Yoga Adventures with Billy Potocnik

Yoga Adventures with Billy Potocnik offers yoga retreats and classes for students of all levels to explore their practice and to journey to places near and far.

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Billy Potocnik

Billy combined his real estate career with yoga in 2004. He lives in the Montclair neighborhood of Denver with his wife, Traci, three kids, and a dog. After teaching at various yoga studios all over the city, Billy now teaches exclusively at Pura Vida Fitness and Spa in Cherry Creek. Billy enjoys the yoga experience of 'peeling the layers away from the inside-out' and getting to the important stuff, and his style of Power - Vinyasa yoga is an effective catalyst for that process.

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Bill Dorigan US

Yoga Adventures with Billy Potocnik website

Billy Potocnik is an extraordinary yoga teacher. Each of his classes is inspiring and challenging, fun and filled with energy. Yet that is not why I call him extraordinary - there are other teachers in Colorado and elsewhere who are inspiring, knowledgeable, and provide a great class. What puts Billy into a very special, high echalon of yoga teachers is his ability to teach from the heart. As he walks among the students in the always-packed studio offering alignment instructions as necessary and directing the poses, he is also infusing his students with whatever heart quality he selected as the focus for that day - courage, kindness, generosity, commitment. By way of example, I attended a fundraiser he held for a traumatic event on the other side of the globe. As he spoke throughout the class my heart ached for the unfortunate victims who we came that night to help. Following Billy’s comments, in every pose I expressed my desire to help in any way I could and to do my poses in a way that helped create a little more light to balance the darkness of the tragedy. How did that happen? It happened because Billy’s heart truly ached; Billy truly desired to create light out of that darkness. He is so full of life and vitality that it was impossible to be in the room with him without ourselves becoming more full, more alive and ready to offer some of that energy to others. He used his very special gifts as a yoga teacher, combined with his own deep love of life and compassion, to inspire us all that night. Of course each class isn’t as heavy with such emotion but you can count on each class being inspiring in some way, often funny, always tough, and always really solid yoga. You can plan on Billy sharing at least some aspect of himself every time you attend his class, making your experience of the class something very special. You’ll leave tired but invigorated, excited to live the rest of your day. Whether you are visiting Denver and are trying to squeeze in a great class or you live here and want a teacher who will bring out your best, find a way to get Billy’s class on your schedule.

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