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Yoga by Petra crafts unique wellness getaways, with a focus on helping participants move beyond the limiting patterns of behaviour, and dive into exploration.

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Ian Khan Canada

Yoga by Petra website

If my yoga trip could be summed up in one phrase it would simply be: “Pura Vida”.

My retreat was intended to be a blissful week, for rest, relaxation and, of course, yoga. Petra provided an experience that exceeded all expectations. You are immediately disconnected from the hustle and bustle of your daily lives the minute you pull into Puerto Viejo. This pristine corner of our planet, lays the background for a transformative experience.

The daily yoga practices allowed me to take my practice deeper and I found myself doing things, I thought, my body and mind were incapable of. By focusing on breathing and connecting it to the nature surrounding you made all of the difference. Petra takes an attentive, hands-on approach with all of her students — and this is exactly what you need. After all, there is time to do it!

An underrated component to the overall experience, and yet, in my mind, is the highlight, is the meals prepared by Petra and her team. Delicious, wholesome and made with love, you become truly mindful of what goes into your body, as it nourishes you and enhances your practice. Despite where you come from, breaking bread with a group of crazies, like yourself, will connect you with everyone. You might go in it alone, but you'll be leaving with friends for life.

Finally, talk to Petra about the hikes and adventure tours. Costa Rica is the gateway to some amazing adventures that should not be missed.

Peter Garthside Canada

Yoga by Petra website

What an inspiring, spiritual, reflective week in Costa Rica with Petra and co-host. First vacation I've taken where I was in better shape after than before. Great home cooked food, challenging daily yoga in the mornings customized to the group, followed by soulful mantra, meditation, and restorative sessions in the evenings. Petra was a knowledgeable host and helped us take advantage of everything Costa Rica had to offer, including surf, biking into town, relaxing or walking on the beach, seeing the sloths and monkeys, tours, hikes, and more. I highly recommend and great value for the money. Met some amazing friends. Do this now!

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