Yobaba Lounge offers award-winning yoga and meditation retreats hosted in stylish quarters, complemented by outrageous vegan food and a deeply healing practice.

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Gertrud Keazor

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Lise Cremers

from Belgium, July 2021

"Holy stay in a beautiful place"

My retreat with Getrude was lovely. You enter a beautiful mansion with a wild garden in an authentic little French village. Inside beautifully decorated. Gertrude provides everything what you need to slow down and enjoy. Pure food, a combination of gentle and intense yoga practice, lovely guided music. Nearby a beautiful lake and a private river under walnut trees where you can cool down. Went home feeling refreshed and inspired.

Nicolas Blain

from France, June 2021

"Amazing retreat"

I spent an amazing week in Yobaba Lounge which is a little treasure in the heart of south France. Yoga classes with Gertrud were excellent as well as our discussions and her food: meals were delicious and lovely like paintings. My room was simply awesome and the garden, where many birds sing, is a great place to read, chat and rest in calm. Beyond that, I also very enjoyed Chalabre, as well as others villages and natural surroundings where we made several great walks. And cherry on the cake, each morning, after wake up and before yoga, we could (if we wanted) go for a little swim into the Montbel lake, this was such a nice way to fully wake up to the day. I especially remember one sunny morning when the lake was covered by a thin golden mist, that was absolutely beautiful. In a word, Gertrud was a fantastic host, I recommend Yobaba Lounge without hesitation and will come back with pleasure.

Marissa Martí

from Spain, October 2020

"The best holidays with my daughter!inetly wh"

We liked a lot the nice environement and the wonderful house but, above all, we enjoyed the company of the people there. Gertrud is a gorgeous person that transmits joy to everyone and everywhere, such as her meals, ioga classes, excursions and to others besides her. All was really clean and confortable. So thanks to her and

to her nice assistents. Definetly, what made our holidays unforgetable was the wonderful people we were lucky to meet there. So thanks to all and see you again!

Maysoon AlAlawi

from Bahrain, August 2018

"The Trip That Changed My Life"

This was a long waited trip however it was worth the wait, such an eye opening experience!

When I arrived at Gertrud’s door steps I was heavy smoker with unhealthy eating habits, and most importantly lost emotionally!

Gertrud listened to me in depth, took my hands, and put me on the right path. She helped me design my life and become a better and a stronger person. I enjoyed the silent mornings which guided me to rejoin with my inner self and think deeply of what I really want to achieve.

Gertrud taught me how to dance with my breaths while practicing yoga and I loved her Ujjayi breathing techniques, which assisted in increasing the oxygen levels that I damaged by smoking! While practicing yoga with Gertrud I often felt my spirit leaving my body and flying to the seventh heavens, such an amazing feeling!

In addition to all the above, Gertrud is a great cook! She makes the best vegetarian dishes and cooks with love, passion, and art! She puts so much effort in choosing the best quality of healthy ingredients and the presenting them gorgeously. I enjoyed every meal she prepared for me and craving for it while writing this review.

I left the five days program healthier, smoking free, determent to do what is the best for me, and attach free from toxic habits including people!

I can’t thank you enough Gertrud and I will see you in October for the advance level!

Sabine Amory

July 2021

"Un séjour intense et ressourçant ! An intense retreat!"

Quand j'ai passé le portail de ce château de village, ma première pensée a été de déplorer de ne rester qu'une seule semaine. Ce lieu est magique.et Gertrud a décoré chaque pièce avec tellement de goût et d'attention, où que nos yeux se posent , on se rend compte que tout a été pensé avec détail. Gertrud est une personne qui émane générosité et apaisement. J'ai adoré ces cours de yoga et les baignades matinales dans le lac.

Si vous voulez vivre une expérience unique, je vous recommande un séjour dans le monde de Gertrud.

As soon as i arrived at the retreat, the thought that crossed my mind was: why am i staying only for a week. This place has got something magical and Gertrud has decorated every corner of the house with care and a lot of taste. Gertrud is such a generous person that transmits inner peace. I loved her yoga class and the morning dips in the lake. If you want to experience something unique, don't hesitate to book and enter in Gertrud' s' world.