Xinalani Retreat offers the best yoga facilities, beautiful eco-chic accommodations, healthy food, and a supportive staff to make your dream retreat come true.

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Arjuna Valero

Kaori Cristina Gómez

Jerry Félix

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from Canada, June 2019

"Amazing experience "

Absolutely loved everything ! You are really getting the jungle experience in the rooms with all the critters entering lol


from United States, October 2021

"Exactly what I needed"

The sound of the ocean all day and all night was my favorite part of the trip. The other favorite part of my trip was the staff. They were so friendly and the hospitality they extend to all the guests was remarkable. Everyone (the teachers, wait staff, guides) was funny, kind, and made sure we had everything we needed. They paid personal attention to the different guests needs. For example, a fellow yogi I met had a cilantro allergy. So they made her a cilantro free version of their delicious guacamole and ceviche for her. The staff remembered my name and they were so warm and kind with me every single time I needed anything or had any questions.


from United States, June 2021

"Better with a group"

It’s a magical and gorgeous place with incredible foods and spa treatments.

Genesis Dionne

from Mexico, December 2018

"Love, love, loved this retreat!!"

This was the perfect getaway- I got to wake up to the sunrise on my jungle deck, enjoy a cup of coffee before morning yoga and then explore the incredible surroundings. Thanks to Xinalani I got to swim with wild dolphins, go snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, scuba diving, relax in the pool, learn to dance salsa, and make life lasting friends. The food was spot on, my body turned into it's normal happy, healthy self and so did my spirit and mind. Everything about Xinalani is a dream come true.

Leticia Barba

from Mexico, April 2019

Gerardo es el mejor maestro de todos . Que lastima que no viene su nombre