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Writeyourjourney offers yoga retreats with creative self-discovery and the healing power of writing. Creative writing makes you find your way out of grief.

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Kerstin Pilz

Kerstin is a writer, teacher, world traveler, yogini, meditator, and photography enthusiast. She offers you what she knows about the healing power of writing. She is here to inspire you to bond with your inner writer so that it can lead you on a journey of creative self-exploration. She is also a certified yoga teacher and a practitioner of mindfulness meditation. Since leaving full-time employment for the freedom of the open road, she is dedicated herself to bring together her passion for writing, traveling, yoga, and meditation with her other passion, teaching, and mentoring.

Yoga Alliance International (Yoga)

Nigel Rowles

Nigel’s first sound bowl massage was life-changing. He went to Kathmandu to begin his training with Himalayan masters and to explore how sound can be used to balance the body’s frequencies. In Nepal, he spent many hours hand selecting a set of eight tuned bowls and perfecting his personalized method of playing the bowls. He prefers chord structures rather than match the bowls to the body’s chakras. By using tuned bowls to create chords, he can generate a larger number of harmonies which bring about inner balance and help relieve stress.

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Jacqueline Louise Wrafter

Writeyourjourney Facebook page

Fun, practical and engaging support to get you finally writing. I have wanted to write for many years but the words are finally flowing out of me with the charming help of Kerstin Pilz.

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