Wise Living Yoga Academy

We provide yoga teacher training courses with a strong foundation in classical yoga imparted in an ashram-like environment in our center located in Thailand.

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Jeenal Mehta

Founder of Wise Living Yoga Academy, yoga therapist, and author of the vegan cookbook "Spices & Love". With over 100 yoga teacher training courses completed, Jeenal guides her students in yoga philosophy and lifestyle as well as traditional Hatha yoga techniques taught in the tradition of the worlds oldest organized yoga school, The Yoga Institute, in Mumbai, India. Jeenal's teachings are inspirational as well as practical, teaching students how the path of yoga can transform their lives.

The Yoga Institute (Therapeutic Yoga)

Christina Gomes

Christina is the creative director and Wise Living Yoga Academy alumni of 2013. Since receiving her certification, Christina has traveled the world sharing yoga and music. This transformational course inspired her to live with more conscious awareness and has made her life a work of art. She now hosts international retreats empowering folks through yoga and creative expression.

Wise Living Yoga Academy Yoga Alliance RYT 200 (Hatha Yoga)

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Dipak Bhudia

from United States, December 2017

"Excellent course on the traditional theory/practice of yoga"

If you want to understand the true philosophy of Yoga, not just the postural asana's, but it's history, philosophy and spiritual principals.. then you really need not look any further. Both Daniel and Jeenal are highly dedicated, committed and devoted instructors who ensure you gain the full experience of what it means to be a yoga practitioner.

This is for someone who is truly ready to be immersed in the yoga lifestyle, from morning medication rituals, eating nutritious wholesome vegan meals, and studying yoga's sutras right from there true sanskrit sources.

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