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Bali, Indonesia

Writing Immersion brings together creative writers, artists, and those interested in spiritual practice, self-development, and biodynamics.

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  • Justine Robbins

    Writing Immersion website

    Before the Spannocchia Retreat, my writing practice had languished for so long it wasnt even a practice anymore. Stephen and Jade masterfully guided the creative process with just enough mind/body structure, just enough push to help reconnect my inner voice with its outer expression. Im equally grateful for their genuine kindness and openness. Our diverse group of poets, novelists, and non-fiction writers learned from the nature of the whole retreat and from each other. Deeply enriching!

  • Jennifer Sage

    July 2013. Writing Immersion website

    I cannot even begin to express how deeply moved I was on the retreat with Stephen and Jade. I try very hard not to have expectations of things in life but I did have them for this journey. I can say with great satisfaction that this retreat exceeded all of them a thousand percent. From the morning yoga with Jade, to the food (oh god was the food delicious!) to the creative writing that was done, I can say that I left fully inspired. My novel took a different shape there and thanks to an optional creative writing exercise that Stephen gave us, I wrote a new prologue that helped me understand my character so much better. My novel was literally transformed one day. I expected the block I had been feeling to go away, but I didnt expect the floodgates of creativity to open as they did. Thank you so much Jade and Stephen for offering this beautiful, life changing experience. I would completely recommend this journey be taken by anyone contemplating it. I certainly cant wait to go on another! I truly cannot say thank you enough for all the ways this experience has opened my heart and souland of course, my writing! ~Namaste

  • Review by Paola Simental

    July 2012. Writing Immersion website

    The Spannocchia retreat was simply amazing. As a writer, I enjoyed the time to write and just let myself be creative without looking for a particular end result. I enjoyed the writing exercises because I generated many, many ideas and they were fun! They way the day is planned, having yoga in the morning, readings after breakfast and lunch and critiques after dinner kept me motivated to write throughout the day. I became excited about the writing process again. I learned little tricks and exercises that can keep me motivated and beat my worst enemy: writers block. I tend to give up on certain writing projects when that happens. But, what I enjoyed the most was the diversity of the group; people from all ages, backgrounds, interests and writing experience. Jade and Stephen create such a positive atmosphere when it comes to the group dynamic and critique, which makes everyone feel comfortable. Every one was very helpful and constructive, and listening to their work was inspiring. Having such a beautiful scenery, great food and wine doesnt hurt the creative process either!

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