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Yoga Retreats (4)

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Instructors (3)

Zoe Drake

Ceri Rees

Joe Kelly

Reviews (2)

Steven Hayward

from Great Britain, June 2021

"Great escape in the beautiful countryside of Devon"

The location was breath taking, a short distance from the Devon coastal path. I was lucky and due to a few cancellations had my own yurt.

Donna was the yoga instructor, famous from "yoga with goats". There were two yoga sessions per day and they were gauged for the needs of the individuals and the group. There were a lot of sore muscles after the longer run so the relaxation and gentle muscle stretch was fantastic.

Joe the mobility coach gave some really valuable information and advice. I'm pretty set in some inefficient movement patterns and he gave some simple tips to move in a way that engaged more appropriate muscle groups when running. Also some points for tension release.

Ceri was really enthusiastic organising things. He was a little disorganised at times, but that allowed the group the flexibility to do things how they wanted. It might frustrate some, but it really suited our group! We saw some fantastic countryside and while the running was hard, everyone made it round. He seemed to have boundless energy and one of the days he took the most enthusiastic out for a second 10k!!!

Ronnie helped host the event and was kind and very friendly. She often kept an eye on the back markers on the runs.

There was beach time, relaxing time, lots of yoga, great running, sunshine, swimming, food and a meal out at the local pub. We were lucky with the weather and it was a great group of people. Overall I couldn't have asked for a better experience!