Wave & Dance offers a Swiss-Moroccan lifestyle retreat camp holiday experience with a professional way to approach surf, dance and yoga as a daily sport life.

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8 Days Tamraght Bellydance and Yoga Holiday in Morocco

Nov | Dec | Feb | Mar | Apr | Jul | Aug, 2019–2020
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8 Days Yoga Retreat in Tamraght Morocco

Nov | Dec | Feb | Mar | Apr | Jul | Aug, 2019–2020
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8 Days Wellbeing Yoga Retreat in Tamraght, Morocco

Nov | Dec | Feb | Mar | Apr | Jul | Aug, 2019–2020
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Instructors (3)

Roberta Ait Baadi

Abdelhake Ait Baadi

Irina "Selma" Wanderlust

Reviews (8)

Isabel Ford

from Great Britain, May 2017


This will be a holiday that i will never forget. I will definitely be visiting Wave & Dance again. It was a life changing experience. The hosts Roberta and Abdel really made the trip memorable. They were amazing and took great care of me. Abdel is a great surf instructor, i was a beginner when i went but left an intermediate, surfing the big green waves by the end of it. He is very attentive and explained things easily so i was able to progress quicker. He is also very thoughtful. It was my birthday the day i left, so he bought me some balloons and a cake with candles. They sung happy birthday for me and made it very special.

Roberta was really helpful and friendly and anything i needed or had a problem with she sorted out. I had water trapped in my middle ear and had to fly the next day so she gave me some distant Reiki healing and it was amazing how the pain subsided. I was able to fly home for my birthday! We are also both reiki practitioners and have the same spiritual beliefs. It was so good to meet someone like her to chat to for ages. She taught me many things and i have come away for knowledgable because of her.

The food they served was delicious. Really healthy and nutritious for the hard work in the surf each day. I like how the breakfast varies from day to day too. Abdel cooks an amazing omelette!

I heard something happened between you and Wave & Dance before i left. I was emailed a few months before explaining you no longer dealt with them anymore. I had the option to choose another company or stick with them. I believe everything happens for a reason and so i stuck with wave & dance. Im so glad that i did. I didn't ask them what had happened as its not my business but i think its a shame you no longer are dealing with them. I think its a fantastic place and i really couldn't fault them.

Lorain Groves

I want to thank you so much that you organised for me the visit to Wave and Dance in Tamraght Morocco. This was the first time as a solo traveller, I was so nervous. As soon as I arrived I felt at home, it was a lovely warm atmosphere and the other guests were friendly. The house was immaculate and the housekeeper cleaned our rooms daily and made the most amazing, healthy food. I have definitely made fantastic memories and came away feeling relaxed and healthy, which was my aim. Great food, great yoga and fantastic treatments. Roberta and Abdel were amazing hosts and I would definitely recommend this camp. I would hope to book this again with you in the future. This was the first time I used your service and again just want to say a big thank you.

Holly van Klaveren

from Netherlands,

From the beginning, Roberta and Abdel made me feel at home. Roberta is a very warm-hearted, spirited and open-minded person, and Abdel is very friendly, relaxed and sweet. They always made sure the guests felt comfortable.

The interior of the house is designed in authentic Moroccan style and a lot of love and effort has been put into it. It was very clean as well (nobody wears shoes in the house). The food was absolutely delicious; very healthy and typically Mediterranean. The quantity was also great, so you did not have to starve ;-) . The village is very quiet and traditional, located near the sea. There were a lot of activities in the area, and living there was not at all expensive.

I learned a lot from the bellydance classes, as it was very intensive and Roberta put her heart and soul into it. I did not just learn more technique and choreographies, but also the history of bellydance, the positioning of the body, breathing, expression and relaxation. The yoga classes really complemented the dance classes. Every yoga class had a different theme and was very inspiring. Sometimes the classes were held on the roof top, which was really nice. In the evening, the starry sky was amazing.

I had such a good time that I am definitely going back as soon as possible. I would recommend Wave & Dance to everyone who loves the sea, dancing, and meeting new people. It is also very suitable for people who are not purely looking for a place to sleep, but would love to stay in a traditional house, have more personal contact and learn about Moroccan culture.


I loved my staying at Roberta and Abdel's place for so many reasons and just thinking about it makes me want go back there straight away. The house was very nice and clean and after few days it really felt like being at home, but with a large roof-terrace with a stunning vista of the ocean, which it was just beautiful. The food was super gnummy and there was always plenty of it, it was a great combination of traditional Moroccan cuisine with a little hint of European touch, I loved it! And also Roberta's selection of herbal teas was a real treat and I really appreciated.

The Yoga classes took places on the terrace and I absolutely loved every moment of them, the teacher was very professional and passionate about yoga and she really made this experience excellent. I also liked the location very much, because it was not just close to the beach, but also to some villages around, and being able to visit them gave me the opportunity to experience more of the interesting and beautiful Moroccan culture. And then I loved the atmosphere, friendly and relaxed, in the end I didn't just find another guesthouse to stay, I found good friends to come back to.


from Denmark,

I cannot recommend Wave & Dance to anyone, unless you are really looking for discontinuity and discomfort. The place does not live up to what they promise in the advertisement. The place is messy and not clean, the rooms are not what they look like in the pictures. Some of the other participants slept in rooms with no windows! The place is worn down, and even rigtig after cleaning it was filthy. The lady who was cleaning in the building we stayed in was wearing sunglasses while she was cleaning, and she was merely shifting the dirt around. Towels and linen didn’t appear clean, and it was hard to tell if someone already had slept in the bed linen before us. Towels were gross. Fortunately we had brought our own. We were there in late December and it was so cold, I had to sleep with three layers of woolen clothes and was still freezing. On request the hosts went out and bought an electrical heater which helped a lot, but the room we were staying in is not suited for receiving guests in the wintertime since the building has no heating at all. The food was okay, but the dishes were done in a way which didn’t seem hygienically safe! The door to the toilet in the building we stayed in could not be closed or locked. The yoga teacher was sweet and a good teacher, but she seemed to not be experienced enough to take proper care of beginners, and would ask students to do exercises which could give knee injuries if you are not precocious yourself (e.g. half lotus with foreward bend), without offering alternatives to those who cannot get into the posture in a safe way. Also two times 60 minutes a day is not really enough yoga if you are on a yoga retreat. Maybe its fine if your focus is surfing, but if you are serious with your yoga, this place is not for you. The hosts Roberta and Abdel were trying to meet requests from guests, but they were running behind trying to fix things which should have been there in the first place. They set up a very fine New Year's party for us. The group of people attending the retreat were absolutely wonderful people! We chose to leave the retreat after four days, even though we had paid to stay for eight days. This retreat is not worth the cost they charge for it. It turned out to be same price or even cheaper to stay at a five star luxury hotel in Agadir (Atlantic Palace). We missed the yoga, but ended up having a nice time in a clean, warm spa environment with delicious food.


I suggest to send someone as a "mystery client" to touch the reality, then compare with the description given in BookYogaRetreats and change accordingly. Yoga was great as the teacher was amazing but there was no yoga retreat there. Low attention to healthy food; smoking is a normal habit in the house, rooms are cold and humid. It is for sure a nice place to experience local life but being the only advantage, price is too high (also considering that we were asked to wash dishes every night). Abdul is kind and ready to find solutions to customers’ needs. Roberta could be much more delicate with their guests and treat them as guests. The place could be very nice if more attention had been put to cleaning, aesthetic and service. If no, the place cannot be defined as a yoga retreat. I hope this review will help to improve the standard.


from Wave & Dance,

I have to say that my yoga retreat was a unique experience. I was warmly welcomed by Roberta and Abdel. For those expecting a high-end retreat, this is not for you.

This is more of a "camp" experience. Be ready to wash the dishes and don't expect a lush room. As I didn't want to share the bathroom with all the other people in the house, I had fabulous showers up on the beautiful rooftop watching the sunset over the ocean each night. The beach is calm and I felt like I had a real getaway. The best part of this retreat for me was the INCREDIBLE yoga teacher, Aiste, who lead us in various types of classes morning and evening. It was so lovely doing yoga up on the rooftop as the sun was rising or down at the beach, feeling the fresh air. I also got very close to other guests from all over the world, friendships that I will cherish. There were plenty of fresh fruits and veggies and gorgeous tisanes offered throughout the day, as well as yummy tagines and coucous meals. However, as a holistic nutritionist, my expectations were higher than what was delivered by the "sports nutritionist chef". To sum up what was a really positive week for me, I would say, this experience is what you make it.


from London,

Wave and dance yoga retreat in Tamraght organized by Roberta and Abdal was a very nice experience. Great atmosphere, very good food and the hosts are lovely people, very patient, caring and with a great sense of humor. They really want to provide the highest standard for their guests. I loved the yoga classes. Aiste is a great teacher. Many activities to choose from, too. Highly recommended if you want to unwind in a homely atmosphere!