Spiritual energy healing and guidance. Body, mind, and soul maintenance. Ideal for those who want to work on a thorough, complete and lasting healing of their spiritual body, chakras and energies.

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Jean du Plessis

Steffi Caruana

Adele du Plessis

Reviews (3)

Dianne Baxter

from Australia, June 2018

"Worthwhile considering if looking to understand yourself"

A very good program to learn about spiritual energy and chakras

Arushi Sharma

from Indonesia, January 2018

"A life-changing week"

I had been keen to go to Siem Reap for a long time and when I came across the retreat from Wayist Centre, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Leading up to the retreat, Adele shared detailed information about things to do in Siem Reap and daily activities of the retreat itself.

Once I arrived, the accommodation was way better than anticipated. The area of Siem Reap that the centre is located in is great since it is next to the river and just far enough from the tourists. You're free in the evenings to do what you want and there's no diet restrictions or anything, so there's enough time and opportunities to shop and check out the sights.

The retreat itself was nothing short of life changing. The centre has beautiful gardens and lovely spaces to sit and relax in. You can feel the positive energy the moment you step in. Jean and Adele are not only experts in energy work and healing, but also in Cambodian spiritual history. This makes the spiritual tour of the temples led by Adele a definite highlight. This week also gave me the opportunity to look inward and reflect on my life so far and how to move forward. What I also loved about the retreat is that there is a focus on teaching us about the body, soul and spirit apart from the practical energy work being done.

All in all, I can't recommend this place enough. Thank you, Jean and Adele!

George Russell

from Malaysia, December 2017

"A week you won't regret !!!!!"

For a long time going to siem reap has been high on my bucket list of places I had to go , it is such a special place I thought where better to do a retreat, but I wanted to do something more than just yoga /meditation ( which u can find everywhere worldwide) , I wanted something that worked with energy and spiritually too. I was looking a few months b4 my planned trip, I kept getting drawn to Wayism Centre , which although wasn't the cheapest going it seemed to pack a lot of diffent things into the week , so I took a leap of faith and booked it . Best decision I ever made , it was a life changing experience , I could not fault the staff at the centre in both there friendly/ relaxed attitude but also in the level of their various expertise. There was also a lot of hidden extras included in the package and having finished the week I view it as very good value for money, the food provided during the day was beautiful and the accomadation included close by was better than I expected . There knowledge of the temples and the area around is astounding and they were extremely helpful in organising outside trips and giving advice . Also the whole ethos of the centre is very relaxed , go enjoyed yourself in the evening and u don't have to stick to any diet for the week (which I assumed it wouldn't be ), Just do it !!!