Wave & Dance offers a Swiss-Moroccan lifestyle retreat camp holiday experience with a professional way to approach surf, dance and yoga as a daily sport life.

Yoga Retreats (5)

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8 Days Yoga Retreat in Tamraght Morocco

April 12-19 | July 19-26 | August 23-30, 2020
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8 Days Tamraght Bellydance and Yoga Holiday in Morocco

April 12-19 | July 19-26 | August 23-30, 2020
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8 Days Wellbeing Yoga Retreat in Tamraght, Morocco

April 12-19 | July 19-26 | August 23-30, 2020
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Instructors (3)

Roberta Ait Baadi

Abdelhake Ait Baadi

Irina "Selma" Wanderlust

Reviews (3)

Isabel Ford

from Great Britain, May 2017


This will be a holiday that i will never forget. I will definitely be visiting Wave & Dance again. It was a life changing experience. The hosts Roberta and Abdel really made the trip memorable. They were amazing and took great care of me. Abdel is a great surf instructor, i was a beginner when i went but left an intermediate, surfing the big green waves by the end of it. He is very attentive and explained things easily so i was able to progress quicker. He is also very thoughtful. It was my birthday the day i left, so he bought me some balloons and a cake with candles. They sung happy birthday for me and made it very special.

Roberta was really helpful and friendly and anything i needed or had a problem with she sorted out. I had water trapped in my middle ear and had to fly the next day so she gave me some distant Reiki healing and it was amazing how the pain subsided. I was able to fly home for my birthday! We are also both reiki practitioners and have the same spiritual beliefs. It was so good to meet someone like her to chat to for ages. She taught me many things and i have come away for knowledgable because of her.

The food they served was delicious. Really healthy and nutritious for the hard work in the surf each day. I like how the breakfast varies from day to day too. Abdel cooks an amazing omelette!

I heard something happened between you and Wave & Dance before i left. I was emailed a few months before explaining you no longer dealt with them anymore. I had the option to choose another company or stick with them. I believe everything happens for a reason and so i stuck with wave & dance. Im so glad that i did. I didn't ask them what had happened as its not my business but i think its a shame you no longer are dealing with them. I think its a fantastic place and i really couldn't fault them.

Lorain Groves

I want to thank you so much that you organised for me the visit to Wave and Dance in Tamraght Morocco. This was the first time as a solo traveller, I was so nervous. As soon as I arrived I felt at home, it was a lovely warm atmosphere and the other guests were friendly. The house was immaculate and the housekeeper cleaned our rooms daily and made the most amazing, healthy food. I have definitely made fantastic memories and came away feeling relaxed and healthy, which was my aim. Great food, great yoga and fantastic treatments. Roberta and Abdel were amazing hosts and I would definitely recommend this camp. I would hope to book this again with you in the future. This was the first time I used your service and again just want to say a big thank you.