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22 Days 200-Hour YTT in Chiang Rai, Thailand

  • Khum Nai Phol Resort, 58 Moo 1, Doi Mae Salong, King | Mae Fa Luang District, Chiang Rai, Thailand


Yoga Teacher Training in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Join this World Yoga Alliance Certified Hatha and original Patanjali Ashtanga yoga teacher training program is a practical and theoretical yoga teacher training course designed to make you a confident and effective yoga teacher. During the course you will be built up your stronger base in the yoga field. This course is good for all levels of students.


  • Daily yoga session
  • Daily meditation session
  • Learn basic Ayurveda, nutrition, and yogic diet
  • Learn yoga anatomy and physiology
  • 21 nights accommodation
  • Learn yoga lifestyle

Skill level

  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

Group sizes

The maximum participants in the group is 16.

  • 21 days with instruction
  • English
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Your accommodation will be in either shared or double room. Private room will be available upon request.

This is residential yoga teacher certification program, accredited with World Yoga Alliance (WYA India) It is integral traditional classical Yoga following the teaching method of Gurukul Kangari University (107 years old Yoga University at Haridwar in India) covers theory and practical applications to all aspects of yoga. Suitable for beginners to advanced students and teachers. It is designed to make students confident and effective in yoga instruction.

Course syllabus

Practice of Traditional Hatha Yoga Asanas

  • Surya Namaskar and Chandra namaskar (sun & moon salutations)
  • Bhujanga Namaskar Series (Cobra salutation)
  • Basic, Intermediate, Advanced hatha yoga asana sequence includes about 88 positions
  • Yoga for Beginners: Basic preparatory joint movements to warm up & prevent injuries
  • Yoga class sequence for Therapy.
  • Sanskrit names of all Asanas (positions)

Pranayama - 'Control of the prana Science'

  • Swara Yoga Introduction (Swara Vigyana)
  • Nadi shodana Pranayama (alternate nostril breathing)
  • Anulom Vilom Pranayama
  • Kapalbhati Pranayama (cleansing breaths)
  • Bhramari Pranayama (humming bee breath)
  • Yogic (Conscious) breathing techniques
  • Discussion on bad breathing habits and correction techniques
  • Ujjayi Svasa (victorious breath)

Mantras chanting: Building awareness with Divine vibrations.

  • Gayatri Mantra
  • Guru Mantra
  • Seed Mantra for chakras: relaxation, purification, and activation
  • Five Element mantra
  • Surya Namaskar Mantra

Tri Bandhas (Yogic Locks)

  • Moola Bandha
  • Uddiyana Bandha
  • Jalandhara Bandha (throat lock)
  • Maha Bandha (the great lock)
  • 3 Granthis

Theory of Traditional Yoga Systems

  • Yoga Introduction
  • History of original yoga and Lineage
  • History of Hatha Yoga and Lineage
  • Functions of 7 chakras (Energy Centers)
  • Pranayama Science Techniques and 5 Prana
  • Original Ashtanga Yoga by Patanjali
  • Introduction to Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras, Ayurveda & the hatha yoga tradition
  • Yoga Hand Mudras

Meditation Techniques

  • Kundalini & Chakara Meditation
  • Walking Meditation
  • Dynamic Meditation
  • Five prana meditation
  • Observation and awareness techniques
  • Yoga Nidra relaxation techniques

Yoga Teaching Principles

  • Characteristics of a good teacher
  • Lesson planning
  • Principles of demonstration & observation
  • Classroom safety
  • Assisting, modifications, correcting, instructing
  • Finding your own teaching style
  • Ethical guidelines for yoga teachers
  • Student teaching practicing & observing
  • Assisting in classes taught by others
  • Basic healthy yogic lifestyle

Anatomy and Physiology

  • Anatomy of pelvic bone and Muscles the foundation of the body on Yogasana (Hip Bone and Yoga)
  • Anatomy of shoulder bone/muscles and Yogasana
  • Psychic Physiology of yoga: Ida, pingala, sushumna (Nadi)

The Use of Sanskrit vocabulary is included in the yoga teacher training course.

Yoga Teacher Training Daily Schedule:

Personal Morning Meditation Class will start everyday at 6:00a.m.

During the course any one day will be day off.

(Time table may be subject to change due to location and program)

  • 07:00a.m. Meditation, Mantra & Bandha Practice
  • 07:30a.m. Yoga Practice 1st Class & Pranayama, Nauli
  • 10:00a.m. Brunch & Free time
  • 13:00p.m. Yoga Theory Class
  • 15:30p.m. Yoga Techniques & Therapy class.
  • 16:00p.m. Yoga Practice 2nd Class (Alignment,Techniques)
  • 19:30p.m. Self Study Time (Yoga theory and homework)

Course Exam Details :

  • 1) First Paper : Yoga Theoretical Exam.
  • 2) Second Paper : Oral Exam.
  • 3) Third Paper : Yoga Asana Practicle.
  • Swami Dharam

    Swami Dharam is a certified "Yoga Master Degree holder" from the GKV Haridwar University in India. He has taught nationally and internationally for the past six years. He teaches with a strong focus on proper alignment and maintaining integrity in asana and pranayama. His teachers and students are all around the globe. He wants to give his best. He has been India's National Yoga Champion for 11 years in a row.

Chiang Rai is situated in the northern most Province of Thailand and is nestled next to the border of Myanmar to the North and Laos to the East. Chiang Rai offers you natural beauty, cultural heritage and a wonderful climate due to the mountains and natural landscapes of the region.

Once famous for its connection with the Golden Triangle and the famous opium trade Chiang Rai hosts some of Thailands most unique ethnic tribes and heritage.

Founded in the 13th Century by Kind Mangrai and part of the Lanna Thai Kingdom Chiang Rai was a popular town frequented by many varying populations who came to settle in the region and have contributed to Chiang Rais rich cultural diversity.

Today in Chiang Mai you will find descendants of the Chinese Kuo Mintang Solidiers, settlers from the 93rd Division of the Republic of China and various Ethnic Hill Tribes as well as Thai populations.

Chinag Rai offers many cultural experiences and is famous for the good quality of teas grown and produced in the area as well as the famous white temple called Wat Rong Khun.

Thailand is known as the Land of Fruits and Food, Our Students can enjoy every meal in our yoga ashram according to the healthy yogic diet. We provide only vegetarian food including some eggs and milk. You can have your fresh and clean meal every day with other students and teachers.

  • Free Ayurvedic therapy class
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Shared room with same gender
  • Shatkama kit (Cleansing techniques)
  • One day out tour
  • Practical and theoretical exams and international yoga teacher/yoga master diploma (Certified by World Yoga Alliance)
  • Yoga course material

Arrival by airplane

You can fly to Chiang Rai International Airport directly. The Airport Name is "Don Mueang" and within one hour from Bangkok International Airport.

For information about the booking conditions, please send WYA Thailand Yoga an inquiry.
  • Review by Sutee Supanich

    "For myself at first when I start practicing yoga, I myself think that yoga is just for exercise and I just wanna get stronger. Deep down yoga is not only just practicing asana (posture), but also the harmony of body, mind and soul. After being here at WYA Thailand Chaingrai. I realized that doing advanced postures don't mean that you are doing great in yoga. Basic and simple postures with proper alignment are the key fundamental to help you to prepare your strong foundation for the next level. Everything takes time. Yoga is a movement of your body and your breath. I would say Practicing in safety way and Have awareness what you are doing, Never force yourself to the level that you feel not comfortable with are the point!! There is no short cut in everthing. Yoga is being with yourself and being with present. That advanced postures will still waiting there until you are ready for it. In short, I would say practice with Mindfulness, No comparison and No competition."

    "Not only the way of practicing yoga affects your body to be stronger, tones your body and get in shape, but also yoga can train your mind to stay calm, happy and relaxed. Unfortunately, most people considered yoga as just the physical exercises. I would say it is just one part of it !! The mind never gets a day off from busy with "who-said-what" or either past or future. But, then comes the breath and the mind. For me , yoga is never complete without meditation. Yoga helps quiet the mind, gives your body an outlet to release energy blocks that may have you stressing out even more. All that we are is the result of what we thought, the mind is everything. What we think we become. So it means that after the mind becomes quieter and undisturbed, and you find yourself much more in control of things."

    "Of all mentioned above, the spectacular view of mountains and eco-friendly style of Ashram is also a key to help us to focus on our training and let us experience the healthy lifestyle. Not only that Guru Dharm and his team who have their own teaching style that make so much enjoyable class and have their mission to deliver the right message about yoga. I myself know better what is yoga and what yoga can help to live the life with mindfulness healthy lifestyle. I think I have made right choice to be at WYA Thailand Chaingrai."

    World Yoga Alliance Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Thanya Ps Yoga

    "I feel very very good to study here WYA เชียงราย master is kind and good heart I love my master guru Dharam I learn English and Yoga at the same time The place is nice and peaceful not far downtown we have vegetarian food it make me healthy I love it bhery bhery nice AHA!!!! I 'm WYA family member.ju jub"

    World Yoga Alliance Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Carol Lei

    "Everything happens with a reason."

    "I started practicing yoga by viewing it as another way of exercise. When I quitted my job 3 years ago to find more time in engaging things that I feel passionate and meaningful in my life. I got the chance to start conducting business teaching, not only I have found teaching as an amazing way for me to grow and learn, it is also an objective for me to share the experience and the right knowledge to others. Hence, I decided to extend my teaching to yoga but I don’t feel myself ready yet. I believe a teacher must equip with the right knowledge, techniques and having the right mentor to guide through the whole journey. "

    "With seriously practicing yoga 3 years ago, I realized the transformation of both my body and soul. Set aside body toning which is a plus in practicing yoga, I also realize my mind, body and soul getting stronger, better endurance and attaining calmness and patience. However, I am still an easily distracted person, thus in considering to find the place for Yoga Teaching Training. Among all the factors in choosing the place for training, a calm but a spectacular place is the priority, and thus, I have chosen WYA Thailand, Chiang Rai."

    "Embraced with the wonderful scene of tropical trees and mountains, connected to the nature through its chanting and rhythm and inspired by the eco-friendly structures and fixtures of the Ashram, I am able to get focused in my learning. "

    "Guru Dharm, with his profound knowledge and experience in yoga teaching, as well as his hilarious teaching style, we are having enjoyable class while solidifying our foundation knowledge of yoga in both theoretical and practical way. He views it is his mission to deliver the right message of yoga to his students and that is the reason he is dedicated to provide Yoga Teaching Training in his Ashram. I am very certain I have made the right choice to start my Yoga Teacher journey in Chiang Rai and this will always be my school to have my future teaching training going forward."

    World Yoga Alliance Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Madelyn Ceily

    "This training has taught me more and about yoga than I could have ever expected. Everyday I learn something new. "

    WYA Thailand Yoga Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Amy from Taipei City, Taiwan

    " I had a wonderful yoga holiday here and came away with that and so much more. I am so elated and thankful that I was able to learn with such a beautiful and dynamic group. I am so excited about the impact we will make with the knowledge we are going to share. " website, edited

  • Review by Vicky

    " World Yoga Alliance is a professional organization with high standards who spread the true yoga knowledge worldwide under the guidance of Swami Dharam Ji."

    World Yoga Alliance Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Dimitris Yoga

    "With World Yoga Alliance certificate you can work as a yoga instructor anywhere in the world. World Yoga Alliance is not just an organization is a big family. Join their 200 hr/300 hr or 500 hr course under the guidance of Swami Dharam Ji. "

    World Yoga Alliance Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Joyce Thompson

    " I join yoga teacher training course in Thailand with "WYA Yoga School". This course was very great for me. I would highly recommend it to everyone, if you want real knowledge of YOGA, please join WYA Thailand teacher training course and become a certified yoga teacher with Certification of "World Yoga Alliance. "

    World Yoga Alliance, edited

  • Review by Sofia Rose

    " I love this yoga school and this yoga school teaches the very best yoga teacher training course in all around Thailand. Love this school. "

    World Yoga Alliance, edited

  • Review by Susan Komi

    " I join yoga teacher training in Thailand with this Institution and DS Berwal Guru ji (Dharam), this training changed my life. All teachers are very experienced and kind. I recommend this to everyone to learn yoga teacher training with this Institution and I am looking forward also to join Advanced yoga teacher training. Love regards for all teachers. "

    World Yoga Alliance, edited

Chiang Rai, Thailand

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