Raising the standard of education in yoga through teacher trainings and continuing education courses.

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Lauren Rudick

Kezia Tatton

Mark Diamond M.D.

Christina E. Scannel

Andreas Boe

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Sanna Paulsson

from Sweden, December 2017

"Sisterhood "

Amazing instructors, they knew what they were teaching, and amazing new friends for life

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Suzi Germany

Yoga Academy International website

I absolutely loved the 4 weeks I got to spend with this group of people. The Yai team and the group of students were amazing, so many different characters with such a big heart and so much to offer! The standard of education was really high, which was one of the reasons I chose this training. We got a good mixture of practice )on and off the mat), teaching, theory, anatomy, history and time for ourselves. The location, accommodation and food were brilliant. I always felt safe, comfortable in the environment we spent our time (who doesn't like to live in a comfy hut in the jungle right by the ocean, right?!), well looked after and exceptionally (!!!) well feed! the food was out of this world good and super nutritious. If you are looking for a training where you not only learn how to teach asana in a safe and professional way but also learn so much more about yoga, yourself and the people around you this is absolutely the right training for you to take.

JulieAnn Delude United States

Yoga Academy International website

I feel very lucky to have stumbled on to the gift of this practice, and I love that now I get to introduce it to others. I get to encourage the uncovering and discovering that inevitably comes along with it, not only during the asanas, but during those unexpected quiet moments of stillness…those golden moments where you find yourself going inward, and you find yourself. I’m SO excited to continue being a student of yoga…to continue being a teacher of yoga…to keep moving on this path…

Lauren United Kingdom

Yoga Academy International website

I began my journey to Costa Rica to embark on what can only be described as one of the most pivotal experiences in my life.

Ali Herrera Costa Rica

Yoga Academy International website

I feel very happy and thankful for all the love and support I had on this training. My body and mind are completely renewed with all the practice and knowledge acquired. YAI never stopped surprising me with the daily activities . I hope more people around the world can experience this amazing learning of the yoga discipline.

Sonya Australia

Yoga Academy International website

What an incredible experience! The quality of the teaching and education was truly fantastic. The staff, along with all the expert guest speakers were super supportive and knowledgeable. I feel well equipped and excited to go out into the world and share what I have learnt. Especially loved that we were encouraged to embrace our own style of yoga teaching. The stunning and magical location of Santa Teresa was the cherry on top.