6 Days Bio Detox and Yoga Retreat in Spain

  • Yoga Eco Oasis, Pago la Mata, Polígono 4 parcela 1004, Cómpeta, Málaga, Costa del Sol, Spain


Detox Holiday and Yoga Retreat Spain

  • 6 days with instruction
  • The original concept motivated by the healing effect of yoga, meditation, fasting, and alternative therapies, was the creation of a detox and juice fasting program for body, mind, concept as spirit, physical, mental, and emotional detoxification and purification. People come from all over the world to participate. Whatever your reason for doing a detox fasting program, lose weight, quit smoking, reappraise and evaluate your life, get rid of stress, or relationships, Eco Oasis is here for you.


    • Initial health checkup
    • 2 times daily yoga practices
    • Daily guided meditation sessions
    • Detox and fasting complete treatments
    • Question and answer sessions
    • Daily delicious organic meals
    • 5 nights accommodation

    Skill level

    • Beginner


      • Instruction language: English
      • Spoken languages: Spanish, English
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    Yoga Eco Oasis offers accommodation with excellent quality, assuring that you will have a pleasant and comfortable stay. If you are a solo traveler and wish to have more privacy, good news for you, as single person supplements are available for all rooms. If you don't mind sharing with other participants, Yoga Eco Oasis can find someone of the same sex to share with.

    There is also a swimming pool, which you can use and swim during your retreat. Wi-Fi is also available for the entire length of your stay. A library of books on yoga, philosophy, meditation, and travel and a library of CDs with mantras, meditation music, philosophy lectures, and classical music is also provided for you to use.

    Shared, private, or double room

    They have three rooms with two single beds and shared bathroom. The rooms can either be booked individually (shared option only available for female solo travelers) or by two friends booking at the same time. One room has one double bed and has a bathroom. Shanti has beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. Shanti can only be booked either as a double room for partners or couples, or a single occupancy room (single supplement applies).

    Deluxe room (private and double room)

    If deluxe options suit you better, you will be accommodated. This room has a double bed and an en-suite bathroom.

    Hatha yoga

    Through the practice of asanas or postures, and conscious relaxation, the body benefits from balancing many of its internal functions and posture. The practice of postures in Hatha yoga is based on the joint action of three principles, which are stretching, toning, and relaxation. By means of stretching, you liberate the tensions of the body, taking awareness, and developing the attention of the muscles and internal functions of the body.

    The postures gradually tone the supportive muscles of the spine and the parts of the body, achieving the strength and stability of the posture, and correcting bad habits of posture. The development is smooth and gradual, avoiding sudden movements, or unnecessary effort. By means of relaxation you increase the ability of the body to replenish the energy and release toxins generated during the muscular effort.

    In Hatha yoga, one performs a sequence of asanas or postures that strengthen and benefit fully the body, taking it toward harmonious development.


    In the breath is the key to life. The respiratory function happens day and night throughout life, being the physiological support and energy of all the other functions, of the entire activity-passivity of your body-mind. Despite its deep importance, for the vast majority of people breathing is the background of other activities and its continuous flow remains in the periphery of consciousness. Improving the uptake of oxygen and the elimination of carbon dioxide purifies the lungs and airways.

    • Increases the blood circulation, purifies the blood, and tones the heart, nervous system, the spinal cord, and the brain.
    • Ensures a good circulation of body fluids in the kidneys, stomach, intestines, liver, etc., stimulating the digestive process and the elimination of toxins.
    • Gives calmness, serenity, and mental clarity, stimulates the intellectual performance, and improves the memory.
    • The pranayamas induce a state of mind conducive to achieving deep states of introspection, concentration, and meditation.

    Work with Hatha yoga and pranayama

    Through the different daily sessions, you will seek to connect and develop the consciousness in:

    • Your ability to observe the natural breath
    • Blockages produced by the negative emotions or uncontrolled activity of the thoughts
    • Let the respiratory force express itself freely
    • Adequate control of the diaphragm and the respiratory muscles, which gives the maximum degree of lung expansion to absorb the greatest quantity of the vital energy of air
    • Pranayama breathing with ratios
    • Complete breathing
    • Nadhi Sodhana
    • Anuloma Viloma
    • Postural control (muscle tone and physique)
    • Relax and tone
    • Balances
    • Energetic and relaxing asanas.

    The regular practice of asanas and pranayama generates an increase in the general vital energy (prana), eliminating many of the symptoms of stress, tiredness, muscle contractures, and poor posture. Purifying food makes more powerful practice, and makes it deep and incisive, which facilitates a restoration of the internal organs and an optimization of personal potential energy.

    Conscious exercise of breathing, relaxation, and postures develop and strengthen the nervous system. For example, the balance postures stimulate stability and somatosensory awareness.

    At the same time, during relaxation acting on the autonomic nervous system, balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. This produces an effect of calmness in the mind, helping to combat stress and anxiety. The work on the nervous system balances functions, such as digestion, elimination, sleep, and circulation, which have been altered by the effects of stress.

    Yoga and meditation classes

    Throughout these retreats, you will be focusing on different guided meditations every day in the morning and evening to teach your mind to relax and focus on silence within. The aim is to help you return with a more positive and happy mindset. There will be different series of Yin and Yang based Vinyasas taught to you every day.

    With Yang every morning and Yin every evening, this is designed to slowly open up the whole body over five days so that by the last day of the retreat, every muscle within your body feels open, alive, relaxed, rejuvenated, and energized.

    Exercise, meditation, and relaxation

    Each morning at 08:00, there will be a meditation and yoga session while every evening, there will be a meditation session. Attendance to both of these is highly recommended as these are designed to assist in your detoxification process.

    During the detoxification process, blockages, and tensions held in the physical, mental, and emotional levels of the body are released. These practices help you to let go of them, to relax properly, and to sleep more comfortably. During the day, you can relax, swim, have a therapy session, explore, and walk around the area, and even help out in the organic gardens.

    Your yoga structure

    At your yoga retreat center, their aim is to help you develop your health, learn relaxation techniques, and learn meditation to help you to deal with stress, improve the quality of your life, your happiness, and your sense of well-being. On your yoga retreats, you will be taught meditation, asana (posture), chanting, and breathing techniques. All classes will be optional as they want you to enjoy your stay and develop at your own pace.

    You will be asked at the beginning of each yoga retreat what areas you want to develop in. Your yoga retreat will be personalized according to your wants and needs for your own development whether you are a new or established student of yoga. Your Yoga teacher will be using his highly developed teaching system during each class at your yoga retreat at Yoga Eco Oasis to teach Vinyasa yoga.

    The yoga retreat center will be run specifically as a shala, where it is a place of refuge and a place to find inner peace. Yoga Eco Oasis will be a perfect place to escape the stresses of the modern world and develop a sense of peace, calm, well-being, and happiness.

    Typical timetable

    • 08:45 Organic healthy and delicious breakfast
    • 10:00 Chanting and pranayama class (optional)
    • 10:15 Morning yoga class
    • 11:40 Morning guided meditation
    • 12:00 Rest time and time for snacks
    • 13:00 Organic vegetarian lunch
    • 14:00 Silence hour or mindfulness hour (optional)
    • 15:00 Free time for reading, walking, resting
    • 18:00 Evening Vinyasa yoga class
    • 19:15 Meditation class
    • 19:45 Question and answer session
    • 20:00 Organic vegetarian dinner
    • Eva González

      A little by chance and a little by homing instinct, Eva has had contact with bio-dance, bio-energetics, and yoga for the past eight years of her life. She been practicing yoga since 2002 and started doing bio-dance and bio-energetics during her stay as coordinator in an exciting project dedicated to physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

    • Ana Prados

      Since 1999, when Ana came into contact with veganism, she made a personal decision to adopt that philosophy of life. This is a philosophy that renounces food of animal origin, in search of a personal ethic in harmony with the environment without sacrificing the pleasure of tasting flavors, textures, and aromas. She later set up her own restaurant and was completely self-taught researching and creating her own culinary style.

    • Jose Antonio

      Spain From a young age, Jose was interested in mysticism and he practiced in different Western schools looking for something that would give him inner harmony that he was seeking. He practiced mind control and meditation for many years. Jose dedicated himself to reconcile nutrition with people's spiritual side because one can hardly balance his or her energy if the physical body is not properly harmonized. He also dedicated entirely to provide students the necessary path for the body to function properly according to their biological heritage.

    This retreat will take place at the Axarquia region, which is situated in the eastern most part of the province of Malaga. Competa is an inland white village in the Axarquia, which is a small region, well-known for the Andalusi legacy of Muslim rule.

    The location is a privileged tourist destination surrounded by olive groves, almond trees, and a 4000 hectare wildlife reserve in Sierra Almijara, just 15 to 20 kilometres from the main tourist attractions of the Costa del Sol, including the beaches (a nudist beach is very near if required) of Torre del Mar, the famous caves of Nerja, and within striking distance of Granada, Sierra Nevada, and other places of interest.

    • Hiking nearby
    • Hiking trail nearby
    • Massage
    • Mountain walking / trekking nearby
    • Swimming
    • Swimming pool
    • Beach nearby
    • Garden
    • Multilingual staff
    • Yoga shala
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Library
    • Tour assistance

    Healthy, delicious vegetarian, 100% organic meals will be provided using locally grown organic fruit and vegetables on every yoga retreat. The recipes used will be created by health and nutrition experts, including Jose and Anna, the founders of Yoga Eco Oasis. Wholemeal foods will be used, as well as foods low in saturated fat during your yoga retreats. All meals are based on the principles of good nutrition, health, and good taste.

    There is no meat or fish during the yoga retreats. All food served is vegetarian in the tradition of yoga and ahimsa (non-violence). The yoga tradition encourages a vegetarian diet during the practice of meditation, in order to increase the experience of peace.

    Instead your meals at the yoga retreat center will contain beans, nuts, avocados, tofu, seeds, and other vegetarian sources of protein, allowing you to build core, back, and other muscle groups that have been developed from practicing yoga postures by yogis for millennia. Other special dietary requests, such as vegan, dairy free, gluten free, and wheat free will also be catered for.

    During your free time, you can go for a nature walk in the mountains and admire some of the stunning views here, as well as breathe in some of the lovely mountain air. You can also arrange a trip with the driver to the surrounding villages or to the local beach at Maro. There is also a nearby natural park that the driver can take you to if you feel like a nice walk one day. Most people, however, like to relax by the pool, read, chat to new friends at the yoga retreat center, or listen to quiet music.

    Since Yoga Eco Oasis is situated on a strategic location on the Costa del Sol, they are able to organize excursions to various destinations nearby, being able to travel from the mountain snow in Sierra Nevada to the beaches on the Costa del Sol in just one hour. The following excursion proposals of interest to visitors are classified by distance from Eco Oasis.

    Caves of Nerja

    Located on the slopes of the Almijara mountains, five kilometers from the tourist resort town of Nerja and one kilometers from Maro, are a series of caverns called the natural cathedral of the Costa del Sol, with an area of 140,000 square meters and a maximum length of 700 meters open to the public. The most impressive feature is a huge central column 32 meters high in the Hall of Cataclysm, which is considered the tallest in the world and the world's largest stalagmite.

    The show gallery is accessed by a eight-meter flight of stairs leading to the entrance hall (Sala de Vestibulo), where archaeological excavations took place and where some of the finds are now displayed. Work is currently under way to open new galleries.

    Chillar River, Nerja

    This is a tourist trail for hikers to enjoy the beauty spots and clear mountain waters running under their feet. A tour with alternating gorges, where the river narrows, and pools of water. The source of the river is over 1200 meters high on the Almijara mountain range in the heart of the natural park of the sierras of Almijara, Alhama, and Tejeda, at Piedra Sellada Mountain, although its main tributaries are 500 meters away at a location known as, La Vegeta de la Grarna.

    The Chillar River maintains a fairly constant flow throughout the year even during periods of drought and runs almost entirely along a deep gorge of dolomite marble.

    Sierra Tejera and Almijar

    This is one of the wildest places of the Axarquia region of Málaga, which is within walking distance. It is a protected natural park located in an unspoilt highland region ideal for hiking and biking routes. The natural park of Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara, and Alhama has an area of 40,662 hectares covering the mountainous landscape of the sierras of Tejera and Almijara between the province of Málaga and Granada, in a northeast southeast direction towards the sea and the natural cliffs of Maro.

    Treasure cave (Cueva del tesoro)

    This is in the municipality of Rincón de la Victoria. With many spectacular galleries, it is one of the three known marine caves in the world and the only one of its kind in Europe. The cave can be reached by bus, on a bike, or as part of a pleasant walk along the seashore. Dating back to the jurassic period, the cave is carved in a natural limestone promontory forming a cliff on the shores of the Mediterranean sea. Its name stemming from a legend about an Almoravid royal treasure hidden there.

    Yoga Eco Oasis can offer massage and reflexology treatments. Treatments tend to cost around 50 EUR each. Please feel free to send an inquiry to Yoga Eco Oasis if you want to find out more.

    • 2 times daily yoga and meditation classes
    • 3 delicious organic vegetarian meals daily
    • 5 nights accommodation
    • Airport transfers from and to Málaga Airport (AGP)
    • Fresh organic fruit available all day as snacks
    • Quality organic teas throughout the retreat
    • Additional activities
    • Additional meals
    • Airfare
    • Personal expenses
    • Tips
    • Travel insurance

    Arrival by airplane

    Please book your flight to arrive at Málaga Airport (AGP). Transfer from and to the airport is included. Yoga Eco Oasis will pick you up from the airport. The scheduled collection time from Malaga airport is 12:00 on Sundays and on Fridays from Eco Oasis at 14:00 to be dropped off at 15:00 for flights leaving after 17:00 at Málaga Airport (AGP). Please inform your flight itineraries upon booking.

    Airport transfer from and to Málaga Airport (AGP) after 12:00 on Sundays (arrival day) and flights departing before 17:00 on Friday (departure day) will not be included by Yoga Eco Oasis. If you wish to be transferred before or after the established time, they can arrange for a local driver to collect you, which normally charges at 80 EUR.

    For information about the booking conditions, please send Yoga Eco Oasis an inquiry.

    Verified BookYogaRetreats.com reviews

    • Review by Marion Averty

      "Pasé una semana fantastica con José Antonio, Ana y Agatha en Yoga Eco Oasis. Tuvé la impresión estar en familia y aprendí millones de cosas además de relajar y de practicar asanas. Me encantó la práctica de yoga (hatha y kundalini yoga por los más "clasicos" y raja yoga e yoga nidra por los menos conocidos) como las clases de cocina consciente/vegana (nuevos ingredientes, nuevas maneras de cocinar). Y comé muy bien porque era todo muy rico! También tuvé "clases" de teoría sobre la alimentación vegana (porqué, cómo, consequencias de la alimentación típica, los medicamentos...) muy largas con explicaciones claras de José Antonio, de vídeos y de libros. Todos me ayudaron con el idioma para hablar y entender castellano, y también hablan francés así que no hubó ningún problema por esa parte."

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited


    • Review by Louise from Denmark

      "The retreat with Eco Oasis was fantastic - Carmen is an incredible yoga teacher!"

      Yoga Eco Oasis, edited

    • Review by Marie

      "Hello Anna and Jose Antonio, Thanks to you both for a fantastic course and the most welcoming atmosphere at Eco Oasis. After this, I can improve my life through yoga. We are now cooking something from the course every day and I am still eating a vegan diet. Before the retreat, I really needed inspiration for a healthy way to live and eat and now I feel so inspired to continue on this vegan/raw path .I’m really looking forward to your upcoming activities and workshops so we have a reason to visit Spain and Andalusia again."

      Yoga Eco Oasis, edited

    • Review by Joseph from London, United Kingdom

      "I stayed in Yoga Eco Oasis in mid-April for a week of Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow yoga, taught by the Eco Oasis fantastic manager, Carlos, and by the wonderful Ashtanga teacher, Carmen. I had an absolutely superb week filled with yoga, chanting, meditation, relaxation, and the most phenomenal food I have ever tasted! (Thanks Anna!) Carlos is so welcoming, and full of energetic positivity which quickly spread through the whole group, making everyone feel relaxed, comfortable and happy, All team are so hospitable and kind, and it is clear that they genuinely care about each and every person who visits the Eco Oasis. Thank you for such a lovely experience, one which I highly recommend to all!"

      Yoga Eco Oasis, edited

    • Review by Sonal from London, United Kingdom

      "My experience at Yoga Retreats Eco Oasis was one of ultimate peace and calm. The centre itself is beautiful and located in the mountains of Andalucía it was the perfect escape from the chaos of central London. Fran is an amazing teacher. As I was quite new to yoga and it was my first retreat, I was a little apprehensive but he put me at ease from day 1 and I never looked back! It was lovely to spend the week with such a great bunch of people too - all like minded but from very different backgrounds. And I must also mention the food - it was delicious!! I've never eaten so well in my life! All in all, I left Yoga Eco Oasis feeling great and with a new outlook on life. I enjoy Yoga so much more because of it and would recommend it to anyone."

      Yoga Eco Oasis, edited

    • Review by Heather

      "Thank you so much for such a fantastic weekend, I was very sad to leave so soon because we had such an amazing time. The best part for me was being around like minded people with whom i can be 100% myself which doesn’t happen very often in my life unfortunately. I always try to be very open minded and socialize with people who just don’t understand veganism but this weekend has taught me that I need to make more friends with like minded vegans and spend more time with people like myself. Overall the yoga retreat has taught both myself and James a lot and we will take everything we learnt and use it in our everyday lives. Its helped us change the way we live for the better, and hopefully it will help James to understand why I live the way I do a little bit more (hes getting there slowly). Ana was the STAR of the show and made cooking so much fun, we laughed and laughed the entire retrait which is the best medicine one could ever wish for so thank you so so much for the time we shared this week"

      Yoga Eco Oasis, edited

    • Review by Brigitte from London, United Kingdom

      "Eco Oasis is a very special place. A huge amount of care and attention is put into the classes and the food! I could not recommend it highly enough."

      Yoga Eco Oasis, edited

    • Review by Ales Stein

      "First of all I’d like to start with a big ‘Thank you’. I had booked my week in Cómpeta fairly spontaneously, only two weeks in advance. I’d had a bit of a rough time earlier in March and felt I needed to treat myself, to get back into shape and recharge my batteries. The Yoga and Cooking Class Retreat with Eco Oasis seemed just what I needed – and overall my expectations were exceeded. First of all, I thoroughly enjoyed with Yoga practice and all the cooking class, and the style and atmosphere in which they were taught. Our group was very small, and José Antonio took care of each visitor’s needs, which made all of us progress and develop day by day. It was so useful to have someone help you make constant adjustments and improvements. And what I learned has kept me motivated and helped me to improve my practice now that I’m back in London, both in class and at home. Food was amazing too! Anna was an absolute star! Every single dish was delicious. And it was impressive to see how much care went into it to make every meal special and healthy. I would have enjoyed my week with my group pretty much anywhere, I’m sure. But the fact that we were surrounded by beautiful mountains and had lots of sun and fresh air made the whole experience all the more enjoyable. I wish I could do it again soon, and highly recommend it!"

      Yoga Eco Oasis, edited

    Malaga, Spain

    Yoga Eco Oasis was created by a group of people with the purpose of offering a space in nature where one can connect with cosmic energy and above all, with oneself.

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