Yoga Bhumi is a yoga teacher training and retreat located in Rajasthan, India. Yoga Bhumi offers yoga experience and wellness treatments.

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7 Day Online Yoga and Meditation Retreat

June | July | August | September, 2021
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10 Day Local Tour and Yoga Retreat in Rajasthan

Jul | Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec, 2021
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Sushmita Kumari

Khagendra Singh

Reviews (3)

Valerie Bressler

from United States, July 2020

"Virtual Indian Retreat"

With this being my first yoga retreat, I wasn't sure what to expect and so I just left myself open to possibilities. I was pleasantly surprised right up front to find that this was a private, one-on-one instruction, working with my personal strengths and weaknesses. It was exciting and refreshing to connect with an instructor on the other side of the world, despite dealing with occasional tech problems. As I am unlikely to be able to travel as far as India, this was a welcome connection to a fascinating foreign culture. Khagendra went above and beyond, spending extra time with me as well as providing many health and lifestyle recommendations (though alright, I can't promise I'll never eat cheese again!) I have learned new techniques and details about breathing and asanas which I haven't encountered in Western yoga instruction, and this retreat has strengthened my commitment to a daily yoga practice, particularly to breathwork.


from Ireland, April 2021

"Wonderful teacher, wonderful experience"

Teacher was very accommodating. I thoroughly enjoyed both the yoga and the meditations. I was surprised there were 1-1 classes, very attentive, learned a lot. Opened my eyes to different meditation practise. Highly recommend

Douglas Sanders

from Great Britain, November 2019

"Wonderful experience!"

The experience was exactly as described on the website but in reality was better than we could have hoped for.

The family were extremely warm and welcoming and nothing was too much trouble for them.

The introduction to yoga was tailored to our needs and was excellent.

Overall a fabulous experience!