Wild Human offers yoga and holistic therapies to suit you and has a fun and light-hearted approach to life as well as well-being and health.

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Freya Broad

from Great Britain, September 2021

"Excellent weekend"

The food was amazing, the yoga was excellent! Lisa and Rach are wonderful humans and I can’t wait to go back!

Cory Sydee

from Great Britain, August 2021

"A fun-packed, activity-filled retreat by the river"

The location was great, beautiful grounds on the River Thames near Oxford. The food was wonderful and the instructors were such beautiful souls. It was fun and exciting and enjoyable! Loved it.


from Great Britain, August 2021

"Om and Bass my journey"

Many many many thanks to Rachel and Kwali who managed my first steps into yoga and the retreat experience with compassion and caring. The experience was fabulous with bells and whistles on. The time given to absorb the experience was very important to me. Smiles, love and energy where available in abundance so thanks to Rachel and Kwali “ life changing “ . I was a member of a great group so well done them it is always interesting when you arrive as an individual and quite quickly feel part of the group. Thanks Murrae

Gigi Adoghe

from Great Britain, January 2020

"Magical experience"

The choice of country was spot on ! Rachel was such a good organiser who made every one feel comfortable. She improvised smoothly when we had minor oopsies and I found the Yoga sessions invigorating and calming at her chosen times.

Rachels choice of excursions enabled the group have an extensive feel of Icelandic culture and I fell in love with the country .. definitely going back.

Would recommend this retreat to anyone.