo) felt like paradise. And Aday - the yoga instructor - is the most inspiring instructor i have ever met. I will definitely come back for another retreat with Aday!

Imane Khze

from France, July 2018

"Perfect time-off to recharge and find yourself! "

The location is peaceful and overall i enjoyed the program; we were a small group which allowed Aday (our yoga teacher) to spend a bit more time with each of us individually; I recommend this retreat to people who are seeking inner peace and those going thru a spiritual journey. A big thank you to Inna who cooked delicious vegetarian meals for us everyday!!!

Peppina Peeman

from Netherlands, June 2018

"Grensverleggend comfortabel voor beginners"

De lessen, het eten, de wandelingen, in ons geval ook de groep. En dat in een prachtig gebouwd paradijs dat op zich al rustgevend is.


from France, February 2018

"Plus que du yoga, une aventure spirituelle !"

J'étais venue pour me reposer, prendre des cours de Yoga, me relaxer... J'ai quitté cette retraite avec une énergie positive incroyable.

Aday, natif de l'île, nous a conduit vers des lieux préservés des flux touristiques et a su susciter un climat serein et spirituel, à travers les excursions, ses cours de Yoga et la conduite de la méditation.

L'expérience du "Steam Lodge", un rituel de purification, peut être déconcertante mais s'avère très forte. Même remarque pour les Mantras, que l'on psalmodie longuement. L'atelier de danse est de grande qualité. L'idéal est de rester l'esprit ouvert à ces pratiques qui vous enrichissent tout au long de cette semaine.

Le jardin de Cristoforo est un havre de paix qui accueille des lodges construits avec goût. Très joli cadre, donc... La nourriture est délicieuse, et les repas partagés sont des moments riches d'échange. La plage est accessible à pied.

Aday est un très bon organisateur disponible et à l'écoute de tous. Il a su entretenir l'esprit de groupe et favoriser les échanges.

Pendant mon séjour, la langue utilisée a été l'anglais.