Vitality Yoga provides tools through yoga that encourage students to live authentically, ignite their vitality, and cultivate flexible, strong minds and bodies.

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Lisa Wright

from United States, September 2018

"Just What I Needed"

Warm welcome, fantastic view, great food, great restorative yoga, great visual and historical hikes with meditative opportunities. A positive experience in all ways I can think of.

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Courtney C

Vitality Yoga Website

There aren’t enough words to describe the amazing experience that Soul Candy was for me. I was going through a difficult time personally, and Soul Candy gave me everything I needed to start the healing process. As soon as I walked into Andrea and Jeremy’s home, I felt so loved and welcomed. They treat everyone as though they are a part of their family.They gave me a sense of community and purpose. I looked forward each day to the yoga and meditation sessions. We were also able to go out and explore beautiful central Oregon as a group. All of the meals were healthy and delicious. I choose to camp outside, and Andrea and Jeremy were so helpful and accommodating. They let me borrow their tent, and even had it all set up for me when I arrived. I still had full access to the guest living room and restroom. Soul Candy was everything I needed and more. Thank you Andrea and Jeremy!

Adrienne S.

Vitality Yoga website

Soul Candy was quite literally candy for my soul. I began the retreat searching for comfort and clarity within the cooler transition that autumn was bringing. I don't think I could have landed in a more supportive place than Soul Candy to find these things. Andrea teaches from a place of deep knowledge and compassion, and her reverence for what is happening in the present (whether it's a general feeling of group fatigue, the chilliness of the day, lots of energy, etc...) comes through in her practices. Soul Candy was focused on the elements, and every day varied depending on the qualities of fire, wood, earth, metal, and water. Every person was challenged differently depending on the day and element. Regardless of the day, Andrea was a stable and playful presence, always helping to guide us toward our own balance during practice and our daily hikes. The meals, expertly prepared by her loving husband, Jeremy, and some days catered by her good friend and restaurant owner James, were delicious, filling and thoughtfully paired with the element of the day. We enjoyed our meals as a group in Andrea and Jeremy's home, laughing and learning from one another. I would recommend Soul Candy to anyone, regardless of yoga experience, because Andrea offers an invaluable opportunity to learn about your body and mind, all while enjoying the good things in life!

Gabriela R.

Vitality Yoga website

This was my first time attending a yoga retreat. I was a little skeptical about it since I have no yoga experience but something was calling me to do it. I emailed Andrea with my honest concerns and she promptly replied, her response calmed my doubts and helped me feel I had made a good choice on signing up to this retreat. The welcoming I felt was truly pure and loving ever since we arrived. I've never felt so welcomed to a new place where nobody knew me. The yoga experience was amazing, perfectly guided and very mindful, almost like it was personally designed for my needs. Food was great (props to the cook), everything I did during the retreat was so unique that I can't wait for the next one. To top it off I had an amazing Reiki session with Andrea that gave me exactly what I needed for our long drive back home. Forgot to mention that I met such a great group people. Namaste

Maria P.

Vitality Yoga website

I want to thank VitalityYoga for this great retreat! It was so awesome! Everyone welcomed me with open arms, making me feel like if I was at home like if they were part of my family! I love the way the retreat was organized, giving a complete and balanced retreat! I love how in the mornings we had the yoga practice, then we ate and after that our walk and connection with nature. We would come back and have our rest time, afternoon yoga, and then dinner. All our meals were vegetarian and complete. I feel like it was a great and balanced/complete retreat. Giving me all I need to have a happier and more balanced life. Also working with the elements was great. I love it. All in all, I am very grateful and happy to have attended this amazing retreat. It was very complete. I can’t explain more! Words are shorter than what my experience was by going to this retreat! Giving me the opportunity to learn and explore new things to get me out of my comfort zone was amazing! Totally recommend it to anyone! Definitely won’t be my last one! THANK YOU SO MUCH VITALITYYOGA!