Sandra Van Olmen from Wellness and Beach Yoga offers a "Fit 4 Life" retreat that restores your inner self believes in its truest potential.

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Sandra Van Olmen

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Nicky Walker

from United Kingdom, August 2019

"Awesome and unexpected experience "

The retreat was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. It was a refreshing mix of yoga and mindful self awareness with buckets of consideration and kindness delivered by Sandra and her daughter. A word of warning though, this isn’t ideal for the rigid minded or those die hard yogis- it will make you consider your own practice and grow as long as you leave your inhibitions at the door. That coupled with great accommodation, food and fun activities such as group SUP, cycling and digeridoo, this is one not to miss. Thanks Sandra, I’ll be back soon

Louise Eaves

from United Kingdom, August 2019

"5 Day Yoga Retreat in Mallorca"

I spent 5 days at the Apartment in Can Pastilla at the end of July 2019. I can say, without hesitation, these were the most relaxing, invigorating and enlightening days of any yoga retreat I have experienced. The apartment was perfectly located; directly in front of the beach, local tavernas, shops, marina, watersports, etc, literally on your doorstep. The airport was only a 10 minute taxi ride and there wasn't any real need for hiring a car unless you want to travel to other areas of the island. Instead, Sandra arranged the hire of a bicycle which was great and the bike lanes around the coast were safe, extensive and beautiful.

Sandra herself is a great lady with an amazing daughter, Indyra, who also participated in the yoga sessions. Sandra has so much life experience, knowledge and information to share. The sessions were far deeper, in terms of imparting knowledge of yoga and mindfulness, than anything I had known before. It was as though, everything practical I had previously learnt, started to make sense and had relevance to me personally and, I know, will form part of my more long term and future, yoga practice. I would thoroughly recommend this trip to those of you who are serious about yoga and mindfulness, not those who are simply using it as an excuse for a holiday, although there is much to do in your free hours which do enhance the experience yet further.


from United Kingdom, August 2019

"Charlatan shaman who didn’t know chakras (in my opinion). "

The hotel was excellent.


from Austria, July 2019

"Gratefulness - Believe in yourself again ❤️"

An amazing and beautiful life experience to connect your mind, body and soul in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. Sunshine for the soul, the sea to cleanse your body and words of encouragement, yoga and meditation for the mind. A beautiful location, a gorgeous apartment living in the most simplistic way to connect with yourself again. This is a special life experience that you will remember for the rest of your life that will put you back on your life path. Both Sandra and her daughter, Indy, are beautiful rays of light and positive energy that will guide you in the most beautiful way so that you are able to believe in and find yourself again. This is a retreat where you can truly find out who you are. Many thanks Sandra and Indy from the bottom of my heart for sharing your wisdom and guidance with me and the rest of the world. I can only say that I am very, very GRATEFUL ❣️🙏

Janet Dodson

from United Kingdom, June 2019

"Not quite what we expected"

we liked that Sandra took us to some authentic Spanish areas away from the touristy bits. She suggested some lovely authentic restaurants. This way we got to experience some of the real Majorca. We liked cycling for 2 days, the paddle board fun and the boo staff workout. The yoga work outs with her daughter were a combination of yoga, body balance and Pilates, which were fun and well delivered.


from Canada, June 2019

scenery, environment in Majorca.

Samantha Ayers

from Switzerland, June 2019

"A spiritual experience "

This yoga retreat will take you on a spiritual journey. It will make you confront your shortcomings and embrace your strengths. I loved the small intimate group and the individual attention.

Richard Cobbold

from United Kingdom, May 2019

"Sandra Van Olmen Yoga Retreat Mallorca"

A very enthusiastic teacher and obviously a kind person.Took the trouble to organise some extra rather unusual activities ( didgeridoo and bo staff lessons ) as well as hiking and cycling in between the yoga instruction ( Sandra am and her daughter pm )

I really enjoyed my few days in Mallorca.


from United Kingdom, May 2019

"Not really a yoga retreat!"

All in all we had a great trip, but I think that was mainly because we got really lucky with our group. We were a group of 7 women, 5 ladies who came as a group and 2 women (including myself) who came on their own. We were so lucky the group were friendly, warm and welcoming and we all got on like a house on fire. Had it not been, it may have been a different trip. Mallorca is stunning, the hotel was good, with an indoor and outdoor pool and really good food, plenty of choice.

It's the yoga part that was missing - we were all disappointed about the lack of yoga on this 'yoga retreat.'

Another thing to mention is that Sandra has a very strong personality and can sometimes come across quite abrupt. I found myself trying not to anger her! Before I arrived I had quite a few questions as my plans changed a few times, and at first Sandra was very helpful but at one point she snapped, got very angry in her email and I feel that she made a wrong judgement about me. I was very taken aback, and had I not already booked my flights I may have cancelled. I was actually very upset to receive such an unprofessional email from her - like most people I'd booked a yoga trip for something to look forward to, and to de-stress. It set a very different tone to the trip.

While we were there on the trip I felt that she made quite a few judgements about us all without actually getting to know us much - however she felt that she could read us with pendulum readings and her knowledge as a Shaman.

Caroline Odonovan

from United Kingdom, April 2019

"spiritual yoga retreat"

the spread of alternative activities

Aida Kolonic

from Sweden, February 2019

"Amazing experience "

We liked everything 😊. Location, food, sun, people, but mostly yoga lesson and hanging with Sandra and her daughter and their dog. We received so much from them! Great energy! We went home totally fulfilled with love wisdom and piece! 🙏 Experience for a life time!

Chiara Luise

from Italy, November 2018


The location, the teacher, the quality of lessons, the accomodation, the weather, it was all PERFECT. More than I expected since it was the first time for me to join such kind of experience. Nice and important also to add sport activities to yoga and meditation on the beach.ù

Sandra and Indy are 2 Amazing women.. thank you from the heart

Samantha Drozdziol

from United Kingdom, October 2018

"Wow i definitely recommend this retreat "

Wow what can i say. i loved the whole trip. Hotel was amazing the location was stunning and Sandra the instructor just made things perfect. She has taught me new things and brushed up on the old things. i know where i am in life now and know where i want to be.The stories Sandra shared with us really moved my soul and i'm so lucky to have been part of that. The meditation sessions and yoga with the sunset, i have never experienced anything like it . I have made some amazing new friends and i can't wait to go back next year.


from United States, October 2018

"Yoga retreat "

It was a great opportunity to try new things and meet new people. There was enough free time during the day to explore or relax. Sandra’s daughter took some lovely classes and they worked well with the meditation sessions. Overall it was very good value for money.


from Guatemala, October 2018

"Yoga Retrear in a Paradise"

I really liked mix of practicing yoga and doing other activities in the middle of the nature and at the same time every activity Sandra teach had a reason why we were learning it and the different meditations

I loved the experience of practicing yoga in the water

Kat Joad

from United States, October 2018

"Wonderful time"

Sandra was great, her positive energy was infectious. We learnt so much from her and her practice. We also loved our time with Indie who has a special serene manner and a beautiful aura around her. It was fantastic to learn new things and to understand the self-healing techniques required and the awreness to our chakras.

Mona Skaret

from Norway, October 2018

"A perfect Yoga retreat for the curious and open minded"

I loved that we were active all day and get to try different things from deep meditation and chacra reading to bicycling, playing didgeridoo, paddle board and bo staff shanolin, in addition to classical yoga (usually in the sand/on the beach). We shared magical moments almost alone at the beach during morning session and watching the sun go down on Saturday. Thank you som much for that! Of course the great variation of activities also means you are not able to go deep into one theme, but rather get a small taste of everything, which I personally enjoyed.

Debbie Mclean

from United States, September 2018

"Overall a good experience "

The location is stunning and I really enjoyed the calming energy. Sandra gave really good guidance and insight and is very passionate about what she does. Cycling around the city was a highlight.

Sue Shaw

from United States, September 2018

"Varied and informative "

Meditation and yoga on the beach very informative.

Paddle boarding and cycling activities were good to experience too.


from Canada, September 2018

The location was good, close to beach, shops and restaurants. The bike rental place was right across from the hotel and beside it a little corner store to buy water, sunscreen or other things. My experience was that the instructor and her daughter who was also teaching, both cared about what they did, they seemed joyful and authentic in sharing their knowledge with us. I experienced that it was coming from a place of love.

Holly Cassidy

from United Kingdom, August 2018

"Amazing First Yoga Retreat"

This yoga retreat turned out to be everything and more. Alot more meditation than I anticipated but Sandra is truely an amazing human full of wisdom and knowledge. She really dedicates the retreat to you as an individual which makes this retreat so special. I came back to the UK with even more than I had hoped for. Thank you Sandra for an amazing unique experience.

Cristina Errico

from United States, August 2018

"Great Experience"

The teacher Sandra carefully chose the number and type of the participants in order to provide a valuable course indeed we were 6 in a balanced group made by people with a quite similar level of yoga and with different and synergich experiences. It had been an honor for me to know Sandra, Indi and these people. We did yoga and biking and others activities with a very well personalized and structured program. The teacher had been also able to adapt the program to our needs that we express as group. We had also an additional yoga course for all the 3 days with another yoga instructor - Indi - which gave us different exercises aligned with the level of the group. Every activity in the program had been chosen carefully by Sandra and Indi in order to provide us valuable experiences and insights to use also after the course when we are at home. The hotel mentioned in the program is in front of the beach and close to the city and the airport so we did also nice walks at the end of the day.Sandra had a long experience as guide and yoga teacher developed in several countries and also with different associations and people. She also wrote different inspirational books as part of her path and she does and did many charity activities as coaching support for an agonistic swimming team This great knowledge based on her own experience and studies with so different people in so many countries is a unique Treasure which makes this course a fantastic opportunity of grothw

Rada Chugay

from Germany, August 2018

"A wonderful and inspiring experience"

This was the first retreat in my life and I could never imagine it could be so powerful and inspiring. Sandra is a wonderful teacher and instructor, she shared her knowledge and expierences with us with an open heart and all our activities on the beach and other activities during the day were just amazing. I learned more than I could imagine and I feel balanced and much more conscious now. Mallorca's surroundings are very beautiful and its vibe is enchanting. I was traveling solo and felt very comfortable with the rest of the group, we were very connected with each other. I had the most incredible time during this retreat and I will definitely be back!

Mel Reason

from United Kingdom, August 2018

This experience was amazing in so many ways. The location was gorgeous. I made good friends here. The activities were such fun. Sandra led us on a voyage of self empowerment , as well as teaching yoga. A holiday I will never forget!

Diane Brown

from United Kingdom, July 2018

"Yoga and activities mini break in Mallorca "

Yoga/meditation instruction. Variety of additional fun activities (cycling, paddle boarding, didgeridoo).

Itinder Kaur

from United Kingdom, July 2018

"Great experience "

Location, retreat and stay better than expected

Lucie Ingram

from United Kingdom, July 2018


Freedom, time to think and reflect, like-minded people, yoga with the sand in between your toes, sharing stories and experiences, delicious food, constant sunshine, beautiful sound of the ocean, mindful meditation, beach life, fantastic hotel, wind through your hair as you cycle, chakra teachings, sunset digeredoo jam session, paddle boarding alone on the waves, walking and talking watching the stars, moments of revelation...SANDRA (thank you wonderful inspirational lady!)

Susan Pengilley

from United Kingdom, June 2018

"An Enlightening and Fun 4 days"

Sandra is a truly inspirational lady. I came away from my short time with her with a renewed belief in myself and humankind. The yoga is a lot more spiritual than I am used to and it opened up a whole new outlook to me.

The energy and love of life that Sandra has is truly contagious which re awoke my inner child and helped me understand more who I am and why I am that person.

Trying to learn the didgeridoo was an absolute scream (and impossible to do with the giggles :-) )

I also loved the free time, I hired an old bike and spent time cycling along the coastline stopping off for a dip when I fancied it and just sitting by the beautiful clear waters.

Tamso Doyle

from Ireland, June 2018

"Food for the soul"

I loved Mallorca and yoga on the beach was really uplifting with the sounds of the waves and great light... I needed so little (no yoga mat, etc), 2 yoga sessions a day (inc chakra reading, paddle boarding, etc). Sandra is a inspirational and strong person and her daughter Indi is lovely too - a gentle soul. I enjoyed the experience and have returned refreshed and with more calm... I think you get what you want from it.

Rita Muldoon

from United Kingdom, May 2018


The guided meditation sessions were wonderful and the variety of adding in the other activities such as the bike ride and didgeridoo lesson really added to the whole experience. Sandra and her daughter Indy were really good fun and truly inspiring. An unforgettable experience and thoroughly enjoyed by myself and my husband.

Helen Forbes

from United Kingdom, May 2018

"Yoga on the beach"

I really wanted to do yoga on the beach (it was on my bucket list) and this didn't disappoint. Loved gazing out to sea during the sessions and the emphasis on being at one with nature. The guided meditations were excellent. Sandra was able to identify in each of us what we needed to grow and helped support us with the learning. The hotel is only a minutes walk from the beach.

Rachel Dove

from United States, April 2018

"Awesome experience"

Excellent location with all your needs catered for.

Sandra & her daughter Indie have truly embraced the yoga philosophies. They both wish to enlighten your life and help you fulfil, enhance and broaden your life.

This has been a truly fun & joyful experience.

We would definitely return as Sandra has so much to offer.

Huge thanks to you both, we have left smiling.

Ilaria Giordano

from Italy, April 2018

"wonderful experience with Sandra"

I loved Sandra! The mediation with her is a wonderful wonderful experience!she is very positive and creative! we did so many different things and we never got bored. I recommend Sandra. I also had a wonderful group of people there with me, we did not know each other but we connected so well and lived the experience the best possible way!

Judith Stradling

from United Kingdom, April 2018

The meditation on the beach

Kay O'mahony

from Ireland, October 2017

"I will return "

Perfect for a solo traveler that has a good fitness level and loves the outdoors. cycling, sunrise yoga, inspiration, reflections, meeting like minded people while re conecting with yourself led by a powerful lady - that is Sandra

Kelly Pretty

from United Kingdom, October 2017

"Excellent retreat but not just for Yoga"

The location was incredible and I loved the fact that there was a lot of meditation, self reflection and healing involved. Sandra is very interesting and I learnt a lot. If you are just looking for a yoga retreat and to get fit and healthy then this isn’t the place for you this is for someone looking to broaden their horizons spiritually and that was my intention so it was perfect for that.


from Denmark, October 2017

Edwin Medina

from United States, October 2017

"Simply Life Changing"

Like is definitely an understatement when describing my experience with Sandra. I loved the environment created by Sandra, I loved how we were treated, I loved how intimate the yoga/meditation was, and I loved how I felt like I was part of a family. I made three new life long friends in Sandra, her daughter and my partner which I met on this retreat. I definitely didn't feel like it was a retreat. I felt like it was a glorious experience that will ever make Mallorca my favourite place in the universe. Namaste.

Claire Lewis

from Australia, October 2017

"This retreat is authentic, insightful & uplifting!"

Choosing a yoga and meditation retreat is not easy, but lucky you, you have found the ONE! I didn't know what to expect as it was my first retreat, I have always enjoyed practicing yoga but never had much success with meditation. Sandra is one incredible woman who is 100% authentic and has an incredible way of connecting with people and explaining things. I enjoyed every moment of my 4 days at her lovely home and on the beautiful beaches at the picturesque north end of Mallorca. I hired a car so it allowed me to go out exploring one afternoon with another guest and we had an amazing time visiting all of Sandra's suggestions.

It would take too long to list all the great experiences I had, so in summary, during and after the retreat I feel so much lighter as I let go of a lot of baggage from a toxic job, more conscious and connected with my thoughts and feelings, energised to get back into my life and get more out of it, confidence and strength to keep on pursuing my dreams, and very aware and certain of who I am and what is important to me. Sandra has a way of bringing all of this out and I feel so amazing for having had this experience. Don't hesitate, just book! :)

Linda Gerdin

from Sweden, August 2017

This was a profound experience and I am a better person for having been in Can Picafort with Sandra and co. You are among my loved ones now.

Akbal Kaur

from United Kingdom, August 2017

"An incredible experience!"

My experience with Sandra was above and beyond my expectations. I have learnt so much about myself and Sandra has given me some incredible tools that I can use to help me in life. The yoga and meditation on the beach in the mornings and evenings was profound; even more profound was our visit to the Monastery.

She has a beautiful heart and is doing a great service for humanity. I feel blessed and grateful to have had the experience.

Also, Sandra's daughter is a beautiful light who took great care of the guest with so much love and heart. Thank you to you both xx


from United States, July 2017

This was a unique life experience unlike any other yoga retreat I could possibly imagine. Sandra is a very strong individual who lives and breathes life with a rawness, passion, honesty and intensity I have never come across before. She teaches from her life experiences, study and finely honed intuition, which she uses to help guide her as a healer. She sees humans as individuals traveling in different stages upon parallel journeys. The best thing I could say about this retreat is that it inspired a diverse group of women to share heartfelt life experiences with one another in a positive and enriching way.

Nastassja Smart

from United Kingdom, July 2017

"A million thank-yous"

Sandra, I thank the moon and the stars for the crossing of our paths. United with a group of strong, intelligent and beautiful Amazonians, we opened our hearts and our minds to the endless possibilities and mysteries that nature has to offer. I am taking what I have learnt from you and shall continue my search inwards, while eminating my love outwards. I am looking forward to our future encounters. Thank you Sandra, thank you to you all!

Lena Korneli

from Germany, May 2019

"Amazing Experience "

Sandra's long and broad experience of the topics yoga, self healing and personal characteristics.

She is extremly customer oriented and responsive - because she's committed to bring her know-how to the participants.

Really valuable yoga retreat!


from United States, April 2019

"Retraite très spirituelle"

Activités variées et cadre magnifique, très bon hôtel.


from United States, March 2019

"Una experiencia inolvidable "

El retiro fue más de lo esperado, yo esperaba clases con horarios determinados, cualquier tipo de restricción... pero no definitivamente Sandra te invita a ser tu a explorar desde lo que eres... y nada más

Judith Kühlenthal

from United States, February 2019


Die vier Tage mit Yoga, Meditation und anderen sportlichen Aktivitäten haben mir gut gefallen und gut getan.

Empfehlenswert für jede/n, der/die eine kurze Auszeit vom Alltag suchen.

Sandra und ihre Tochter sind einfühlsame Betreuerinnen mit einem großen Wissen über Yoga und das Leben.


from United States, January 2019

"A wonderful experience"

I really loved the yoga retreat with Sandra and her daughter. They are both amazing! The retreat is not only focused on yoga but the great thing is that you experience a lot of things and learnings. The hotel was also nice and I met Sandra or Indira every morning and afternoon and enjoyed with them yoga on the beach, SUP, pilates, guided meditations and a lot more. We event went to a monastery and did yoga there. I would like to highlight that Sandra adapts the retreat to the people who is there and their needs and if you are open to learn and try new things this will be awesome. She is sharing her learnings with you all the time and it's amazing all that she can teach. It has been a wonderful experience for me and I came back with new learnings, more relaxed, more healthy and with an unforgettable experience.

Maria Isabel Garcia Duran

from United States, August 2018


Son extra sensibilité, son enthousiasme et sa générosité.

Alina Kolmakova

from Spain, May 2018

"Wonderful experience with Sandra"

4 days retreat with Sandra was amazing, really enjoyed it! I would recommend it to anyone who would like to disconnect and enjoy yoga & meditation classes, beautiful nature, see, biking and spending time with nice people! Sandra is a very light and intresting person with a strong energy, who can teach you a lot. Her daughter Indi is also super nice and caring! We had a small group and that was definitely a plus as the approach was so personal. I am very grateful for this wonderful experience.

Gracias <3

Petra Lustenberger

from United States, April 2018

"Sandra is a spiritual master. "

I wouldn't call it a typical retreat. The focus is on meditation and self recognition.

Sandra is direct and will soon see your potential.She gives you many impulses to work on your self.

The Yogalessons are very little. So if you are open and curious to go new ways then you will enjoy it and you will have aso a lot of fun.

thank you Sandra for the way you taught, it has touched me. Lilian

Cornelia Roth

from Switzerland, April 2018

"a good experience, - even if not according to expectation"

I came there with a totally open mind, it was a last second decision to go, did not inform myself a lot and had enough other plans on what I wanted to do on that Island.

so for me it was "ok" - whatever would happen. Sandra is a SUPER Interesting Person and sharing her life Story. I am always open to get to know new People and experiences from others - so that part I liked a lot.

we were only 2 Persons in the camp, a bit strange but my colleague was SO NICE and I am grateful to get to know her too!

So even tough my Review might appear "negative" - it is all about what you make out of it (anything), thats clear. But if you ask me to rate, then thats what I have to say.

Elisabeth Hulik

from Switzerland, October 2017

With Sandra's soft Yoga classes directly on the beach, the meditaions and talks we did together I really got the chance to calm down and gain more energy for myself.

It was such a great atmosphere and I felt very comfortable during my entire stay.

I can recommend this retreat to anyone who wants to do some self-Reflexion, easy Yoga and wants to get in touch with nature.

I am very thankful for those days and that I met Sandra and her wonderful daughter Indy because both of them are very interesting and inspiring People!!!



from Germany, July 2017

Die Lage des Hotel ist sehr gut schnell vom Flughafen zu erreichen. Zimmer sehr sauber und neu. Wer einen kurzen Trip nach Palma machen möchte und nicht die Abgeschiedenheit sucht ist hier richtig. Sandra macht sehr gute Anleitungen zur Meditation und kennt sich perfekt mit Chakralesungen aus und kann dies auch gut erklären und wiedergeben. Die Meditationen werden mit leichten Yogaübungen ausgeführt. Wer hier ein straffes 90 minütiges yogaprogramm erwartet ist nicht richtig. Wer jedoch Meditation lernen möchte bzw dies vertiefen möchte kommt hier voll auf seine Kosten. Man kann evtl in der Beschreibung mehr hervorheben das die Meditation mehr im Vordergrund steht. Ich habe auf jedenfall was mitgenommen das ich auch gut umsetzen kann. Leute die einen Kurztrip suchen und nicht die völlige Ruhe und Abgeschiedenheit , die Ihre Meditationen vertiefen möchten, mehr über Chakren lernen möchten sind hier richtig. Es ist auch zu erwähnen, das man im Hotel gut schlafen kann, es ist Ruhe und nicht die ganze Zeit Lärm.

Jacqueline De Bruijn

from Netherlands, June 2017

"Sandra op Mallorca geeft géén yoga !!!"

De andere 2 dames waren prima gezelschap.


from Spain, August 2019

"Absolutely loved every minute!"

It was so much more than I expected.

Sandra is such an example on how we can still grow in confidence and self awareness. Her reading showed me a map of life and I now understand myself better. I am still processing all that I learned these passed days.

Her daughter has such a gentle and caring personality and her classes made my backside rounder! thanks Indy!

The apartment has all the basic needs and the most exquisite views. We had the moon shimmering on the water and didn’t even wanted to go to bed. I stayed hours listing to the sound of the ocean and there are restaurants enough for our lunch. The breakfast and dinner buffet at the hotel nearby was perfect,..I am vegan and had a great choice each day(I ate too much)!

I loved the bike ride along the coast which was very safe.

...I will be back with my sister next time!

Sandra, I can’t thank you enough for the gift you offered me. I feel I am in the right direction again,..towards self love 💕

Caroline Legendre

from Geneva,

I truly enjoyed the 4 days spent at Riva del Garda for the Mastery wellness and Chi yoga retreat. First thing obvious is the location: Riva del Garda is a beautiful place, breathtaking at first sight of the lake and then it's so pleasant to be surrounded by the serenity of the lake and the mountains. Plus Sandra, the organizer and yoga teacher, brought us to the most pretty places to practice yoga, ride a bike, have lunch or a mastery class so that we could even more appreciate the location, and benefit from it. Then what made the magic of it is the encounter with Sandra, who gave each participants the opportunity of a true and meaningfully encounter even on a few days. I realized it's a precious gift not so frequent to really meet someone who share generously his or her life experience in a way that may benefit those who listen. Finally I enjoyed the yoga class and teaching about Chakra, I mostly retain a new opening on how to enjoy life and people encounters but that would be a different experience for each participants I think. Thank you Sandra, I went back to work energized after the retreat.