Suzanne Wunsch shares her passion and knowledge through yoga and mindfulness-based stress reduction classes.

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Jennifer Cohol

from United States, September 2020

"Exactly What I Needed!"

I will attempt to find the words to describe what an amazing experience I had with Suzanne during my week with Yoga Bloom Wellness in Carlsbad, CA. I had recently completed my yoga teacher training and this retreat deepened my practice and understanding of the yogic life that I know will help me to be a much better guide to my students as I build my career. During my solo retreat, I was introduced to skills and disciplines that I had not had the pleasure of experiencing. Suzanne lead me through a Hatha yoga practice and helped me to work toward overcoming my difficulty with inversions and pushed me to improve my alignment and to find my edge. In addition, I was exposed to a Sound Healing session, Kundalini and a combination of Kundalini and Vinyasa Flow. We went hiking along the gorgeous coast, did yoga in the park and Suzanne lead me in a beautiful guided meditation on the beach.

The accommodations were relaxing and quite comfortable. The outdoor living area and outdoor shower were perfect for the quintessential Southern California experience. Suzanne made sure that there was healthy food, a peaceful atmosphere and gave me exactly what I was hoping for when I set out to find a solo yoga retreat. I will definitely be back for another retreat with Suzanne!

Patricia Lachiondo

from United States, March 2020

"Nothing as expected!"

Walks along the beach.

Alexandra Rhoades

from United States, June 2019


I initially booked the yoga/paddle board retreat in early May, because I was unhappy at work and in life. I needed something to help guide me through this time in my life. Then I got layed off and that of course changed everything. It was truly a blessing in disguise. I was so happy I had booked the retreat. To sum up the week up... I would say it was nothing I expected and everything I needed. I had a wonderfully relaxing, spiritual, meditating and fun week. Suzanne was a wonderful host and very accommodating. I would totally recommend this retreat for anyone who may be struggling with something in their life, needs a break from reality or just wants to relax and have fun.

Mary C

from United States, March 2019

"Great retreat"

I liked that Suzanne created a personalized yoga routine that we went through each day, she corrected any misalignment and gave tips on improving the poses. At the end of the retreat Yoga Bloom Wellness created a video of the routine so I can refer back to it.

The accommodations are nicer than I expected based on the photos and Suzanne’s cooking is healthy and amazing.

Some of my other favorite things we did was our trip to Balboa park where we did yoga, a picnic and went to Mesmerica. Also the hike at Torrey Pines, then yoga on the beach was great.

Definitely recommend!


from United States, February 2019

"Meditation and wellness"

Suzanne was so welcoming and truly cared about meeting my personal needs. The housing accommodations were cozy and relaxing and I felt “at home.” While we focused on deepening my meditation practice, we also worked on mindful eating and mindfulness in everyday experiences. The healthy food prepared by Suzanne was fresh and pleasing to the palate. I enjoyed hiking Torrey Pines and sunset paddle board yoga. The experience has truly given me a greater sense of peace and wellbeing.