Wilbur Hot Springs

California, United States

Wilbur Hot Springs is a health sanctuary in Northern California blessed with transformative and healing hot mineral waters.

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  • Kristen Bobertz

    Wilbur Hot Springs website

    We had an amazing visit! First time and probably not the last! We won an overnight stay in a cabin in January and it was nice to be able to unplug and get away for a night. I am looking into the yoga retreat now.

  • Nicole M. Hayward US

    Wilbur Hot Springs website

    Loved being at your Wilbur yoga retreat this past weekend. It was my first retreat and went way beyond any expectations I might have had. I came away a little bit taller and with a lot more love in my heart. Thank you. Can’t wait to do it again next year. You do an amazing job in sharing your knowledge, teaching and inspiring one’s yoga practice. You have a gift. Namaste.

  • Al-Hassan H

    Wilbur Hot Springs website

    A key teaching that Sarana voiced was the need to connect with our core – at the belly – especially with the supportive muscles beneath, which can carry us through life, and the heart with love, and to avoid mental clouds of the mind, which we end up sitting in for too much in our life. During the yogic exercises, I found a deeper connection to the belly – and the heart, the belly’s presence espousing not thoughts but basic needs of nurture, care and connectedness, and my heart, which enlightened me to its breadth of love for all beings and nature, and it’s openness to the universe. Giving me a deep sense of calm and connectedness.

  • Shawn Callison

    Wilbur Hot Springs website

    I truly do not know how you could not give this place 5 stars! I am a trauma nurse and in charge of my unit equals high stress. I love my calling, but I have learned it means nurturing myself as well, thank you Wilbur for nurturing me so that I may nurture others! I will be back!

  • Amy

    Wilbur Hot Springs website

    My personal favorite is Wilbur. My friend and rocking yoga teacher, Sarana Miller was born on the property itself and her father still owns it. On a recent getaway to Wilbur, I quickly remembered how to relax and forget my stresses (or perhaps boiled them away in hot water!?). The special sauce was the combination of country sun and warm, healing water. Their motto, In all the World, No Waters Like These, holds true for me. Not only does that environment relax my body nearly immediately, but it relaxes my knotted mind.

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