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Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica

Yoga by Petra crafts unique wellness getaways, with a focus on helping participants move beyond the limiting patterns of behaviour, and dive into exploration.

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  • Ian Khan Canada

    Yoga by Petra website

    If my yoga trip could be summed up in one phrase it would simply be: “Pura Vida”.

    My retreat was intended to be a blissful week, for rest, relaxation and, of course, yoga. Petra provided an experience that exceeded all expectations. You are immediately disconnected from the hustle and bustle of your daily lives the minute you pull into Puerto Viejo. This pristine corner of our planet, lays the background for a transformative experience.

    The daily yoga practices allowed me to take my practice deeper and I found myself doing things, I thought, my body and mind were incapable of. By focusing on breathing and connecting it to the nature surrounding you made all of the difference. Petra takes an attentive, hands-on approach with all of her students — and this is exactly what you need. After all, there is time to do it!

    An underrated component to the overall experience, and yet, in my mind, is the highlight, is the meals prepared by Petra and her team. Delicious, wholesome and made with love, you become truly mindful of what goes into your body, as it nourishes you and enhances your practice. Despite where you come from, breaking bread with a group of crazies, like yourself, will connect you with everyone. You might go in it alone, but you'll be leaving with friends for life.

    Finally, talk to Petra about the hikes and adventure tours. Costa Rica is the gateway to some amazing adventures that should not be missed.

  • Peter Garthside Canada

    Yoga by Petra website

    What an inspiring, spiritual, reflective week in Costa Rica with Petra and co-host. First vacation I've taken where I was in better shape after than before. Great home cooked food, challenging daily yoga in the mornings customized to the group, followed by soulful mantra, meditation, and restorative sessions in the evenings. Petra was a knowledgeable host and helped us take advantage of everything Costa Rica had to offer, including surf, biking into town, relaxing or walking on the beach, seeing the sloths and monkeys, tours, hikes, and more. I highly recommend and great value for the money. Met some amazing friends. Do this now!

  • Andra Moldoveanu Canada

    Yoga by Petra website

    Puerto Viejo became home for my first ever yoga retreat, lead by Petra in 2015. Each day was filled with pure bliss, excitement, adventure, laughter, tears and sunshine in my heart. Petra led us through two asana practices, typically one more vigorous and one more heart opening along with a daily, mindful meditation focused on the chakras, suitable for all levels.

    Surrounded by nature, I was able to take my physical, mental and emotional practice to a deeper level, which I had not experienced before. Embarking on this retreat with a group of strangers and no expectations, I came out closely connected and inspired by each individual present, whom I now consider friends of the heart. Puerto Viejo was a life changing experience that reinforced my passion and desire to connect to myself and others in the most humble and meaningful of ways.

    Petra is one of the most grounded and connected yoga teachers, mentors and friends I’ve had the privilege of crossing paths with. If you are looking for the experience of a lifetime, letting go of ego, and fully surrendering to the present moment and what life has to offer, I am certain that Petra will lead you from living in fear to opening up and overflowing with love in all aspects of your life.

    Great accommodations, luscious beaches, amazing home-cooked, healthy meals, diverse workshops such as Acro-Yoga and Thai massage, dancing our hearts out, and daring zip-lining, and hiking through the heart of the Costa Rican jungle. Gifting myself this experience was truly a most memorable and worthwhile puzzle piece of my life’s journey.

  • Jeremy Moher Canada

    Yoga by Petra website

    Ever lie on your mat and the teacher's voice is being drowned out by a choir of howler monkeys? Ever roll up your mat after class, take a few steps through a tropical jungle, arrive at a warm beach and walk right into the ocean? That is the daily reality when you join Petra Tomuta's retreat in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.

    When you do join her retreats, you will be in great hands. Petra's skill and knowledge of the various styles of yoga will aid and inspire you to take your practice to its next level. From Restorative yoga, to Power Vinyasa, pranayama, and meditation, you will have the opportunity to explore areas you are familiar with and some you are not. As Petra continues to gain knowledge on her own path, she is able to provide more opportunities for her students to learn as well.

    You will be joined by an intimate group of people who come from different walks of life but have a common desire to advance their yoga practice and do so in this surreal location.

    When it's time for rest and relaxation, this laid back area of Costa Rica lends itself to some beach time, exploring the tropical jungle, and enjoying a little of Puerto Viejo's nightlife. Petra provides comfortable accommodations and tasty meals in this inspiring location to make it the ideal place for your yoga retreat or vacation. In the end, it is the yoga experience you gain with Petra that you will carry forward into your life's practice.

  • Rachel Berryman Albania

    Yoga by Petra website

    Since the first time that I met Petra, her dedication and discipline of yoga was tangible. Not only does she have a strong asana practice, but her hard work and focus shine through in her teachings, her passion for anatomy, alignment, and living out her yoga practice in day to day life.

    Her classes are engaging, challenging, and creative while maintaining her joyful spirit and enthusiasm for yoga. She is an incredibly special person and consider yourself fortunate if you have the opportunity to be a part of her classes!

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