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Anja Mond is the founder of Yoga Carpe Diem, a yoga organization for chakra works and yoga and coaching in Germany, Andalucia, Sicilia, India, and Mauritius.

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Anja Mond

Anja Mond started with yoga 30 years ago in a very traditional way in India. Later on, she met other masters in New York, where she was living. She joined Integral yoga by Soami Satchitananda and worked out in a Hatha yoga way combined with pranayama and meditation. Back in Germany, she studied at the academy for yoga in Berlin and joined workshops with Kali Ray on TriYoga flow. Anja Mond is also an NLP coach and founder of Yoga Carpe Diem, her own yoga studio in Stralsund. She creates her own yoga retreats with yoga and coaching called "ChakraJourney" which she offers in many countries.

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