WAYA stands for Welcome As You Are. We believe that yoga unites and heals; individuals, and through them, the world. We want to spread joy and peace of mind.

Reviews (5)

Lindsay Mulligan

from Canada, July 2018

"A relaxing getaway to open your mind and take everything in"

Cynthia and Jan are both very dedicated to what they do. They are both lovely individuals that did everything that they could to ensure a perfect retreat. I would highly recommend everyone to experience this getaway once in your lifetime.

Ingela Meerburg

from Sweden, June 2018

"Great retreat for both body and soul."

If you are looking for a trip with both internal and external experience, I highly recommend True You Yoga Retreats. This retreat was held on the outskirts of Narbonne in southern France.

It is light and easy to fly with Ryanair down to nearby Beziers. Nature and the environment are diverse and uniquely beautiful. The house is newly renovated with a gentle hand and has managed to maintain the old original style. Each room is unique with its own particular style.

The dutch couple Cynthia and Jan who runs the retreat has a passion for all things yoga and meditation. Cynthia and Jan are reputable and knowledgeable and leading groups focused and motivated. Their charisma is positive and relaxed which affects the individual and the group in a good way. Both yoga and meditation is a journey into the traditional but also a journey into the new. All workouts are well thought out and varied, with knowledge of the whole. It was served very good vegan food throughout the week of Super charming chef Jason. The food was unique for both the palate and the eye. I myself am a chef and was pleasantly surprised. In other words, everything was over the top and I congratulate those who book a retreat with True You Yoga.

Maria Brehmer

from Switzerland, October 2018

"Everything was just amazing"

This place is just beautiful. This old gite has so much charme and ambiance, but is renovated very modern and stylish. The pools! So nice. The yoga classes in the shadow of the trees was just so relaxing and peaceful. And the food from Jason was very delicious - and looked like on Instagram. I would love to do that a second time next year.

Zobida Bahuch

from United States, July 2018

"All your senses will be pampered"

A wonderful and very special Yoga retreat in a beautiful location with great teachers who are well experienced and very thoughtful. The Sivananda yoga practice is so helpful to get access to a complete mode of relaxation, connection and excercise. Yoga Nidra in the evening was a revealing new relaxation experience for me. It was nice to have the little lectures in Yoga philosophy which helped to emerge completely into the process of yoga&meditation practice. Vegan food - cooked by the incredibly talented chef Jason - was such a delicious experience - both for health as well as for the eyes! The location is just magnificent and reminds you every second that you are in South France with all its beauty.

Josephine Concas

from France, June 2018