White Lotus Retreats offers loving and caring retreats for kids, women, and partners to reconnect and find one calm blissful state together with pure happiness.

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Kim Seema Dass Kaur

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Gerda Van Veen

from Netherlands, October 2020

"Magical journey with wonderful instructors "

Kim and Bruno live in paradise; de views are amazing and impressive, nature is embracing. The starry sky by night is overwhelming, the silence in the night soothing. The platform on which the teachings are given is absolutely one of the nicest spots in Portugal.

Kim and Bruno make you feel welcome from the first moment you arrive. They are warm giving loving people. Kim is a professional with a lot of knowledge and we felt safe in her teaching. Bruno is very intuitive and was spot on every time he helped us to get further.

The whole retreat brought us more than we expected, it was healing and enriching.

Bruno took us on a surf at the end of the retreat, which was a really nice way to say goodbye.

We would love to come back

Myriam Haller

from Germany, August 2020

"Peaceful retreat in the mountains with an amazing teacher"

Kim's way of teaching yoga and her consultation made for a truly transformative experience! We especially liked the way we were given access to the tools we used during the retreat, so we can incorporate the practices into our daily lives. This helps us to really create a lasting effect on our lives. We are grateful for this experience.

Amélie Capeau

August 2020

"Wonderful experience "

The place is just magic if you want to reconnected with yourself, Kim is a very good teacher and cooker ! I had a perfect time here and I recommended it.

Martha Maos

from Great Britain, July 2020

"Miracles at Dharma Garden Resort"

Kim’s professional, kind, sincere approach into making sure I got the most out of the experience, the scenery and location added to it and Kim and Bruno’s kindness and generosity in spirit shone through every day. It was a pleasure to be in their retreat even though my time was short, fantastic memories were made worth keeping.


from Germany, March 2020

"Excellent escape"

This retreat helped me to unwind, feel energized and positive, feel more connected to myself.

I had this amazing opportunity to stay in a peaceful atmosphere with beautiful nature and have individual sessions with Kim. She is a gentle and caring person. She presented me with Kundalini yoga for the first time and which I enjoyed. I learned new things about myself thanks to Ayurveda and chakra studies and will use this knowledge in my daily life. In addition, I liked the delicious food which Kim prepared for me and our locations on the beach and in the mountains for sessions. Thank you, Kim, for all your efforts and positive vibes.

During my free time, I appreciated the possibility to stay in total peace with myself away from the big city and a lot of people, but close to the beach and surrounded by picturesque nature.

Amandine Dalby Benoist

from France, February 2020

"a rebirth 🙏🏼"

This retreat is one of the best experiences of my life.

Kim is a shining, gentle and caring person who teaches kundalini with passion.

Her teaching is complete: she also gave us a lesson on Ayurveda and the chakras, very interesting to know ourselves better and to rebalance.

Her retreats are personalized: we are maximum 2 per retreat, and before our arrival she sends us a questionnaire in order to know us better and adapt her program.

At the end of the journey, we leave charged with energy, and with good advice to keep this energy on a daily basis.

Big plus: the environment of Aljezur is magnificent and we were lucky to practice yoga on the beach and in the forest!

Thank you Kim for this rebirth, I will come back, for sure 😊

Claudia Ciocca

from Ireland, January 2020

We really liked the variety of the yoga activities and locations. There was also an excellent balance in between free time and all the different activities which made the all experience very enjoyable and relaxed.


from Germany, December 2019

"It's my first retreat experience "

I got to say I am very lucky to book this retreat with Kim. She is such an amazing human being, nature, and brought significant influence on my retreat journey. I had really amazing inner peace journey thanks to Kim's instruction. :)


from Great Britain, November 2019

"A wonderful break from family demands to remember myself. "

The one to one sessions with Kim were so good. Almost like a private therapist for 3-4days. The meals she cooked were healthy and natural and filling.

I felt the time she dedicated was very good value.

The location is lovely as I did not need a car and could walk or jog safely to the beach for lunch/ swim etc.

Antonella Matrone

from Great Britain, October 2019

"Perfect place at the perfect time "

Kim exceeded my expectations in many ways. I had never tried Kundalini yoga before and I had a lot to heal due to a recent break up with my long term partner. I was very surprised about what came up after a few days of retreat. Kim was able to hold space for us to take out our sadness, grief and pain. This was my first experience in an Ashram and yoga retreat and I really enjoyed it. Kim not only did she cook healthy, simple and tasty vegan food, but she also opened up with us and shared her life, family and projects which made us feel at ease and comfortable. Will defo visit her and Bruno in Portugal. Thank you Kim ❤️

Tara Michael

from United States, October 2019

"Excellent Vision & Values"

From the flexibility with our late arrival to the very last hug, our experience with Kim and Bruno was warm, welcoming, and connected. They set the tone with space, food, flow of activities, and instructions, to allow and encourage a couple to really deep-dive into themselves as individuals and each other. We loved them (and each other) personally and professionally :)

Molly Love

from Great Britain, September 2019

"Great few days of resetting and centering"

Hi had a lovely and peaceful few days with Kim. We working closely together to understand what exactly I needed and Kim was very thoughtful and intuitive throughout.

The location was beautiful and with great access to beaches, markets etc to explore in spare time.

The food was great, very fresh and full of goodness and lovingly made.

I left the retreat feeling peaceful, aligned and reset with new skills to take with me to into autumn in London.

Abhishek Patyal

from Netherlands, September 2019

"Perfect way to rejuvenate"

The entire experience was very overwhelming. It started off with light meditation and a detailed explanation of the chakras/kundalini yoga. I never practiced kundalini yoga before and Kim had everything planned out in the perfect way. Then every day we practiced some kriyas/asanas at the beach and the big tree which is very near to the location.

Personally, it was a complete detox for me and I was able to achieve what I intended before the beginning of this retreat.

Great thanks to Kim for all the effort. Thanks and looking forward to meeting you again.

Laura Carolan

from Great Britain, August 2019

"Beautiful life enhancing experience! "

The retreat was everything that I could hoped for and more. I arrived at the most beautiful Ashram and the accommodation was perfect. Yoga was going to be taken on the roof terrace surrounded by stunning views and the sounds of nature. The rooms and facilities inside the ashram where spotless. Kim was so welcoming and instantly felt relaxed. Each yoga session was set with an intention, some sessions where healing for body and lots of mediation for the mind. I learnt a lot about my self and how I could through exercise, mantras and food; balance and restore the flow or energy through my body. The food we had on the retreat was all prepared by Kim and was delicious. I really enjoyed that and I am taking some of these practices into my diet at home. I have already practised a few times since I have returned home and encouraging my children and husband to practice with me.

I would recommend Kim’s retreats to everyone. The attention to detail was superb! When I returned Kim has send through a document with everything we practised, what we ate and the links to the Mantras so I can continue these. It was just perfect! Thank you x

Colette Glassey

from Great Britain, August 2019

"Wonderful experience, highly recommended!!!"

Focus was on myself and my wife. Made to feel relaxed and welcome. Kim spent time getting to know us and understanding who we are. This made for a wonderful yoga experience. We were made to feel very special.

Mari Sugawara

from Netherlands, August 2019

"My retreat with Kim"

The retreat with Kim has been wonderful. As I arrived in the beautiful north of Ibiza at the finca which was surrounded by breath taking nature I felt so peaceful. Kim was very kind and open when I met her. She cooked an amazing nourishing diner. We ate together. Every day Kim cooked and we had breakfast diner and lunch together over real conversations. And she cooks so delicious, exactly the foods I love!

I felt the retreat to be so personal. It was exactly what I needed.

The different meditations, yoga, chakra healing, Dosha. I have learned so many new things about what I can do for my mind body and soul.

Kim really took the time for me every day to make the retreat as personal as possible, I was amazed by her energy and how much love, thought and time she put in to the retreat. It was custom made. She really listened and made me feel at home. We also did yoga on the beach, under this amazing magical tree and went to see the beautiful sunset at Benniras. There was also some free time which was also very nice. It was balanced.

I received a whole report about what we did and what I can do in the future, about food, meditation, yoga etc. I use it every day.

After 4 days I could really feel I had healed a little bit more. I have not felt as peaceful as this in a long time.

Thank you Kim for this was truly a gift.

Sat Nam Mari

Nadia Augustyns Augustyns

from Belgium, November 2020

"Onverwachte spirituele reis."

Kim heeft alles zó goed begeleid.

Waardevolle oefeningen en tools meegekregen om thuis onze reis verder te zetten.

Een meerwaarde om de de verbinding in je relatie te versterken.

De locatie bij Kim is een paradijs van rust .

Daardoor beleef je de retreat nog intenser .

Josja Zijlstra

from Netherlands, June 2020

"Mooie yoga ervaring met een berg aan extra informatie"

Kim geeft niet alleen goed les, ze geeft ook enorm veel informatie mee over kundalini yoga, chakra's, Ayurveda etc. Een wereld aan informatie om thuis verder mee te gaan. Ze ligt het ook nog allemaal vast in een fantastisch document aan het eind van je verblijf, inclusief linkjes naar allerlei sites met informatie, meditaties en oefeningen. Kortom, ongelofelijk veel meegekregen in een paar dagen!

Carla Cunha

from Portugal, June 2020

"Entrer dans le Moi profond"

Tout était parfait, l'accueil, le temps disponibilisé, les cours de Yoga et méditation avec Kim m'ont permis de me ressourcer complètement !

Quelle gentillesse!

Toujours disponible et à l'écoute!

Kim a une grande et bel âme,

Aussi belle à l'intérieur qu'à l'extérieur.

J'y retournerais sans aucun doute!


Lotte Sloothaak

from Netherlands, September 2019

"Boven verwachting!! Lees m'n recensie over mijn ervaring :) "

In NL volg ik vinyasa en ashtanga en ik wilde echte een verdieping op hetgeen wat ik al doe. Ik zat verder prima in mn vel en wist wat ik nodig had, namelijk klein groepje en een andere yoga vorm dan die ik al ken. De retreat van Kim voldeed aan die voorkeuren en na het bekijken van de foto's en lezen van de beschrijving dacht ik, ja dit is m. Op mn gevoel gekozen! In de voorafgaande communicatie had Kim duidelijke en concrete antwoorden en ook zodanig dat het toegankelijk bleef om vragen te stellen. Ik had gekozen voor twee extra nachten en voor ophaal service. Bruno, man van Kim had me opgehaald en eenmaal bij de accommodatie werd ik ontvangen door de eigenaresse van het verblijf. De volgende dag spraken kim en ik af en tijdens het intakegesprek merkte ik al meteen: Kim heeft een prettige benadering en ze komt dichtbij. Ik ben zelf psycholoog van beroep en vond het verfrissend om op een andere manier naar mezelf te kijken. De insteek van Kim paste precies in wat ik zocht. De yogadagen waren echt als een verrijking. Kim zocht steeds de aansluiting/afstemming tov het proces wat leidde tot verdieping en vergroten van zelfkennis, dus bewustwording. Dit is ook hetgeen wat ik heb ervaren en geleerd van de retreat: zoeken naar constante afstemming met mezelf (dmv de yoga practice, de technieken), bewust worden van mn eigen proces, bewust worden van mijn eigen zijn, en dan doen wat op dat moment passend is!! Dus ik raad de retreat van Kim echt aan!

Audrey Petoud

from Switzerland, August 2019

"amazing private retreat, wonderful experience with Kim "

I highly recommend this private retreat. Kim is a wonderful kundalini teacher and a beautiful human person, outside and inside!

Even if I had never really done kundalini before, she explains everything perfectly well. I felt confident with her. She loves what she is doing and she is so professional. She took time for you, listens wonderfully and write a long note at the end of the sessions so I can apply all the exercices after at home. She gave me the music, the mantras and also what food a need to bring me the serenity I need in my life. I felt amazing after those 3 days with her.

I offered myself the most beautiful gift!


from Netherlands, June 2019

"Kundalini retreat Ibiza "

Kim is een ontzettend lieve host. Ze is vrolijk en doet er alles aan om je een zo mooi mogelijke tijd te geven. En dat heeft ze grandioos gedaan! Ze had een programma op maat gemaakt, adhv een vragenlijst die ik van tevoren moest invullen. Ze heeft een prettige manier van les geven, en is flexibel als blijkt dat het programma beter nog aangepast kan worden. Het eten dat ze maakt is verrukkelijk. De accommodatie is mooi, er hangt een goede sfeer, en het is rustig. Leuke bijkomstigheid is dat we naar de drumcirkel op het strand van Benirras zijn geweest, dat was een aangename afwisseling met het yoga-/meditatie programma.

Sebastiaan Van Gennep

from United States, June 2019

"Top retreat op een top locatie"

De locatie zal zonder pinpositie lastig te vinden zijn, maar als je er dan bent kom je in een oase van rust. Heel mooi gebied om te wandelen en te ontspannen. En natuurlijk ideaal voor de yoga en meditatie. Als suikerfan was het wel even wennen aan het gezonde eten, maar alles was verrassend smaakvol. Het gepersonaliseerde programma was intensief maar erg prettig. Bedankt voor alles.