6 Days Yoga Retreat in Tulum, Mexico

  • Yoga Adventures Tulum, Km 7.5 Boca Paila Road, Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

6 Days Yoga Retreat in Tulum, Mexico

  • Yoga Adventures Tulum, Km 7.5 Boca Paila Road, Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Tulum Yoga Retreat Mexico

Treat yourself to yoga and meditation in front of the sea. Learn about mantras and how to incorporate meditation into your daily practice. Indulge in our fabulous Mayan spa treatments and massages. Cover yourself in Mexican clay to detox and purify your skin, then wash it away in the sea. Join us for a yoga + spa retreat in paradise to rejuvenate, refocus, reevaluate, and reconnect.

Tulum is a yogi’s paradise! Tranquil, crystal clear waters, powdery white sand beaches, amazing yoga, great food, mayan ruins, and healing powers rooted deep inside the earth. We start the days with an invigorating vinyasa flow morning practice, enjoy healthy and fresh meals, offer free time to relax by the Caribbean Sea or explore the wonders of the area. Afternoon practice is a yin or restorative to wind down the day. You will reconnect and rejuvenate yourself in this amazing Mayan land. You know you deserve it!


  • Daily breakfast
  • 5 nights accommodation
  • Welcome cleansing circle
  • 90-minute mayan healing massage
  • Group Mexican mud meditation in the sun
  • One lunch in Zamas restaurant
  • 5 days with instruction
  • English
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Enjoy their own private villa right on the beach road in Tulum. Ocean across the street, steps from all of Tulum’s hottest attractions, and miles of beach to walk. Plus we have our own private pool and beautiful yoga space. The house has 5 bedrooms, 3 shared indoor bathrooms and a pool bathroom, dining area to enjoy breakfast, restaurant across the street, and an ample yoga space for outdoor practice.

Tulum is an ecological zone which means rustic luxury. We have electricity and solar powered internet 24 hours per day. Sheets and towels are changed only when necessary to conserve our precious natural resources and we offer ocean breezes instead of air conditioning. Most of the year the weather is very comfortable and you are lulled to sleep by the sound of the waves just steps from your bed. We heat our own water for showers and tread lightly on the land that hosts us all.

Retreat Itinerary is subject to change when and if necessary during the week. Thank you for your flexibility and understanding as we work sometimes with circumstances beyond our control (like weather).

Taxis are not allowed to wait outside the Cancun International airport at arrivals so a transfer needs to be arranged for a private car service pick up or there is a local bus that takes you to Tulum town (please review our FAQ page for full details on the bus).

If you would like us to arrange transportation to and from the airport for you please let us know by sending your full flight itinerary and we will send instructions for finding your driver. We will try our best to pair those arriving at similar times together in an attempt to share the costs or if you need a private ride (at a rate of $135usd each way) we are happy make those arrangements.

Please look for the YOGA ADVENTURES WORLDWIDE sign outside your terminal if you plan your transfers with us.

Day One

  • Transportation from Cancun International Airport*
  • 15:00 Hotel check-in
  • 18:30 Welcome cleansing & grounding circle with local shaman
  • 19:30 Opening Dinner together at Zamas

Days Two, Three, & Five

  • 7:45 Coffee, Tea & Snack
  • 08:30 -10:00 Yoga practice w/ meditation
  • 10:15 Breakfast
  • 11:00 - 17:00 Mayan healing massages
  • Lunch on your own
  • Free time, beach walks, & sunshine
  • 17:30 - 18:30 Yoga Practice
  • Dinner on your own

Day Four

  • 07:45 Coffee, Tea & Snack
  • 8:30 -10:00 Yoga practice w/ meditation
  • 10:15 Breakfast
  • 11:00 Group Mexican Mud Ceremony
  • 14:00 Lunch at Zamas included
  • Free time or optional group excursion
  • 17:30 - 18:30 Yoga Practice
  • 20:00 Closing Dinner together as a group included

Day Six

  • 08:00 Breakfast available
  • Transportation to Cancun International Airport*
  • Wendy Martin

    Yoga Alliance RYT 500 (Hatha Yoga)

    Native to Huntsville, Ontario, where she owns Sacred Breath Yoga studio, Wendy’s teaching style is intimate and inclusive, leaving you with an invitation to begin where you are in your body, and allow the journey to unravel from the inside out. She weaves a tapestry of practical guidance, subtle details, and deep insight so that you may access a pathway to self-discovery unique to yourself. Wendy has 12 years of teaching experience and she follows the roots of the Hatha yoga tradition.

  • Nina Endrst

    New York Yoga Yoga Alliance RYT 200 (Yoga)

    Nina has been practicing yoga for more than ten years. She grew up watching her mother practice meditation and yoga, which was an experience that made a profound impression and deeply influenced her approach to wellness. Nina completed her 200-hour registered yoga teacher training at New York Yoga, studying under Michael Gilbert. She simply wants to give students what she continues to receive from her teachers, which are love, peace, and the simple things that slowly started to change her life.

  • Andrea Manitsas

    Andrea has been learning from the best for over a decade. From the sweet song she learned while chanting with Jai Uttal to the cosmic dance of her laughing lotus teacher Jasmine Tarkeshi, from the sumptuous flow she fell for with Janet Stone to the intelligent alignment of Jason Crandell, Andrea connects an ever-growing well of experience with impressive music and book libraries to inspire bodies to move and minds to still. As an avid reader and professional writer and editor, Andrea works to balance the head and the heart in her classes, and in her life.

  • Halle Becker

    Halle Becker has been spreading her sweat and surrender fitness gospel on yoga mats and soul bikes for over 15 years. She was voted most popular yoga teacher in New York City, and her Soulcyle classes have a devoted following of celebrities and New York City movers and shakers, all seeking their dose of sweat and rock and roll. Halle teaches from the parts of her life that have needed healing and spiritual examination, an open book and loud preacher, Halle will help you find your truth and sing the body electric.

  • Laurie Greene

    Yoga Alliance RYT 500 (Yoga)

    Laurie has practiced yoga since age 15, having grown up in a yoga family. Since then, yoga has become her healthy addiction. Having completed her 500-hour certification with the wonderful Edward Clark and Elizabeth Connelly, Laurie’s passion lies in blending many styles into a practice that is instructive, creative, and fun. Her masterful adjustments will change your practice. She is familiar with the Iyengar tradition, Vinyasa flow, and Ashtanga Vinyasa.

  • Darlene Sparling

    Darlene has trained extensively with Swami Niranjanananda in India in the Sivananda Yoga style and in Taiwan studying Tantric Yoga gaining 300 hours of formal training plus many more here in Tulum with the numerous yoga retreats she manages and gets to attend. You can expect to flow while being guided with inspirational messages, incorporating the poetry of the body with verbal cues to challenge and guide the mind to a peaceful place of presence.

  • Pepper Monroe

    Pepper is an intuitive healer, a nurturing believer, and a compassionate creator. The environment she creates is warm, welcoming and super supportive. Taking you to the depths of your internal guidance, she speaks in a language that truly resonates on a soul level. Pepper is a Breathwork teacher, Reiki practitioner and yoga instructor. She has practiced the healing arts for over 15 years and has studied with some of the world’s leading masters.

Tulum is a yogi's paradise. Tranquil, crystal clear waters, powdery white sand beaches, amazing yoga, great food, Mayan ruins, and healing powers rooted deep inside the earth.

Meals consist of delicious, authentic Mexican cuisine enjoyed in Zamas restaurant

The following meals are included:

Breakfast daily

1 lunch

2 dinners


Kiteboarding is one of the most popular water sports in the world. Here in Tulum we are lucky enough to have the perfect conditions such us lots of wind, tranquil waters, and gorgeous scenery. The International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) has implemented more safety regulations on the equipment and the sport in general making it more accessible to the willfull newbie. Innovations in kite design, safety release systems, and instruction make it a very approachable sport. The professional instructors are experts providing the most efficient and safest kite boarding lessons to students.

Mayan ruins

The mysterious population of hundreds of thousands that just seemed to vanish into thin air. There are many speculations as to what might have happened to this peaceful people but we cannot know for sure. Come explore the impressive cities they built both to live in and to celebrate their Gods here in this blessed land.

Tulum. the walled city

From these famous ruins overlooking the Caribbean Sea you will find a small site with ocean access. Enjoy a different perspective as you swim out into the ocean and then turn to take a look up at what the ancient Mayans must have also believed was truely paradise. Explore this local site on your own. Entrance fees are low and you can rent an audio set if you like. Biking to the ruins from the beach road is simple and easy, just head north on the beach road and you will run right into the entrance.

Coba, the largest pyramid in Yucatan

Coba is another impressive Mayan ruin site nearby to Tulum where you are still able to explore the city by bicycle (of foot if you choose) and have the opportunity to climb your way to the top of the largest pyramid in the Yucatan for a breathtaking view of the lush jungle surrounding you. A half day tour to Coba includes roundtrip transportation, a cenote dip, entrance fees, lunch for 135 USD per person.

Chichen Itza, a world wonder

Chichen Itza, one of the New Wonders of the World is a pre-columbian site built by the Mayans in the center of the Yucatan Peninsula. Set perfectly to cast shadows of the sun as it rises and sets during the Spring and Fall Equinox, this impressive city is home to the famous feathered serpent, Quetzalcoatl said to slither down the side of El Castillo, with the sun’s movement into the ground. In the Spring to fertilize the crops and make for a bountiful harvest and in the fall to protect the ground and prepare for the coming cycle. Also noteworthy in this well-preserved site are the Great Ball Court and the Temple of the Warriors. Completing this tour you will also have the opportunity to wander the colonial city of Valladolid, shop in the markets and marvel at the architecture that make this city so unique. A full day tour to Chichen Itza includes a cenote dip, colonial city stop and lunch for 145 USD per person.

Mexican cuisine cooking class

Learn to create your own handmade tortillas, fresh salsas, moles, fire stone soup, fruit waters, and appetizers all under the expert guidance of a professional chef here in Tulum. The cooking school is a fun way to spend an evening with friends or make some new ones in a drop-in class.

Class includes :

  • A guided tour through Mexican cuisine and a fun review of local ingredients
  • Your choice of menu items including an appetizer, main course, dessert plus accompanying sauces and a mini Corona (or three) with dinner
  • Recipe booklet of the class dishes
  • Refreshments & tastings during the class followed by a full meal of your creations
  • Roundtrip hotel transportation
  • 5 hour class and dinner with transfers 125 USD per person. Minimum group size is 4 students.

Scuba diving

Join in paradise to explore cenotes, unique only to the Yucatan Peninsula which is home to the world’s only natural, underground river systems. These crystal clear fresh water sink holes were known to the Mayan culture as the passage and connection to the underworld. Come explore these cool, fresh water pools filled with cavelike formations, stalactites, stalagmites and incredible lighting effects in the crystal clear water. Unlike anything you have ever experienced, these majestic caverns offer marvels at every turn making memories to last a lifetime!

Enjoy great visibility and colorful reef dives along the second largest reef in the world with sightings of caguama sea turtles, bull sharks, stingrays and more. Opportunities for diving with bull sharks when in season or to the deepest cenote in the area.

Guides and instructors are PADI or NACD certified, cave and cavern trained with years of experience diving in the area. Your safety is of the utmost importance and staff provides all the knowledge for beginnings and experts alike to dive safely in these wonderful underground worlds.

Sian Ka’an biosphere

The biosphere reserve of Sian Ka’an, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997 boasts nearly 800,000 acres of pristine biodiversity. With 23 known archeological sites of the Mayan civilization and over 200 successful conservation projects to date, this fantastically beautiful nature preserve is home to a variety of wildlife species and rich Mayan history both ancient and still in practice today.

This tours offer you the opportunity to connect with nature and explore untouched beaches, lagoons, and jungle. You can also choose to have a first hand look inside the Mayan community and take part in their sacred rituals and ceremonies.

This adventure includes a ruins visit with a local Mayan guide who details the ancient city and how it was used. Then a boat ride through freshwater lagoons leads you through canals used by the Mayans to trade goods with other inland cities. Jump in for a float with the current through the mangroves and crystal clear water.

Tour includes

  • Roundtrip transportation from your Tulum hotel
  • Entrance fees
  • Local guide
  • Picnic lunch
  • Boat ride and river float.
  • You leave Tulum at 11 a.m. and return around 6 p.m. Cost is 125 USD.


During the months of June to late September this place is host to the migrating whale sharks as they make their way around the world. Passing through the waters just north of Cancun adventurers have the opportunity to head out in to the ocean and swim alongside these ‘Gentle Giants of the Sea’.

Measuring up to the size of a yellow school bus, the grace that these creatures exude is impressive and stunning. Eating only plankton, they skim the surface of the Sea with a wide mouth (about 3 feet in width!) taking in as much of these tiny organisms as they can until they dip below the surface again. With a well-trained and knowlegable guide at your side, you will be fortunate enough to snorkel and experience these amazing fish, the second largest species in the ocean.

The peacefulness and tranquility that accompany this tour will make it one of the most amazing experiences of your life.

Yoga Adventures Worldwide can help with your plans for snorkeling with the whalesharks. It is a lot for 1 day so it is recommended taking at least 2 days for this experience. Yoga Adventures Worldwide arranges your transportation and accommodations on the small island of Holbox, just north of Cancun at one of many adorable boutique hotels. Package rates vary depending upon availability. These tours and accommodations are in high demand so Yoga Adventures Worldwide recommends booking as early as possible. Please contact them for more information


Joyful feet (reflexology and foot massage). 60 minutes for 95 USD

Reiki therapy and massage. 90 minutes for 135 USD

Thai massage (non-oil). 90 minutes for 135 USD

Exfoliations and body wraps

Marine crystal and papaya

Mayan clay and honey

Nopal and aloe vera

All 60 minutes for 95 USD

Mayan clay meditation

Begin on the beach with a large jar of Mayan Clay (TM) mixed with honey and sea water. Applying this detoxifying mixture to your body, face, and hair is said to be the fountain of youth. Get your neighbor’s back and help them style their new hair do then settle into a more inward reflection as we guide you through an affirmation meditation in front of the sea. A rinse in the Caribbean washes away anything that is no longer serving you. Notice the immediate effects this natural remedy has on your skin. A fun group activity and an amazing experience. 45 USD (4 person minimum).

Mayan healing massage

A truly unique experience that will leave you feeling like new. 90 minutes for 135 USD.

Mayan temazcal ceremony

The temazcal (or sweatlodge) was traditionally used by the Mayan culture to purify the body, mind, and spirit to reach a deep connection with Mother Earth. They would enter the temazcal for days at a time in search of the answers within themselves, exiting the ritual as a newly profound being. Laboring women also enter the temazcal to birth their babies using the heat, aromatherapy, and chantings as a guide in bringing a new life into the world. In general, the temazcal was viewed by the Mayans as the womb of Mother Earth.

Yoga Adventures Tulum offers a sample of this traditional ceremony to visitors from all over the world. You begin with a purifiying ritual of burning Copal, a sacred Mayan tree resin to cleanse and harmonize the body, mind, and spirit. A freshly made herbal tea is used to splash over heated volcanic rocks to produce a fragrant steam which begins to relax and detoxify the body. Four guided meditations are used inside the temazcal each focusing on a different cardinal point. These meditations will be accompanied by chanting and ancient music. Between each the door to the temazcal is opened to allow in fresh air and new energy of the next cardinal point. Once outside the temazcal refreshing cenote water is used to cool and hydrate the body.

The temazcal experience is unique to each participant. It is said to release emotions, creativity, toxins, and more. Step inside for yourself and find out what you will discover through this ancient Mayan tradition. This Temazcal ceremony is about two and a half hours of total release of toxins, physical, emotional and spiritually. You will be within the actual temazcal (clay steam dome) for approximately an hour and 12 minutes. 95 USD per person. Private and group temazcal also available (please inquire for pricing.

  • 2 yoga classes per day
  • 5 nights accommodation
  • 90-minute mayan healing massage
  • Daily breakfast; 1 lunch; 2 dinners
  • Group Mexican mud meditation in the sun
  • Welcome cleansing circle

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Cancun International Airport (CUN). If you would like Yoga Adventures Worldwide to arrange transportation to and from the airport, please let them know by sending your full flight itinerary, and they will send instructions for finding your driving.

Yoga Adventures Worldwide will try their best to pair those arriving at similar times together in an attempt to share the costs, or if you need a private ride (at a rate of 135 USD each way). they will be happy to make those arrangements.

Please look for the Yoga Adventures Worldwide sign outside your terminal if you plan your transfers with them.

Arrival by bus

More adventurous souls can take the local bus from the airport or town of Cancun. Upon arrival at the airport, you will see an ADO booth where you can get your tickets and ask for the current schedule (the attendants are Spanish-speaking).

One-way tickets are around 15 USD. Buses take you to the town of Tulum (make sure not to go to the ruins) and from there, you must take a taxi to the house. Taxi prices vary from the town to different hotels along the beach road.


  • Cancun - 1.5 hours
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid 14 days before arrival.


  • Review by Julia K. from OR USA
    10 out of 10

    "Yoga Adventures WorldWide - Havana, Cuba is a life-changing experience. From the beginning, Christina provided everything we needed to stay informed and prepared for this trip. Christina cares so much, and it truly comes out in the way she runs her programs. She arranged our travel and accommodations in Cuba as well as offered a diverse travel itinerary - allowing for a truly relaxing and inspiring experience. Our hosts were incredibly helpful and warm and contributed to our local Cuba experience. Nina, as always, offered a grounding and spiritual yoga environment for us to practice in - which really balanced our other time exploring the city, the culture, swimming in the ocean, enjoying the nightlife, and even learning how to salsa dance. This trip is a gift that keeps giving. It has opened my eyes and heart to a new beautiful country and culture all while cultivating a seamless experience that combines yoga, life-long friendships, amazing food and music, and memories I will always hold close to my heart. Thank you, Christina and Nina for an extraordinary experience. I so look forward to future adventures with you!"

    Yoga Adventures Worldwide website, edited

  • Review by Elize V. from South Africa

    "I first encountered Christina and Yoga Adventures Worldwide in October 2015 when I attended the retreat in Morocco. Leading up the retreat I had a million questions and requests and Christina never hesitated to answer them and assist where she could, always with a friendly and enthusiastic mail (even though I think I must have been driving her crazy). I had an amazing time in Morocco, Christina planned everything to perfection. The accommodation was magnificent, the day trips where well thought out and well organized. And off course the yoga was incredible! After the retreat I knew I would definitely see her again and now my next adventure with Yoga Adventures Worldwide is in Cuba. Again Christina has effortlessly assisted with every request, concern, and travel arrangements. I highly recommend booking your next yoga retreat with Yoga Adventures Worldwide and have no doubt that you will find Christina the perfect host."

    Yoga Adventures Worldwide website, edited

  • Review by Aimee M. from California

    "As per usual, thank you for envisioning, coordinating, and executing such an amazing experience. Cuba remains mostly untouched by the corporate arm that sustains and controls most of the world. To immerse in a city (Havana) of nearly two million people who never ask, "where's Starbucks?" or "what's the Wi-Fi code?" (A personal favorite and somewhat shameful question of mine) and to see them operate by interpersonal connection in a way we used to before text and constant access, was refreshing and offered me perspective while reminding me, there is always another way. Being in Cuba and utilizing the connections you developed allowed us to share gave me the opportunity to see, understand, question, and learn about Cuban culture in a way I wouldn't have had otherwise. I am so grateful that you have facilitated this type of unique experience in places around the world. You model a way for people to get to know the people who are the cities we visit. Also, being part of The YAWW family has allowed me to make lifelong friends out of strangers again and again. I feel like the richest woman in the world! I'm a YAWW woman loud and proud! Where to next?"

    Yoga Adventures Worldwide website, edited

  • Review by Carolina C. from Massachusetts

    "Every aspect of the trip was planned out so as to take any stress or responsibilities off the guest. Christina was so approachable and easy to communicate with leading up the retreat and throughout. Nina provided the perfect combo of stretching and meditation. Well thought out practice and accommodating to special needs. The most amazing teacher!"

    Yoga Adventures Worldwide website, edited

  • Review by Vanessa L. from Florida

    "Thank you so much. You really have a sixth sense for beauty, for places, and for knowing what we need. I really appreciate what you all do! An all around amazing experience it was more than i could have hoped for. Thank you all involved in the organization, preparation, and service throughout. I would recommend this trip and Yoga Adventures Worldwide to anyone. "

    Yoga Adventures Worldwide website, edited

  • Review by Gillian K. from United States

    "Christina just makes it easy. She understands how busy everyone is and she keeps it simple with e-mails and payments. Plus, on-site they are your friends, companions on the mat and grand organizers. She knows everyone in Morocco, and it's like visiting friends like coming home."

    Yoga Adventures Worldwide website, edited

  • Review by Jackie C. from Maine

    "Amazing trip with like-minded individuals who know how to balance serious yoga practice with fun cultural immersion. I can't think of a better way or excuse to travel to wonderful places! Nina is an approachable, authentic, loving instructor. Well prepared pre-departure and during trip, there was flexibility in schedule, welcoming, and accepting of all participants, warm personalities. Yoga Adventures Worldwide picks delicious restaurants, unique experiences, and all at an affordable price. I felt full, satisfied, and eager for the next meal every time."

    Yoga Adventures Worldwide website, edited

  • Review by Susanne A. from Switzerland

    "Loved the teacher, Nina, and all our classes. I got a greater sense of my self and my body at practice. Plus, is good for all levels. Christina handpicks everything. Villa Maroc is a beautiful oasis in the medina, with gorgeous views, amazing food, and beautiful decor."

    Yoga Adventures Worldwide website, edited

  • Review by Brittany K. from United States

    "It was an amazing week of cultural exploration and self exploration! Thank you for bringing us together for an experience that has nourished my soul and re-fueled the fire in my heart. The beautiful raid- absolute perfect location. The staff was welcoming, pleasant, and accommodating. Always something spectacular to do, but with the leisure to come and go as needed. Just perfect, a great balance, zen, and introspective while also taking every aspect of the breathtaking background. I loved the camels and the cooking class. Just perfect!"

    Yoga Adventures Worldwide website, edited

  • Review by Sophie K. from Switzerland

    "How lucky are we to have an honest, open and pure teacher travel with us through all the week. It goes beyond the mat and it's so special to experience. Nina’s teaching in class will stay with me beyond this trip. It was like having a piece of light and inspiration with you all week long. "

    Yoga Adventures Worldwide website, edited

  • Review by Nora B. from United States

    "Everything was wonderful! it gave such a good taste of Morocco! Literally did everything i wanted to do. Great ideas and locations for all! I loved the food at the hotel and the recommended restaurants. The cooking class was a great addition. Christina made sure all food preferences and allergies were taken care of. Nina is amazing! I feel incredible mentally, spiritually, and physically. My body can totally feel the low lunge. I also loved the meditation. Thank you! 10 stars! Amazing! so stunning- great location! The staff is beyond nice and helpful. Overall great trip and wonderful experience, will be recommending to anyone and everyone! "

    Yoga Adventures Worldwide website, edited

  • Review by Meg M. from Illionis

    "I have done three retreats with Christina- and will do others. Great time, yoga, food, and company."

    Yoga Adventures Worldwide website, edited

  • Review by Julie C. from Canada

    "This was a once in a lifetime trip and you, Christina, were the perfect person to share it with. Thank you so much for such a great time! There truly are no words, but there are pictures!"

    Yoga Adventures Worldwide website, edited

  • Review by Julie L. from United States

    "Loved it and didn't even do a lot a yoga beforehand. Everything you need to know they teach you! They are very patient an d non-judgmental. I loved that there was an agenda, but that we were not required to follow it exactly. I loved the flexibility. "

    Yoga Adventures Worldwide website, edited

  • Review by Kathy F. from Illionis

    "You both were amazing! A pleasure to meet and share my first time in Greece with you ladies. You handled everything with ease and ensured that everyone was really taken care of. Wendy rocks! She is my forever yogi. Loved the flow, focus on areas, chakra work, oils. She made adjustments a s needed to help me."

    Yoga Adventures Worldwide website, edited

  • Review by Cathy M. from CA

    "It was an outstanding trip, so well organized and unique. I feel refreshed, healed mentally and physically. Absolutely loved Wendy and Christina. Thank you, I’m truly grateful!"

    Yoga Adventures Worldwide website, edited

  • Review by Ashley C. Johnston from Virgina

    "Christina is super easy to book with and a wonderful leader. She puts great attention to the details of the retreat and it shows. Go on a retreat with her, you won't regret it and you will have a life-long memory. The yoga was awesome! I loved the oils and Wendy's inspirations, her voice, messages an d adjustments. Very inspiring."

    Yoga Adventures Worldwide website, edited

  • Review by Kelly Anne from California

    "I could not have imagined a better experience for my first yoga retreat. Christina took absolutely tremendous care of our small group. She was happy to do some light hand holding in the weeks leading up to the retreat, with my being a little nervous and having lots of questions. Christina's restaurant recommendations were amazing, I could write a dozen reviews for the food in Tulum. Tulum is honestly a magical place, with so much charm and rustic elegance. Everyone I met, from the locals to the expatriates, was warm and friendly. The location of the retreat was so stunning. The beach had the whitest sand and the warmest water. Rebecca Jo was our yoga instructor on the retreat. I did not know what to expect when it came to the yoga practice, as there are so many styles and philosophies, and I am used to very vigorous power yoga. Rebecca Jo led us through the most wonderful series of what I will call workshops, as opposed to classes. Her teaching style and the practice she led us through really opened up my body and mind to something totally new. This was honestly the best thing I have ever done for myself, and I cannot wait to attend another Yoga Adventures Worldwide retreat with Christina!"

    Yoga Adventures Worldwide Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Oriana C.
    9 out of 10

    "There is no such place as Tulum. Utopia just offers you the best in paradise, an amazing spot right on the beach and close to all the cool bars, restaurants, shops, and great yoga workshops. I have been there twice and long to go back again. Thanks to Christina and her staff. The only thing I would say is that you should not expect top luxury; if you are looking for plush pillows and linen, Utopia is not the place. Although the lack of luxury is more than compensated for by the fact that you are surrounded by the lovely nature of the jungle and the sea. I recommend to bring ear plugs, as the ocean is super noisy at night, it can be intense!"

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by a traveler from United States
    9 out of 10

    "This was my first yoga retreat, as well as the first time I committed to sticking with the practice. Nina was the best teacher and spiritual leader, she kept her words light and connected. This was one of the best experiences ever; I walked away with a greater and calmer sense of self. I also made friends, who I will be connected to for life! Utopia is an eco-chic home on the beach, which is clean and friendly, with amazing fresh food. I highly recommend this if you need to get away and reconnect with yourself and take a time out from the chaos in life that you no longer need."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Elisabeth R. from Georgia, USA
    9 out of 10

    "The yoga and spa retreat at Utopia was life-changing. The staff was super attentive, the massage therapist was amazing, and Luna, our yoga teacher, was such a wonderful spirit. She offered the perfect mix of classes, poses, and postures. The food and variety of fresh juices were delicious. We felt completely safe in Tulum at all hours. We went in July, when the weather is hot; however, the location of Utopia, right on the beach, offers a wonderful breeze. Christine, the owner, has developed a wonderful retreat in this perfect location."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Kim McPherson from Mexico

    "One of the best yoga retreats I have ever been on. It was set in luscious surroundings, with an awesome accommodation. The yoga practices were beautiful and the food was amazing! I am ready to book my next retreat. Thank you, Christina, Nancy, and Rebecca Jo. I will be back."

    Yoga Adventures Tulum Facebook page, edited

Quintana Roo, Mexico

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