Spiritual energy healing and guidance. Body, mind, and soul maintenance. Ideal for those who want to work on a thorough, complete and lasting healing of their spiritual body, chakras and energies.

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Jean du Plessis

Steffi Caruana

Adele du Plessis

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Dianne Baxter

from Australia, June 2018

"Worthwhile considering if looking to understand yourself"

A very good program to learn about spiritual energy and chakras

Arushi Sharma

from Indonesia, January 2018

"A life-changing week"

I had been keen to go to Siem Reap for a long time and when I came across the retreat from Wayist Centre, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Leading up to the retreat, Adele shared detailed information about things to do in Siem Reap and daily activities of the retreat itself.

Once I arrived, the accommodation was way better than anticipated. The area of Siem Reap that the centre is located in is great since it is next to the river and just far enough from the tourists. You're free in the evenings to do what you want and there's no diet restrictions or anything, so there's enough time and opportunities to shop and check out the sights.

The retreat itself was nothing short of life changing. The centre has beautiful gardens and lovely spaces to sit and relax in. You can feel the positive energy the moment you step in. Jean and Adele are not only experts in energy work and healing, but also in Cambodian spiritual history. This makes the spiritual tour of the temples led by Adele a definite highlight. This week also gave me the opportunity to look inward and reflect on my life so far and how to move forward. What I also loved about the retreat is that there is a focus on teaching us about the body, soul and spirit apart from the practical energy work being done.

All in all, I can't recommend this place enough. Thank you, Jean and Adele!

George Russell

from Malaysia, December 2017

"A week you won't regret !!!!!"

For a long time going to siem reap has been high on my bucket list of places I had to go , it is such a special place I thought where better to do a retreat, but I wanted to do something more than just yoga /meditation ( which u can find everywhere worldwide) , I wanted something that worked with energy and spiritually too. I was looking a few months b4 my planned trip, I kept getting drawn to Wayism Centre , which although wasn't the cheapest going it seemed to pack a lot of diffent things into the week , so I took a leap of faith and booked it . Best decision I ever made , it was a life changing experience , I could not fault the staff at the centre in both there friendly/ relaxed attitude but also in the level of their various expertise. There was also a lot of hidden extras included in the package and having finished the week I view it as very good value for money, the food provided during the day was beautiful and the accomadation included close by was better than I expected . There knowledge of the temples and the area around is astounding and they were extremely helpful in organising outside trips and giving advice . Also the whole ethos of the centre is very relaxed , go enjoyed yourself in the evening and u don't have to stick to any diet for the week (which I assumed it wouldn't be ), Just do it !!!

Chantale Schwind

from Switzerland,

What I experienced is beyond words.

With supportment and compassion, Anna and Jean opened us forgotten doors.

Overwhelming opportunity of spiritual growth - so long as your open and allow yourself with full faith to be borne by the flow of life and then discover all the doors. ( :

It will be an intensive time - many lessons in our school of life have to be learnt but with no doubt, it's all worth it!

Elisabetta Zupan

from United Kingdom,

It is with great disappointment and dissatisfaction that I'm contacting you about the below retreat, which I have found advertised in your website and which I have consequently booked directly to attend from the 16th to the 21st of January 2017. Due to the fact that no yoga classes were offered (contrary to what's advertised) and that the yoga philosophy tutorials scheduled in the program didn't materialize, I felt compelled to terminate my experience at once for lack of consistency, organisation and professionalism.

The language used by Jean du Plessis during his one-to-one sessions is unethical and concerning, as concerning are his many references to his past and present sexual life and beliefs. I have felt uncomfortable and vulnerable trying to discuss certain private details in the name of kundalini and karma practices. The married couple organizing this retreat didn't share their professional background including qualifications and recognized accreditation which would make them legal to practice energy healing, reiki, reflexology and Chakra realignment on their guests. I found all this extremely worrying...

Wayist Spiritual Energy Center response:

Hello Eli, In your research about our Spiritual Energy Retreat and the program to which you subscribed, you must have missed the links to our bio and list of qualifications to have been doing the work we do for the past three decades. We also have that on our website. As to the optional asana yoga sessions that we offer in the evenings (clearly noted on the daily program) you never inquired about that.

It may be because you never intended to pay for the retreat, despite having been asked to do so on a number of occasions, that you now feel you missed out on things. As to the Yogi Philosophy course, you received the 18-page green-printed lecture notes entitled 'Yogi Philosophy: Path of Holistic Healing' (a 6-day course), and attended 2 lectures on Monday and Tuesday. You also received the 27-page lecture notes entitled 'The Chakras: An introductory workshop' (again a 6-day course), and attended two of the lectures. You also partook in the Ayurveda Dosha type exercise (the questionnaire about lifestyle habits) and submitted a watered-down urine sample for your Dosha type diagnosis. Additionally, in the two days that you attended you also received a full spiritual energy audit ($55), received a full body detox treatment ($30), enjoyed a full body meridian energizing and healing massage ($35), partook in the Know Your Karma assessment ($90), painted your own silk scarf ($20), enjoyed a spiritual energy excursion to a wonderful traditional silk farm and weaving operation, and a Cambodian spirituality excursion to the Neak Ta (Nature Spirit) shrine - but instructed your driver to rather go shopping at the market with your two friends because the spiritual energy did not interest you. You attended three Karman Yoga meditation sessions and two Mantra meditation sessions ($24). You paid us ONLY $100 for all of this.

We were with you from 8am in the morning to 6pm in the evening, during which time you had ample opportunity to ask questions about our qualifications and track record, however you chose to rather speak to other attendees at the retreat - people who came from far, who made the absolute most of the amazing experience and who all enjoyed great healing benefits.

Regarding the allegations of Jean’s conduct in one on one sessions, I am sorry Eli but you may have forgotten that we do not do psychotherapy, we do not do kundalini work and your throwing in of the word karma there just does not make sense. We only talk about your spiritual energies, your motivations and your choices for the way ahead. When you left here you cited reasons why you were discontent and therefore refused to pay your fees, not one of those complaints were valid. Now that you are writing a complaint, you list entirely other things. It is therefore difficult to take your complaint seriously and in the light of that, the ‘sexual language’ allegation is nothing but slanderous and defamatory.

Eli, even before the retreat started you were unhappy. We offer two choices of accommodation, affordable ($25 per day) and boutique luxury ($45 per day for 2 people sharing). On arrival you insisted on another option, in the middle between $25 and $45, we made it work for you. Nevertheless, you and your friend sharing with you paid only 50% of the deposit and arrived two days in a row without money to pay for the retreat - unlike the other people who came here to learn something and gain the healing experience this retreat offers. In the end, you were successful in receiving all the above-mentioned benefits and experiences for two days and paid us only $100 for all of that.