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WindSurfYoga organizes yoga holidays, windsurf, surf, and yoga camps around the world. They love to inspire, to meet, connect, travel, discover, and grow.

Instructors 3

Eline Schenk

Eline is a certified yoga teacher and she also has certifications on relaxing massage, sports massage, and diverse Ayurvedic massages. She teaches yoga in different styles, mixed to one comforting class. Most important of her classes is "what do you need right now?" She aims her session at the needs of each individual. She loves windsurfing, surfing, SUP, yoga, and traveling. Besides a yoga teacher, she is also a windsurf instructor and SUP instructor. Eline grew up in Holland but when she decided to choose for her passions and following her heart, she quit her job and moved to Fuerteventura.

Birthlight (Postnatal Yoga)

Yoga Alliance International (Yin Yoga)

Birthlight on Tour Yoga Alliance International (Prenatal Yoga)

Santosha Yoga Alliance RYT 200 (Vinyasa Yoga)

Martin Bayryamov

Martin is a windsurf instructor. He loves to be in the ocean, surfing, windsurfing, and in the rest of his time, he likes shaping surfboards and does some yoga. He loves teaching windsurfing.

VDWS instructor licence, Tarifa, Spain (Windsurfing)

HSA ISA-1 (Wave Surfing)

Nina Gehrke

Nina comes from the same school for yoga as Eline - same background - different output :) Nina used to be surfinstructor for many years on the south of the island, now she moved to the north she is teaching daily yoga classes with windsurfyoga and aloha surfschool. Nina loves surfing, nature, is vegan and enjoys daily yoga and meditation sessions either vinyasa or restorative/yin styles.

ISA-1 (Wave Surfing)

Santosha Yoga Alliance RYT 200 (Yoga)

Reviews 9


from Great Britain, December 2017

"A week of confusion."

The actual hosts and leaders delegated to organise this week did their best in trying circumstances. Thanks to Nina (Yoga) and Danielle (Windsurfing) Nathen and Chloe (Waverider hosts)

Lolita Kamper

from Netherlands, January 2018

"My first holiday Alone learning something new!"

This was my first holiday alone!

Eline are really friendly people that are personally involved with all there guests.

Therefore my holiday felt really special.

I learned a lot on this beautifull location by learning something new (windsurfing).

I was realexed in my mind by the evening yoga on the beach by sunset.

I felt healthy because next to the main street Eline showed me really good and healthy places to eat and have fun!

I met a lot new great and new people in the hostel that I was staying in but also the other people that where doing yoga and windsurfing.

In summary

---> A great holiday to do by yourself :-)

Ruth Carson

from Ireland, December 2017

"Blissful Beach Yoga"

I had an amazing experience in Fuerte with WindSurfYoga. The yoga was fantastic and it was so beautiful and peaceful to practice in beautiful beach settings. The accommodation was great with lots of fun people to hang out with. Everyone was so welcoming, cool and kind! I would highly recommend this retreat.

Silvia Guillen Cariñena

from Spanish State, February 2018

"Prevenir de algunas cosas a futuros usuarios"

La isla

Testimonials 5

Veerle Schoofs Belgium

WindSurfYoga Facebook page

WindSurfYoga delivers! I had a marvelous week with 5 days of wavesurfing (which went with ups and downs but thanks to the support of WindSurfYoga and Surfintrip I pushed through) and 7 sessions of yoga. We went 2 times to the beach for yoga which is magical and Eline is such a good teacher. She listens to what you need and corrects the poses so you have the perfect position. Eline and Martin are also always available for a talk or for inside information on the best burgers or pizzas from the island. To sum up, just book your holiday, you won't regret!

Stefan Maurer

WindSurfYoga Facebook page

I spent 10 days to go windsurfing at Eline's and Martin's Hostel. Actually I just wanted to get better in windsurfing but I ended up doing 5 yoga lessons as well. Eline has a very nice way of introducing you to yoga, even if you never ever considered doing it before and every lesson is different. Martin is the perfect windsurf teacher. He always pushes you a little to do things you thought you couldn't do and he puts a lot of effort into explaining how things are done. Had a fantastic holiday!

Sarah UK

WindSurfYoga website

I think this was the best holiday I have ever been on! I usually enjoy yoga, but here I felt challenged and really encouraged to try new things under safe and supportive guidance. Eline has a fantastic way of making you believe you can do anything and making sure you know exactly what to do. I felt like an Olympic medalist when I achieved something because her praise and feedback was so honest and warm. I loved the buzz of achieving something I thought I would not be able to do. Martin and Eline, I honestly felt like they became my family whilst I was there. We had so much fun, they know the island inside out, and gave the best suggestions for places to go and things to do. I now know how to make daiquiris thanks to them.

I have done beginner yoga before and I have enjoyed it but I fell in love with doing it with Eline. Whatever you think you cannot do, she makes it possible, whatever part of your body hurts, she fixes it. It wasn't too serious in that we could giggle about the dog doing a pee pose but it was serious in that I came away from every session feeling stronger, both physically and mentally. I will forever be disappointed from now on in any yoga class that is not taught by Eline!

Nazmy Kath

WindSurfYoga Facebook page

Wonderful place to enjoy and relax, Eline and Martin are great hosts full of good energy and willing to make your holidays amazing! They took very good care of me and I always felt like home meeting incredible people in the house. This is one of my favorite experiences in Fuerteventura so far!

Diana Romero USA

Windy Sun Bali Surf School Facebook page

Loved our WindSurfYoga holiday! Wish we could have stayed a full month! Eline is super friendly and caring. We had two yoga sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, on the terrace or at the beach, depending on the weather. We were a small group, sometimes just my boyfriend and me, but no matter how many we were, she was always paying close attention to what we were doing and our particular needs to help us with concrete corrections and modifications and with some general advice. We would have loved to try windsurfing with Martin too but we had limited time. Hoping to go back! The place is nicely located near the beach and lots of restaurants, but not in a tourist spot. It is clean and comfortable, all bedrooms with access to the terrace.

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