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10 Day Online 50 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training with 7 Day Interactive Live Sessions

Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Do you want to deepen your Yin yoga practice? Over a period of two long weekends, Viva La Vida Yoga will teach you everything about Yin yoga and the healing power of Yin yoga. You learn how you can guide others in Yin yoga and how you can get the most out of this yoga form for yourself. During this interactive online Yin yoga course, Viva La Vida Yoga will give you a good foundation to teach. You will discuss the history, philosophy both of the Indian way and the Taoist way. You’ll learn everything about the meridians, chakras, and the power of energy. You will discuss the anatomy of the physical body and of the energetic body. You will be looking at the various Yin poses, the use of props, difference in bodies, creating lessons, and much more. This course is suitable for both existing and future yoga teachers who want to broaden their knowledge. But this course is not only aimed at teachers. It is an interesting training for anyone who would like to know more about Yin yoga.

Meet the instructors

Ilse Marie & Jane
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  • 50-hour continuing education training
  • The course/hours count as Continuing Education hours for Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT®)
  • 35 contact hours
  • 15 non-contact hours spread over all topics
  • Certificate from Viva La Vida Lifestyle for 50 hours of Yin yoga training
  • 7 online sessions
  • Online sessions will be held over Zoom
  • Online sessions time zone: The Hague, Netherlands (GMT+2)
  • Interactive online classroom
  • A solid foundation of the theory and methodology of Yin yoga
  • Small groups in order to be able to give you personal attention
  • Comprehensive digital manual
  • Chance to have one of the teachers as a personal mentor

Yoga styles

10 days with instruction
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Pre-application requirements

It is advisable that you have experience with yoga for at least six months. You need to be in good health both physically and mentally. Injuries can be accommodated. It is also advisable for you to read the Complete Guide to Yin Yoga (The Philosophy and Practice of Yin Yoga) by Bernie Clark.

Before the course, you can talk with Viva La Vida Yoga over the phone, via email, WhatsApp concerning any questions about the course. And before you start with the course, you will have an online live video meeting with a welcome speech, introduction round. and Q&A.


The course/hours count as Continuing Education hours for Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT®). The course is recognized by Yoga Alliance as 50-hour of continuing training for Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT).

Upon completion of this yoga teacher training, students will receive a certificate from Viva La Vida Lifestyle for 50 hours of Yin yoga training. During this Covid-19 situation all online (non-contact) hours will be counted as contact hours. When you are a registered yoga teacher, you can add the 50 hours to your total hours.

How the training works

The training is in English and will be held mostly live online via Zoom, but also includes practices in your own time with pre-recorded videos. It will consist of seven five-hour days (including breaks, excluding pre-recorded videos and self-study time) spread out over a period of 10 days, beginning on Friday 19 March 2021.

You can do this training by watching the recorded sessions in your own time. A big part of the classes will be via live online video meetings. You can ask direct questions, chat, and interact. Furthermore, you will have one of the teachers as a personal mentor. You can always have a personal chat with your mentor via the phone or WhatsApp.

Timing of sessions (GMT+2)

Viva La Vida Yoga wants to be flexible with busy students who can’t make all of the set dates of the live sessions and students in different time zones. If you’re unable to participate in a live session, you may watch it later. The live online sessions will be recorded and you’ll get access to them.

Viva La Vida Yoga does ask of the students to finish the full training within three weeks. The live online sessions are also suitable for students in other time zones like Canada, the USA, Africa, and parts of Asia. If you are confused about what time it will be in your location, try the online time zone calculator.

Live online sessions are hosted in two blocks:

Block 1: Friday 19th, Saturday 20th, Sunday 21th March 2021

Block 2: Thursday 25th, Friday 26th, Saturday 27th, and Sunday 28th March 2021

Time: 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. (GMT+2) Each session will be five hours long with several breaks.

Curriculum / Course information

Yin yoga teacher training

Looking for an opportunity to take your yoga practice and teaching to a deeper place? Then this Viva La Vida Yin training immersion is something for you! This training comprehends an integral education in the practice of holistic Yin yoga, providing students in-depth knowledge of the human body, ranging from a fascia and nervous system perspective to a subtle energetic approach with meridian theory, allowing students to experience the different layers of the practice and teaching methods.

The course gives you a solid foundation of the theory and methodology of Yin yoga. You will learn how Yin yoga poses work along the body’s meridians and about the effects on the biomechanics of the body including how the poses work on the fascia and connective tissues.

You will also explore how Yin yoga works on deep energetic levels. And how you can use it to still your mind and balance your emotional body. This training will provide you with a clear understanding of the beautiful power of Yin yoga, in order to deepen your own practice, or/and to share this with your (future) students.

For who is this training?

This is training for (qualified) yoga teachers, people that want to become yoga teachers, therapists, mindfulness trainers, bodywork professionals, and all people who are interested to deepen their own practice. You will gain a thorough understanding of how to use Yin postures to balance the energetic systems of the body. In addition, you will learn complementary Qigong designed to improve to stimulate the circulatory system of the body.

The power of Yin yoga

Yin yoga is a very passive approach to yoga where you perform the majority of the poses seated on the floor or in a reclined position. The poses are held for longer periods of time, between 2 to 5 minutes and in some cases up to 20 minutes. In Yin yoga, there are around 20+ classical poses (+ variations).

Yin yoga evolves into three main different levels of understanding, relating to the three main aspects of human existence. On the physical level, Yin yoga targets bones, joints, and connective tissues. On the energetic level the practice reconnects with its roots of Taoist yoga, and uses the ancient map and modern theory of the meridians, the long holds in Yin restore harmony in the subtle body by targeting the channels that run through the connective tissues.

On the emotional/mental level the Yin approach prepares the practitioner for meditation as one of the central intentions of Yin practice is the cultivation of inner stillness. Yin yoga targets the connective tissues, such as the ligaments, fascia, bones, and the joints of the body that normally are not exercised very much in a more active style of asana practice.

Yin yoga offers deeper access to the body with the aim of lubricating and protecting the joints to make them healthier and stronger. Yin yoga is the perfect complement to the more Yang style of yoga practice. Yang yoga practices are Vinyasa flow, Ashtanga, Power yoga, and Hatha.

The main difference is that Yin yoga is very passive with poses being held for longer periods of time. Another important difference is that in Yin yoga, your muscles need to be relaxed as opposed to engaged, this is so you can work into the deeper layers of the body and move closer to the bone, an area often missed in a Yang yoga practice.

Being a more meditative form of yoga, the benefits affect both body and mind. Yin yoga poses to stimulate meridian lines and organs. Different emotions are stored in different places in the body, and when you work through the layers of the body, you work also through the layers of your emotions. Yin yoga encourages you to become aware of these stored emotions so you can begin to recognize them and release them.

Benefits of Yin yoga:

  • Lubrication and protection of joints
  • Deeper access to the body through the relaxation of muscles
  • Improves flexibility
  • Release of fascia throughout the body
  • Acupressure massage
  • Regulates energy in the body
  • Calming and balancing for the mind
  • Relaxation
  • Stress reduction and ability to release anxiety

Overview of the online Yin yoga teacher course

Content online yoga teacher training course

Learn inspiring wisdom teachings about Qi (energy) meridians and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), more about the 5 elements theory. You will do transformative meditations and you will learn how to use mudras. You will learn about fascia and Yin anatomy.

There will be inspirational talks where the Chinese philosophy meets the Indian yoga philosophy and the modern pathways of awakening. This online Yin teacher training will help you to dive deeper into stillness, openness, surrendering, relaxation, acceptance, and helps you to find balance in this fast-changing world.

You will be guided through the teaching method and sequencing of 20+ key poses in Yin yoga, and variations on these poses. You will learn postures and teach an asana practice - through a multitude of lectures, discussions, posture exploration, and posture sequencing. The curriculum includes the following:

  • 20 hours yoga technique, training, and practice
  • 10 hours teaching methodology
  • 10 hours anatomy and physiology
  • 10 hours Yoga philosophy

Please note that there will be 15-hours of non-contact hours spread over all of the topics above.

This and more you’ll learn during this Yin teacher training:

  • Yin yoga philosophy and fundamentals of energy
  • 14 meridians
  • Understand Yin yoga poses and their variations
  • Energy pathways in the body and how to get them flowing
  • The secrets of the mind-body connection
  • The power of your breath
  • How to improve your own Yin yoga practice
  • How to use the props/support correctly. How to create custom sequences
  • Target areas of each Yin yoga poses
  • Understand the 7 Chakras
  • Understand Yin yoga specific anatomy and physiology
  • How to teach a 60 to 90 minutes Yin class to anyone and at any time
  • How to teach and modify Yin yoga poses
  • Additional Restorative yoga and Qigong sessions

Module 1: Discover ancient secrets - History and philosophy

  • History of Yin yoga (Modern lineage of Yin yoga and Yin yoga in the ancient scriptures)
  • Philosophy of Yin yoga: Yin intentions and the Tattvas of the Yin practice. (The principles and qualities of the practice)
  • Inquire into the Taoist wisdom
  • Yin/Yang theory (Taoist theory and the principles of Yin and Yang - how they are applied to yoga)
  • Patañjali analysis of yoga (“Yoga Citta Vritti Nirodhah”)
  • 5-Element theory: Water-Wood-Earth-Fire-Metal elements (Relation and function of Zhang and Fu organs to each element)
  • General of Prana / Qi and the Meridians/ Nadis Chakras, the human energy field
  • Understand the flow and formation of Qi (Qi movement and different type of Qi) Jing/Physical, Qi/Energetic, Shen/Spiritual
  • Understand the 3 layers of the body/5 sheets

Module 2: Depp into the body - Anatomy and physiology

  • Introduction to the anatomy of the human body as it relates to the asanas
  • Basic anatomy and physiology (with particular emphasis on respiration)
  • Looking at the muscular-skeletal system of the body
  • Explore the nervous system, knee and hip joints, the pelvis, the spine, and other topics
  • Understand tension and compression
  • Physiological and energetic effects of asanas, pranayama, meditation, and relaxation
  • Study the benefits and contraindications of the Yin yoga asanas (anatomical and energetic benefits and how it can improve your health)
  • Learn about the role of the connective tissues in relation to yoga practice (Fascia network/ligaments, tendons)
  • Effects of structural and postural alignment on health and wellbeing
  • Anatomy of the subtle body (Chi, meridians, Nadis, Vayus, Koshas). Introduction to the subtle bodies: the yogic anatomy of chakras, Nadis, Vayus, and Koshas, helping you to more fully understand the process and benefits of yoga

Module 3: Fully experience - Techniques, training, and practice

  • Practice and learn how to teach the 20+ main Yin yoga poses safely and confidently (And familiarize yourself with the variations)
  • Learn the transitions poses
  • Practice the meridian series related to the 5 Elements (Using asanas and Chinese meridians theory to revitalize body/organs)
  • Familiarize yourself with meridian tracing (Memorize the meridians' location)
  • Stimulate the Qi along the Meridians - Learn the 5 Elements (The Taoist and meditative approach of well-being)
  • Cultivation of breath body (Leading towards a tranquil mind) through breathwork and pranayama (breathing techniques) for relaxation and awaking the energy body
  • Practice different meditation and relaxation techniques
  • Mindfulness in Yin yoga (including concentration methods and investigation methods). You will practice several mindfulness methods that you can easily integrate into your life and in your classes
  • Learn different Mudras and understand when to apply them
  • Relax and enjoy a beautiful Yoga Nidra session

Module 4: Guide others - Teaching methodology and practicum

  • Knowledge and understanding of the Yin yoga approach (Learn the difference between a Yin “Passive” and a Yang “Dynamic” style of yoga)
  • Modifications and safety in Yin yoga, including the use of props and supports
  • Establishing a supportive home practice/daily sadhana
  • Find your unique teaching voice: Viva La Vida Yoga will show and discuss different ways on how to teach
  • Creativity: Viva La Vida Yoga will show you how you can work with different themes, what special elements you can include making your sessions extra special
  • Sequencing: Acquire the skill of sequencing Yin yoga (including different body types, ages, injuries, and class types) You will learn how to create a Yin class, long or short for a group, for an individual session, or for yourself


Qigong and energy work

Flow with Qigong

You will do a session about the art of Qigong. You will discuss the benefits, practice some of the basic posture and the breathing techniques. Viva La Vida Yoga will explain how you can integrate these movements in your own class. Furthermore, during some of the classes, you will do some Qigong movements and energy work like energy tapping.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra - yogic sleep is a meditation and conscious relaxation practice that is intended to induce total physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. This state is reached by separating the external awareness of the physical body through various stages. It results in a state where you are asleep with a trace of awareness.

It’s a beautiful practice, gaining popularity across the world and ongoing research continues to prove its effectiveness. The benefits of Yoga Nidra are numerous. It helps people to reduce stress, improve creativity, create focus, gives a deep rest in a few minutes, similar to rest after an overnight sleep. And people experience rejuvenation at the physical and mental levels.

Other attractive features

Interactive classes

A big part of the classes will be in an interactive online classroom. You have the possibility to ask questions and discuss topics together.

Online from your own place

You can do this course from your own home, balcony, or garden. The course is in English. You just need a laptop or a tablet/phone with an internet connection.

Learn everything about Yin yoga

The course gives you a solid foundation of the theory and methodology of Yin yoga. History, philosophy, anatomy, the Yin yoga poses, the meridians, chakras, and so much more!

Personal contact community

Viva La Vida Yoga prefers to work with small groups in order to be able to give you personal attention. Their experience is that the group is really supportive to each other and share their experiences during and after the courses.

Comprehensive printed manual

You will receive a comprehensive printed manual to use during the course and have as a reference book for after the course. Viva La Vida Yoga will send that by post.


Don’t worry if you don’t have props at home. You can be creative. You can use a rolled-up or folded towel or small blanket, pillow or cushion, books, and a belt (a soft belt from a bathrobe works perfectly).

After the training

At the end of the training, you will have an online live meeting for feedback and Q&A. You can always ask the teachers additional questions after the training. In general Viva La Vida Yoga has very supportive groups. From experience, they can say that there is a lot of interaction and sharing between the students after the course.


Ilse Marie Sobering

Jane Bakx

Retreat location

This teacher training is held online. Viva La Vida Yoga is located in The Hague, Netherlands (GMT+2), and they will live-stream yoga classes via Zoom which you can participate from the comfort of your home.

What's included

  • 7 online sessions
  • 35 contact hours
  • 15 non-contact hours
  • In-depth yoga teacher training
  • A certificate from Viva La Vida Lifestyle for 50 hours of Yin yoga training which can be counted as Continuing Education hours
  • Comprehensive manual
  • A special WhatsApp group where you will share valuable information
  • A good foundation of Yin yoga
  • Yin yoga practices
  • Meditation, theory, talks, and exercises
  • Qigong session and energy work
  • Yoga Nidra session

What's not included

  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Yoga props

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 21.78% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.

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10 days / 9 nights
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Arrival: Friday March 19, 2021
Departure: Sunday March 28, 2021

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