We provide yoga teacher training courses with a strong foundation in classical yoga imparted in an ashram-like environment in our center located in Thailand.

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Jeenal Mehta

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Kathy Tillotson

from United States, December 2019

"This experience was everything I was hoping for!"

Jeenal and her staff and family make this ashram authentic. It was a particularly cool spell for Chiang Mai and they went above and beyond to make sure we were as comfortable as possible. I can't express how thoughtful they were. The staff are like family, there to help with everything.

The best was a well organized classical yoga education. The schedule was paced so that we had a perfect balance of practical teacher training and theory and history of yoga. The teachers are more concerned that we understand the true concepts of this ancient practice, then just how to do some exercises.

In addition to that, and a wonderful bonus was learning to eat really delicious and healthy food. I will be continuing with this eating habit for life. Jeenal really knows her stuff on this.


from Slovakia, December 2019

Stefano's classes on Yoga philosophy were interesting. Good interaction. Broad knowledge and great approach

Priyam Kohli

from United Arab Emirates, June 2019

"Hidden gem"

I loved everything at the ashram - from the incredible food, teachers/team, and accommodation to the curriculum, and passion put in by the team to make it the best experience possible. I got so much more from the experience than I expected, and will take use what I learned everyday. Can't wait to go back for the 300 hour course! Miss the whole family. You cannot go wrong with this ashram- clean, safe, and you learn so much.

Anya Ushakova

from Canada, January 2019

"This was an amazing yoga retreat"

Everything was really great! The instructors are fantastic, the location is peaceful and beautiful, the food is super nutritious and delicius. I'm so grateful that I got to learn about traditional yoga and got to experience the yogic lifestyle.

Caroline Druon

from France, January 2019

"Un apprentissage traditionnel "

Je m’attendais à apprendre un yoga traditionnel : j’étais au bon endroit !!

Ici, nous savons pourquoi nous pratiquons, et nous apprenons ce qu’est vraiment la pratique du yoga: par la nourriture, l’ethique, la philosophie, l’apprentissage Traditionnel..

Cela remue , c’est vrai.. mais nous sommes tous ici pour cela non?..

je reviendrai avec grand plaisir pour compléter ma formation