Yoga and Art Therapy Retreat

Art and Yoga Retreat is part of the international school of Yoga Inbound and OIDA Therapy Institute. They offer tours, yoga retreats, and art therapies.

Instructors 2

Chaytania Prya (Dess)

Dessi or Chaitanya Priya practices yoga and meditation and facilitates personal development programs, individual and group therapy for 8 years. Loves people, arts, nature and the Creator of all. Her spiritual master inspired her for conscious art: art dedicated to healing, self-discovery, higher purpose, social awareness and change. She is a graduated Art therapist and in the retreats cares about creating supportive and inspiring environment for people to be able to relax, trust and let the Soul BE. Methods use:expressive art therapy, coaching, healing meditations, open air activities.

Mansarovar (Marina)

Mansarovar Dasi (Marina) is a certified Hatha Vinyasa teacher born in Sofia, Bulgaria. She has been practicing yoga and meditation for the last 10 years. She is currently teaching Inbound Yoga and Mantra Meditation in various places in Europe. Have lived and practiced in different countries, including Bulgaria, Romania, Poland and India, her interest and knowledge have deepened, as she met her spiritual master in the Bhakti yoga tradition. Mansarovar will guide you through the daily practices of hatha-vinyasa yoga, offering various clues about pranayama, meditation and mindfulness. ​

Reviews 16

Iryna Piontkovska

from France, August 2017

"Great first experience!"

I had a very pleasant stay with Lidia and Desi in Shambanya. Lidia and Desi were very attentive and well organized persons, always available for the group and each of us. A mix of yoga, art, sun, beach, walking, smiles, excelent meals, calm, freshness and sharing experiences from 4 corners of the world. It is with pleasure that I will make an experience with them again.

Anna Sofransky

from France, August 2017

"A completely transformative life experience "

Everything! The ways the programme was organised, yoga classes, art therapy, individual discussions, singing mantras under the tree, sea beach therapy, dancing therapy and very important... meeting the sun early in the morning. The community was very friendly and the place is amazing: the pure energy coming from the nature which surrounded the place.

Kim Kettle

from United States, May 2017

"Perfect in every way. "

The location was idyllic we were surrounded by beautiful nature. Lidia and her family were amazing, knowledgeable hosts who taught us very much about yoga and Ayurvedic practice. I can't recommend them enough, I cannot wait for our next retreat with them.

Testimonials 2

Stefanie United Kingdom

Yoga and Art Therapy Retreat

Thank you for such an amazing weekend. From picking us up at the bus station, to dropping us off, you and your family were the truly lovely. The yoga, with you, was perfect and I've been using much of what you taught us already. The art and walks were hugely inspiring and I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation. I have already recommended your retreats to friends and hope to come to another next year.

Birgitte and Jakob

Yoga and Art Therapy Retreat website

Thank you all for the authenticity of this retreat, for sharing your faith and and for being you and creating an ambiance for us to just be - us. This retreat, and you guys will be part of yet another beautiful memory and inspiration in our life, and for that we are very grateful.

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