Yoga Downtown Melbourne

Yoga Downtown Melbourne offers yoga classes for advanced yogis, professionals, college students, and local athletes, and organizes retreats in Aruba, Mexico, and Italy.

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Ali K. United States

Yelp website

I have been attending Downtown Yoga classes for the last six months and love exploring new styles of yoga. After one session, in which a new student seemed to be having a difficult time with the poses, the instructor waited for the others to file out before going to speak with him. He explained that he lacked hip flexibility due to a previous injury. I was astonished when she recommended that he try a special class at another studio that was more suitable to his needs. The instructors at Downtown Yoga sincerely care about their students and their bodies. Downtown Yoga also offers classes for children, athletes, individuals who are new to yoga. Themed workshops and teacher training programs are offered as well.

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