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World Sight Journey is a Nepal based travel operator offering world class trekking and touring services. They also offer trek with yoga and meditation programs.

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Michael Jacobs

Worldsightjourney website

There is no need to look any further then having Ajay Dharel and World Sight Journeys to handle your Nepalese travel adventure.

Myself, daughter, and son have traveled 2 times to Nepal. In 2012 we did the Ghorapani trek, Chitawan National Park, and river rafting. 2013 we trekked in the Everest region.

Both times we were taken care of by Ajay. He was such a great asset to have handling all the arraignments of trekking and traveling the country. Ajay has a very good relationship with Tea Houses, porters, arraigning seats on sold out flights, ect. Your vacation will happen so much smoother with his services, enabling you to enjoy a fascinating area of the world. He loves his country and is so eager to show it to his customers. You will leave the country with a great new friend.

We are already planning to go back to Nepal and do more trekking in the Everest region, and of course Ajay will be the smiling face that meets us on our arrival at the airport.

Christine and Tennyson Lee Malaysia

Worldsightjourney website

Namaste!! It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation letter for the services of Ajay Dharel as a Himalayan guide. In mid-November 2012, my husband and I from Malaysia did a 5 days trek in Annapurna Panorama Trek and we spent a few days visiting Nepal’s main attractions. Our main trekking guide AJ Dharel and his team were excellent in many ways. AJ Dharel and his team were very knowledgeable about the trekking route and the local culture. First of all, I must admit before my husband brought me to this trek, I was not very well trained like other trekkers. Although we have equipped ourselves with good a pair of trekking shoes, warm clothing etc.. Physical and mental fitness is important to keep momentum going.

I remembered during the second or the third long days, perhaps we were the last trekkers or second last among other trekkers, when AJ Dharel noticed my physical and mental was exhausted, he always come to assist me by carrying my backpack in making sure I could able to complete the route before sunset in the cold forest mountain! Really grateful for the help. Thank you AJ!

During the trekking, unfortunately my husband was having high fever and flu, AJ was always be there in making sure he has plenty of ginger honey drink and some medicine to keep warm and healthy.

We were very grateful and touching to see AJ and his team were helping every trekkers in many ways. From helping ordering menu, serving us, assist other trekkers who has troubles, etc…They really gave me the strength to keep going.

They are very friendly, caring, polite, and always with a great smile although everyone was really exhausted.

AJ Dharel has a broad experience in many area of treks and expeditions. In short, we can truly say we would not have made it without his help. Thank you again AJ!!

If you are looking for a service of a great guide and great looking guide with Himalayan smile, AJ Dharel is the one!

Love from Malaysia: Christine and Tennyson Lee


Worldsightjourney website

Nameste AJ!

margI am writing to thank you for the wonderful way you looked after us in Nepal. We felt safe at all times, even when the weather was against us. Our group contained an interesting collection of cultures, including our Nepalese guides and porters, and your gentle acceptance and warm encouragement helped us develop wonderful ongoing friendships.

I particularly am grateful to you for the way you managed our group when we were caught in the terrible hail storm on our climb to the tea-house. The last of us arrived very wet and cold. Your insistence that we have access to the warm fireside and that warm drinks were supplied meant we recovered without injury. It could have been a very nasty incident.

Your personal attributes made trekking with you enjoyable; your comfort in the role of leader, a constant warm smile, a rich sense of humor, the respect of your staff, the ease with which you communicate with café and hotel staff, your ability to make decisions as required.

I have no problem recommending your services to my friends and acquaintances who wish to travel in the Himalayas.

Many thanks for a memorable trek,

Robert Fry

Worldsightjourney website

I visited Nepal with your company in November of 2103 and having returned home to the UK and would like to express my pleasure and gratitude for the services your company has offered. I arranged to trek to ABC and the whole trip was organised by World Sight Journeys (except of course for the international flight). The guiding service was provided by Ajay Dharel who met me at the airport and organised each part of my trip, including transfers from Kathmandu to Pokhara and return.

The whole experience has been excellent with a very good service provided throughout. Travelling in Nepal is always an interesting proposition for trekkers from the west but AJ made the trips informative and interesting and a great time was had by all. The trek to ABC was, of course, magnificent with brilliant weather and stunning scenery. The guiding service was attentive and flexible with overnight stays in the tea houses at the usual stops. All the arrangements were good and we had no difficulties despite other trekkers being short of rooms. AJ does seem to have very good relations with the tea house owners and the accommodation and food were everything that we could hope for.

The service provided by WSJ really came into its own when we reached ABC. Unfortunately I picked up a stomach bug which laid me low and AJ was supportive and attentive throughout. He was ready and willing to amend the trek to accommodate the necessary changes in itinerary and his flexibility in approach was excellent. Of course the bug passed, as they always do, but throughout the whole episode I felt in good hands and had no worries.

The trip to Nepal and ABC was faultless in all respects. The accommodation, organization and attention to detail was excellent and I can whole heartedly recommend World Sight Journeys to any prospective trekkers or other tourists to Nepal.

a traveler

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Please accept this letter of recommendation for Ajay Dharel as a Himalayan guide. As an American the prospect of trekking the Himalayas can be daunting but I need not have worried as Ajay was my guide. During my time on the trail I got to know him well and can say with confidence that I would tell anybody they would be fortunate to have as a guide. Firstly, Ajay knows the trail and routes like the back of his hand. As our group talked about different options he was always able to explain the different routes and what it meant for the trip. He also knew the lodges and could tell us which ones were nice and which not so nice.

He also truly worked with each individual to make sure we were well cared for. I honestly don’t know how he did it. He seemed to be everywhere and truly cared that our needs and wants be met. From helping order something off menu to making sure a lodge had adequate Wi-Fi for me to Skype home on my mothers birthday the answer was not just yes but that he was glad to. Ajay never one time acted inconvenienced or upset. He was glad to help out. But where Ajay really shines is that he truly wants to see you succeed in the trek. He cares and that is communicated in every action that he takes. From check on someone who is lagging behind to helping carry the pack of someone who is exhausted. I can truly say that I would not have made it to the top without his help.

I can also say I am not sure I would have made it down without him. When we got to base camp a snow storm hit. Myself and others started to loose the trail. But he knows the area so well he kept us on track and his calm demeanor inspired us all. In short, I am pleased to give Ajay my highest and most enthusiastic recommendation. He is a skilled, knowledgeable and compassionate individual who is truly invested in your enjoying and succeeding in your hike. You cannot to better than Ajay Dharel.

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