The beautiful yoga retreat lies within a national park of Algarve, Portugal. Certified teachers will guide you through daily yoga, meditation, and pranayama.

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Magdalena Szumna

from France, June 2018

"A truly amazing time "

My stay with WOLFS YOGA was just simply amazing. I opted for the Yoga Holiday week program as wanted to combine yoga with free time to relax and explore the Algarve area. And it was perfect.

Lot and Amwo are both super hospitable and great yoga teachers. Beautiful surroundings, delicious food prepared by both of them with fresh veggies from the bio market, plenty of great stories and experiences shared, made it a truly unforgettable week.

Highly recommended to anyone who is looking to escape from the every day craziness to stop, reflect, revitalize and get inspired.

I will definitely come back - to experience also one of their full yoga retreat programs.


from Netherlands, September 2017

De yogalessen waren werkelijk perfect! Daarnaast was er aandacht voor bezinning en stilte buiten de yoga sessies om, in de vorm van een stilte dag en nobele stilte in de avonden en ochtenden.

Het eten was verrukkelijk en ontzettend gezond en voedzaam, wat een zeer positieve bijdrage leverde aan de prachtige ervaring van de yogaweek.

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Anja Brand

Wolfs Yoga Facebook page

I booked my first ever Yoga retreat with Wolfs Yoga in beautiful Vila do Bispo, and I absolutely loved it! Our group was made up of various levels of proficiency, and Amwo is a great teacher in that he is able to adjust the same practice in a way to make it fun, relaxing and still the right kind of challenging for everyone. We got to experience various different styles of both Yoga and teaching Yoga, since we had practice with both Harmke (who unfortunately could only join us for part of the retreat), Amwo and Luisa, who joined us for 2 sessions. Amwo also made an effort to give us a better understanding of the spirituality and history behind Yoga and how it can influence your life, while never pushing any of his believes and very patiently answering our numerous questions. While I personally struggled with the meditations, it was good to experience different styles and get a better feeling of what works for me and what does not.

Apart from that I enjoyed the companionship within the group, be that during or nightly cooking and dinner, the walk to the beach or just our conversations in general. The food was wonderful and I learned a lot about healthy cooking. And the Villa is simply beautiful - a quiet space that felt very safe and peaceful.

Overall I can absolutely recommend a Yoga retreat with Wolfs Yoga and I am sure I will be back myself.

Verda Law

Wolfs Yoga Facebook page

Thanks very much for such a peaceful , relaxing, purifying and mindfulness week that I had experience in wolf yoga retreat ! I spent a week with Amwo and 3 beautiful ladies in the Vila . Amwo is very kind , helpful and knowledgeable to show me different yoga and meditation techniques. I Feel Very rejuvenated after this trip and lots of positive energy in mind and spirits ! This is exactly what I am looking for ! I definitely will recommend anyone would love to have sometime for yourself , connect with the beautiful nature and kind souls for a different vacation experience at wolf yoga ! I would love to go back again !

Rhiannon Llewellyn

Wolfs Yoga Facebook page

We had a wonderful week and enjoyed sharing yoga, great food, noble silence and conversation. Neither myself or my husband are particularly bendy, but Amwo and Hermke were both such great teachers for everyone - long time yoga practitioners and newbies alike, with their own individual style (and respond well to advance requests!) We relished the opportunity to make our own delicious food from all the great fresh ingredients in the well stocked kitchen. Our room was spacious, light and wonderfully comfortable, clean and with a great ensuite bathroom. We really recommend keeping noble silence as a couple in the evenings (not cheating when the door closes of an evening) as it will only strengthen your relationship. We found the workshops very interesting and the area is beautiful, with lots to explore.


Wolfs Yoga website

My first yoga retreat, having practiced yoga already for 18 years. And yet in many ways, it felt the first time I came to fully embrace my practice and to feel union and harmony not only with myself but with those in that same sacred space.

The retreat was perfectly balanced and I really would not have changed a single detail of that week. I booked at quite short notice, choosing not to ask too many questions or to know too much about the group. By some beautiful fate, I found myself in a house with 3 other wonderful women, it felt to me as though each of us had transitioned there for the other, that we had answered some call without knowing it. We were all so different individually, yet together with Amwo, we felt complete, like a jigsaw, the pieces fitting with ease. Amwo has a special energy. He is fluid and peaceful, strong and wise. He quickly felt like an old friend. His yoga practice was carefully guided according to each personal level and the daily meditations were thoughtfully considered, each one bringing a different state of awareness and offering tools to dive deeper and to release unwanted energies, stuck emotions or experiences, exercises to invite a state of freedom and purity. I loved the noble silence in the morning, making it possible to start the day with a clean slate before the practice and afterward to allow it to settle and for any insights to come to the surface, without interruption. The beautiful villa felt familiar and homely and offered just the right level of comfort. Sharing this home for a week with everyone felt like the most natural process. Cooking, eating and appreciating fresh delicious vegan food together like a soul family. Walking together in nature. Visiting the most outstanding beaches. Sitting in stillness, sharing life questions and insights late in the evening by candlelight, complete mindfulness and respect for each other, exchanging wisdom and understanding, laughter and joy, to feel like curious children together, exploring ideas and feelings, without judgment. We were each so different and facing very different challenges in life, but I felt we were all united by the same truth which brought such a feeling of connectedness. I felt so much gratitude in my heart after this week, not only to have been in such stunning surroundings but to have been part of such a group and to walk away with each of them in my heart. Thank you Amwo. It is now my dream to visit again!

Mèlanie Snieder

Wolfs Yoga Facebook page

I joined the retreat with Amwo and harmke. And I loved it! They are a good combination and both warm, calm and lovely people. The house is located in a really nice part of the algarve with beautiful peaceful surroundings. There was plenty of healthy food! Every night we cooked together which was really adding to the experience. I enjoyed the yoga also really much, both teaching different a kind of yoga with a lot of personal attention. Thank you