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Dloris Chew

Ann Thongtod


Rosa Belfiore

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Mira Doncheva

from Great Britain, March 2020

"Beautiful jungle walks"

I love the retreat, the activities and the food, got to try muay thai.

Sylvia Stocker

from Switzerland, December 2019

"Amazing Week"

I loved the sporty, fresh, energetic groove in this resort. It is very well managed by Lander and all the instructors are really well qualified. Coming from an international professional dance background (I have retired a bit over 10 years ago) I really appreciated the offer of visit natural detox. Whether it was a hike, a yoga class or a cardio workout, all really good! Even the people who have not a sports/athlete background could follow and enjoy the vibe.

The food, well, the food was amazing!! First time I became vegan in my life and the food was delicious, and for the whole 10 days it was a treat. Great variety, good portions! Everybody really enjoyed the food actually.

The team is very kind! It is a chilled but sporty and for most vegan or detox mindset. I didn't do the detox, but did the cupping in the spa area and enjoyed a couple of Thai massages just next door which helped tremendously to detox and relax my muscles after workout.

Coming from a typically overworked situation, I can say, my body shifted in 10 days:-))).

I can only recommend this.

Tracy Holmes

from Great Britain, April 2019

"Exceeded all my expectations "

It’s so much more than a retreat, its a supportive community / family atmosphere with everyone fully engaged and contributing.

I traveled alone with no prior experience of yoga but quickly discovered that didn’t matter. I’m somewhat of a loner when on holiday, the idea of mixing with others is not exactly welcoming. However we worked, ate and socialised as as team which was ( to my surprise) fantastic.

The staff are encouraging, understanding and fully committed to your goals.

The classes are amazing and Dolores is great at helping you reach your potential.

It’s really helped me refocus and reset my mind, I had fantastic end results which I aim to keep improving.

The food is probably some of the best I ever had. I arrived full of sugar, feeling bloated and sluggish and left looking and feeling so much better.

I’m already planning my trip for next year but will stay longer.

Tanya Halton

from France, August 2019

"Wonderful yoga teacher and most angelic person ever"

What a fantastic retreat. Came for 2 weeks - best choice ever! The variety and quality of activities and tuition are excellent. The food amazing. You are made to feel at home from the first moment you set foot. I don't want to leave! You don't have time to get bored. Physically exhausting yet exhilarating at the same time and you feel the love of the place. The boxing school next door adds to the animation and nothing is an issue. I can't wait to return. The perfect retreat!

Boriana Koleva

from United States, March 2019

"Great place & nice vibes - totally recommended experience"

The facilities set up and the detox-fitness program are really very well though of. You have the chance to go through a routine that most of us just can't follow in daily life ( 3 activities per day + detox/healthy eating) while you mind is relaxing and enjoying the company of nice like minded group.

The activities / fitness program are quite demanding, if you come with the mindset of challenging yourself and wanting to really work out and get stronger, this is totally your place.

Morning hike in nature is great chance to be in nature and explore the island almost like a local. We had a few situations when it become really difficult for some of us, but then it proved that we are really in good hands: Lander takes extra effort to make sure that all, and specially the one who struggled the most are OK and safe.

Food is another very strong point of the program, healthy, delicious and interesting. You would get into the mood of doing some detox days (at least)  The detox program is relatively easy to follow for few days, it is something that I could never do at home, so go for it, your body will be thankful.

Each and everyone of the instructors and the staff is taking good care of you, giving you the support you need when you want to push yourself, but also no pushing when you decide to take a break. People are genuinely nice and approachable, naturally creating this ‘’homey” feeling while also providing a space to be with yourself and just relax.

Ina Dimitrieva

from Austria, March 2020

"Better than expected - perfect for solo travelers"

The resort is a perfect combination of relax, sporting activities and healthy food.

Not only the resort staff ist really nice, friendly and supportive, but so are the local people in the surroundings, where you can find everything you need in minutes walk: supermarket, massage studio, laundry, currency exchange, shops, and the Lamai beach, where you can swim all year round.

The location and the infrastructure, therefore, are perfect. The accomodation offers everything you need in a stylish minimalistic manner, with absolute cleanliness and quality service.

As a solo traveller I liked most taking part of the sports activities like hiking, cycling, yoga and strength classes, where I knew great new people, who became like a family to me. A lot of different hikes gave me the chance to explore the island, see beautiful nature and mystic temples. In the resort, switching between relaxing yoga, strength workouts and swimming, with great food in-between, was the best all-in experience I ever had. Thanks to the competent and friendly trainers I could improve my health and body condition. After two weeks I became much fitter and energized, lost weight and fat. In addition, I learned a lot about yoga, local culture and nutrition.

On overall, I can recommend this program to everybody, who likes the movement, body challenges, being in the nature, yoga and healthy vegan/vegetarian food. You may stay at least two weeks and for better results even longer!

M Jones

from Netherlands, March 2020

"Improve fitness level, detox and lose weight"

The level of activity, including multiple yoga classes per day. The food was amazing! The staff - especially Nan and Kai - went out of their way to help us. Cooking class was excellent. Lovely people who attended the courses/retreat. Pool is nice place to hang out. Your system definitely gets the chance to detox, while building strength & fitness. Both the fitness instructor (Dloris) and yoga instructors gave options to each of us - to accommodate various injuries and limitations. If you go and stick to the detox menu and the exercise program, you will lose weight and centimetres.


from Belgium, February 2020

"Everything I wanted"

The food is delicious, the instructors very good, close to the beach, and daily massage. What more could you want?

Andrew Cowell

from Great Britain, February 2020

"Wow? I had an amazing two weeks"

Hi. I stayed here for two weeks at the beginning of January. The standard of yoga tuition is very high and I had two yoga classes per day. The early morning trecks up into the hills to a waterfall were amazing. The food in the cafe is all fresh and beautifully presented, I chose to eat all my meals there. The staff can't do enough for you and they are all super friendly. Don't let age be a barrier to going, I am 72 and had a wonderful time. Thank you to all the staff and the fellow yogies for making it so good. I will be back soon.

Charles Mack

from Ireland, January 2020

"Team work makes the dream work "

Outstanding professional team led by Lander who is an enthusiastic champion of the activity programme and the Manager & owner of the resort. Friendly, warm, welcoming staff who deliver excellent customer service. The food in the Wild Tribe Cafe is of à consistently excellent standard served by cheerful and professional staff . A must-do detox experience. A place to return to if you want to get results and enjoying yourself & the great food 😁

Kathryne Williams

from Canada, January 2020

"A very enjoyable experience"

I went to learn yoga and thoroughly enjoyed most of the instructors. The first day was Ann and although it was the 10:30 class she took absolutely no time to explain or give an alternative. In my opinion Micheal was absolutely fabulous - he explained where you should feel the stretch, why we need to stretch and gave alternatives if you had an injury or issue. I took an one hour private lesson from him which helped immensely. Michael Cooper was also excellent. Yayha and Alisa were great .

I did not do the detox but the food that I tried was very good yet some very expensive. I understand that it is fresh, 220 baht ($9.50 CDN) for overnight oatmeal is a little much. It was excellent though!

I really liked the aqua fit class and had hoped that there would be more of it. Would have been nice if it were offered later in the day.

I did the strength and conditioning once and it was a lot more cardio than I wanted. Perhaps an alternative would have been nice but in all honesty by the time the hike and yoga were done several of us would rather go shopping and chill.

I loved that nothing was pushed on you and none of the instructors made you feel like you should try harder .

The Muay Thai boxing week one was fabulous but week two was just soso. That is out of their control however as it is off site. (next door)

I really enjoyed the morning hikes, Dlores was encouraging and helpful. It was great that there was someone in front and someone in the back.

Jo Cyr

from Switzerland, December 2019

"Back to (inner) nature"

Winning formula! Lander and his staff strike just the right balance with their encouragement and support, and comprehensive programme for health and wellness. Variety of fitness options keep it lively and challenging. Hikes in nature are really fun! Kudos to the yoga teachers and physical trainers who are superb. Small outfit supporting the environment with green initiatives, and relying on local businesses. Had no clue I would be doing a Muay Thai Boxing workout, but loved it! Locally sourced delicious and healthy detox menu. Small groups favour team-building and stimulate motivation and endurance. Time for self-reflection, relaxation and breathing techniques complement the yoga and exercise components.


from Thailand, November 2019

"Definitely not for beginners"

The yoga aspect could be enjoyable as the instructors were all great.

Specifically Rosa Belfiore should be applauded for her personal care of the guests and how much effort she puts into every single day. She was definitely the MVP and I cannot compliment her enough.

Karen Gould

from Australia, October 2019

"Excellent programme hike, yoga, mauthai, cardio circuit "

Everything from programme to the lovely food and all the staff!

Jude Sanderson

from China, October 2019

"Heaven on Earth"

Everything and everyone was absolutely first class.


from Thailand, July 2019

"Excellent energy boost retreat"

The staff is very nice. The restaurant serves delicious healthy food. The schedule is set to get the desired outcome. Great value.

Eunice Sawyerr

from Great Britain, June 2019

"Awesome 15 Day experience "

The program was challenging but very interesting. Definitely tested my strength in character. The food was amazing and so were the instructors

Ellen Lewis

from Great Britain, June 2019

"Detox with a Smile"

Perfect for those that want to do full fitness exercise from hiking, circuit training and yoga and you can chose to do what you want. The food was excellent too. I lost significant weight.


from Great Britain, May 2019

"Better than expected"

The daily activities, lander took into account what the group wanted to do and made sure it was suitable for all abilities. Door is classes were fun too.

Theresa Laffan

from Australia, March 2019

"Amazing "

Had an amazing time, staff were great, food was super healthy and delicious and the exercises and instructors were fantastic! Would highly recommend!!!!!!!

Leah Hogendoorn

from Canada, March 2019

"Awesome experience-highly recommend it"

Everything from the food to the quality of activites including personal instruction about fitness and nutrition. Great people who really care about their clients.

Lauren Lacorazza

from United States, March 2019

"The staff makes you feel like family"

This retreat offered more than just daily yoga. There was an opportunity to be out in nature, hiking, bike riding, visiting a waterfall, and beach work outs. There were HIIT work outs at the end of the day. This seems like a lot but you’ll be surprised how quickly you adapt! Truly the best part though is the staff, they are kind, considerate, and attentative. Shout out to my girls Curly and Kai!

Jessica Kirsch

from Germany, January 2019

" Great place with great staff"

- my deluxe room

- the program

- the entire resort incl. beautiful pool and restaurant

Steve Wright

from Great Britain, January 2019

"Fantastic trip had the most amazing time with great activiti"

The energy and great fun things lander organised as well as the great yoga teachers and wonderful staff at the retreat

Dimitria Karagas

from United States, December 2018

The people ! The instructors were amazing and highly professional, the staff were kind and accommodating, The entire place was a oasis!

Kimberley Van Bijsteren

from Netherlands, January 2020

"Boven verwachting goede retreat met uitstekende instructeurs"

Vanaf begin af aan tot in de puntjes verzorgd; een warm welkom, goede introductie, warm personeel, uitstekende begeleiding, prima accommodatie en het eten is subliem! Ze pushen je om je eigen grenzen op te zoeken, maar allemaal met heel veel zorg! Vooral de passie en enthousiasme van Lander is benoemenswaaedog; wat een topper! Bedankt voor alles!


from France, January 2020


La cuisine offre une variété de plats délicieux végétariens et thaï, de jus frais. Le programme de détox est tout à fait satisfaisant avec des résultats surprenants. Je me suis amusée en faisant du sport !!! Et tout le monde est aux petits soins. Magnifique !


from Vietnam, July 2019

"Changing habits "

I absolutely loved the versatile daily exercises including hiking, biking, Muay Thai, yoga & fitness. Our trainers were wonderful, always making sure that everyone feels taken care of. And of course the food was amazing as well - I hardly ever ate anywhere else.

Being here felt incredibly relaxing for the soul, even-though I pushed my body to its limit on a daily basis. The other guest that stayed here were also motivated and therefore we had a great team spirit, that helped everyone through the tougher bits.

I would recommend this place to anyone who seriously wants to change their habits and kickstart a fitness and health journey.

Carla Dillen

from Belgium, April 2019

"Top resort met super lief personeel"

Goed georganiseerd resort, warm ontvangst. Professionele trainers en super lekker en gezond eten.

Gisela Müller

from United States, November 2018

"Absolutely a great life experience"

This two fitness and yoga weeks were hard. It wasn't definitely just holiday.😅 But after the second week you can already feel the positive difference of your body. You got healthier, stronger and you can feel how your fitnesslevel is going up.

The place is absolutely top. A beautiful pool for relaxing, a massage and a good and healthy restaurant is all what you need next to your courses.😍

I definitely can recommend this place and all the amazing and friendly staff, which makes you feel like beeing at home.

And a bonus: the people you will spend the courses with will be after a few days your family. We all had an amazing time and I definitely got new friends for my life.

So, don't think to long. Just do it! You will not regret it!💪😃