Vis Island Yoga's motto is to live in harmony with nature on the principles of sustainability, offering YTT, yoga retreats, and SUP yoga classes.

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Neda Kocare

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from Great Britain, October 2019

"The best decision I made this year! "

The whole experience was amazing from start to finish. Firstly, Neda is the most encouraging, thoughtful, motivating & empathetic teacher you could ask for. She doesn’t have a bad bone in her body, she’s just amazing. Neda’s classes were incredible - my favourite part was always our morning Ashtanga practice which made you feel so amazing afterwards, and was always followed by the most insane breakfast spread I’ve ever had! The afternoon philosophy classes were really informative and also gave us all a lot of time to bond over our experiences. The alignment classes in the evening was where we really put some teaching in to practice as Neda would teach us how to align our students and would break down each and every asana for us. Every evening session greatly helped improve the next morning’s class as we put into practice what we learned the evening before. On many occasions we did our evening class down at Bili bok beach and watched the sunset during the class - it was an unreal experience.

During our course we also had 2 SUP yoga classes which were great fun but also an amazing workout, on the sea as the sun was setting - beautiful! We had a boat day too which was amazing & a great time to relax with all our new friends. Neda guided us through the course with such ease and dedication - by the end we all completed our practical exams and all the girls were amazing! We were nervous but Neda was so supportive. Thank you Neda!!

Shirley Li

from Poland, October 2019

"Beautiful, Unforgettable Journey with Neda and Everyone.."

(Poland / Hong Kong) I'm so grateful to take this amazing yogic journey with Neda and everyone at the Estate Under the Painbrush, it is not only a Path of one self but also a walk with everybody that comes together on this life changing journey that will touch your heart and life. The Pranayama, Ashtanga Vinyasa and Meditation every morning give us a solid grounding in the sequence and the path. I've appreciated Neda gave us all she has and in the Adjustments/Anatomy, Variations/Modifications and Philosophy we have learned and absorbed so much. There were a lot of exchange and discussions where everyone feel safe to talk. Neda herself is our living example of the yogic philosophies, being mindful, caring and always firm to encourage and bring positive energies to the Shala, and to us. There were unforgettable mornings/evenings Ashtanga, adjustment, meditation practices on the beach, the SUP, moments of stunning views/sunrise/sunset. And you can always go for a dip in the beautiful water around Vis.

The family is always there taking care of us and offer help, Vicky, Maria Zorica, Josip, Branko.. Zorica and Josip were very kind to wait me up as I hung my laundry to dry, and not to mention Sanjica we all miss her delicious cookings and want to bring her home with us:))) with Sanjica it is always a treat.

It is a walk to remember:)

Will come back for retreat:)

Helen Fleming

from Great Britain, October 2019

"An amazing experience "

I had an excellent 17 days in Vis. Neda is an amazing person and I learnt so much from her during the training. The accommodation was lovely and every meal was outstanding. Vis itself was beautiful and it was great to get the opportunity to explore the island during time off.

Annabelle Henwood

from France, September 2019

"Most beautiful Life changing experience "

Neda Kocare is not only a phenomenal yoga teacher she is an extremely beautiful soul, who has taught me not only about yoga, but about embracing life and loving oneself, forgiveness and compassion... she is extremely giving in her time, knowledge and experience but also extremely giving with her personal being, so very caring and considerate. You are made to feel like part of this beautiful family with Zorica, Josip and Branko always there to help in anyway possible. Sanjica the cook... is totally AMAZING! The food was delicious with never once the same meal. Always fresh and bright colours and lots of it! Yoda the dog will always make you laugh out loud. The Estate is truly wonderful..a slice of heaven! I feel truly blessed to have been a part of this magical course (as I'm sure all our family of students did)... The icing on the cake is we all qualified and can now teach yoga but we have made friends for life.

Irmi Driver

from Austria, September 2019

"Most wonderful teacher, most heartwarming environment"

Neda is the most beautiful and wonderful person in the universe. This was a lifechanging, magical experience....there are no words for all the wonderful work and all her love. The food was also hard to describe, mostly ate with my eyes closed in absolute bliss! The accommodation was stunning and the owners just incredibly lovely and generous! Thank you so much!!!!!!


from United States, June 2019

"Highly recommended"

What didn't I like? Neda is one of the most amazing women I have met who not only inspired us on a daily basis, but had such an huge heart and patience with us all. This experience is much more than learning yoga, it is learning about beliefs, philosophers and each other. Estate Under the Paintbrush is a mini oasis on an island of paradise. Each room is unique and beautifully decorated, the menu was fresh and plentiful each day and was much more than we expected. It is such a short walk to numerous hidden beaches so you can get in a little escape between all of the studies. The market is right up the hill and the pastry truck (if you can sneak away to get to it in the morning:) is well worth it!

Kristin Torp Simonsen

from Hungary, June 2019

"Amazing experience!"

I liked everything! Especially the food!!!

Neda was a great teacher with a lot of knowledge. I’d recommend her any day!

I had a super experience!

Rebecca Stone

from United States, June 2019

"Couldn't have asked for a better 200 hour YTT"

Neda is the most kind, positive, thoughtful, intentional instructor I could have asked for my yoga teacher training. She is knowledgeable, encouraging, flexible, and loving. I learned so much from her and look forward to having her continue to be a mentor in my life.

The Estate Under the Paintbrush was the perfect location to focus solely on yoga. It's within walking distance of gorgeous beaches (Vis is a wonderful island), but remote enough that you can really get away from everything and stayed focused on why you're there. The rooms are individually curated with unique pieces of furniture art, and the entire property is covered in flowers and herbs and butterflies abound.

The food was AMAZING. I still dream of the breakfasts of smoothies, overnight oats, fruits, veggies, hummus and olive spreads galore. Lunches consisted of soups, entrees, and desserts that were all healthy and delicious. The portions are also very large so you will not go hungry while here.

Overall, I couldn't be more grateful that I did my YTT here. It was an incredible opportunity and everything was perfect.

Chaitra Venkatesh

from Netherlands, June 2019

"Best decision of my life"

Everything was perfect ! It was like I went home for 17 days and was taken care of and got healthier! Neda is a gem of a human. If you want everything that could ask for while learning about yourself, nourishing your body and mind with the practise and the knowledge Neda shares, breathing fresh air and just becoming a better version of yourself- I would suggest you book this training right away!

Also, not forgetting to mention the food- DELICIOUS! Consistently amazed me.

Thank you Neda!

Amir Zodj

from United States, July 2018

"The most amazing experience ever!!"

I would like to start by thanking everyone involved in making this experience at the Estate under the paintbrush unforgettable. The Estate was designed and built by the famous Artist Josip Karakas and has a delightful charm and peacefulness about it, not to mention it’s surrounded by beautiful nature. We had a complete vegan breakfast and lunch (delicious) daily that was prepared with love. Our instructor Neda, is a beam of light that made the teaching and intensive yoga very pleasurable to learn and experience. I definitely recommend this teacher training course to anyone who has a passion to immerse themselves in an intensive yet rewarding Ashtanga yoga practice. I will definitely return one day and will let everyone know about my positive experience during my stay.

Yee Kwan Chung

from Great Britain, July 2018

"An amazing and inspiring yoga teacher course!! "

I was very inspired by the yoga knowledge and experience that I gained from this course. It took my yoga practice to a next level and provided me directions to further my practice. More importantly, it planted a yoga seed inside my body that reminds me of the yoga philosophy and helps me live a better life. Yoga is really not only posture, if people are interested to understand more about yoga as a whole, this course is highly recommended.

The philosophy and concepts that I learnt during the lecture lessons are going to benefit my life for years to go. Neda, our teacher, is a true yogi who practices yoga every single moment, and sets a very good example for us. I truly thank her for that - she taught us using her own experience and was patient discussing with us on difficult concepts. She is professional as a teacher but at the same time she is humble as a student. I will always always remember her as an yogi role model as I continue my yoga journey.

In addition to the practice and lecture inside the shala, this course also covered two SUP yoga classes and visits around the island, where I got to the nature and experienced the energy of the nature, which freshened my mind and calmed my soul. Vis Island is such a pure and untouched place - attending a yoga treacher course here is such a wonderful decision!

So, in whole, I am really happy with the course. Good teacher, good learning, good vibre with a group of yogi, good environment for yoga practice and good takeaways!

Ivana Jakovljevic

from Canada, July 2018

"Amazing life experience!"

Neda is a passionate, spirited, and extremely caring and knowledgeable instructor. You will come away from this learning a lot about yourself and yoga. The island is beautiful with gorgeous beaches. I recommend giving yourself an extra few days before or after the training to have the time to enjoy them fully.

Rani Kim

from Switzerland, July 2018

Words cannot describe how much this trip has changed me for the better. Waking up early in the morning to just watch and smell the nature, then coming onto the mat to use as a mirror for ourselves everyday, I couldn't feel more loved and beautiful. Vis Island is absolutely stunning, we were surrounded by the crystal clear ocean, lavender fields, herbs and butterflies. Being in the nature and with like-minded people who we became such a big loving family all together, was something so magical and truly humbling. And for the most, our beloved teacher Neda, she became one of the biggest inspiration in my life. We are so lucky to have met her on our journey, she is so beautiful in every possible ways. She has so much wisdom, knowledge and love for life and yoga to share with all of us. I am really thankful that I got to stay at such a warm and loving place in Vis Island. Thank you thank you thank you :). -Rani

Gemma Brewer

from Germany, June 2018

"A profound experience!"

The teaching, first and foremost, was fantastic. I couldn't have hoped for a better teacher training course. Neda was absolutely wonderful, and our practices, lessons and classes were fantastic. Philosophy classed covered a wide range of material, and I loved the adjustment classes. Evening meditations by the sea were a beautiful way to end the days. Neda was very warm and made everyone feel at ease, a wonderful guide with a heart and soul filled with light and love. A few morning excursions to some of the caves and beaches on other islands were great ways to give some relax time and the SUP classes were lots of fun! A tough two weeks, but well worth it! I would recommend this teacher training course to anyone.

Allison Warrington

from Spain, June 2018

"An unforgettable experience"

My time with Neda for my 200 hr YTT was one of the best experiences of my life! The knowledge I gained is invaluable and I have returned home a brand new person. I not only learned more about the physical practice of Yoga and how to correctly perform each asana, how to adjust them for students, and the muscles used etc. But also the spiritual, emotional and mental aspects of what it means to be a yogi. I feel more connected to myself than I have in a very long time....both physically and spiritually. Neda is truly a special person who provides a space to fall in love with yourself <3 Aside from this the beaches are INCREDIBLE and the fun excursions we took to both caves and the SUP yoga just made this a very balanced experience of hard work, soul searching and relaxed fun. Everyone should experience this YTT :) I love and miss you already Neda!!!! Until we all meet again in an endless lavender field <3

Katy Roberts

from United States, June 2018

"The most incredible two weeks!"

The teaching was second to none. The accommodation was superb, and there was alot of variety as we tried to SUP yoga and also were able to enjoy some excursions.

Nica Sommerhalder

from Switzerland, June 2018

"I feel blessed to have fallen upon this experience! "

I liked everything. Literally every little thing was perfect, it is a true blessing to have Neda as teacher, so much knowledge was passed on from her beautiful shining soul. I can not imagine any other place I would have loved more than this.

Fabiana Feichtinger

from Austria, June 2019

"Amazing experience"

I loved everything! The food was really delicious, the place was beautiful and Neda is the most inspiring teacher. I can absolutely recommend it!

Corina Dumont

from Switzerland, June 2018

"peeling off the layers that hide the yogi within"

I liked the program itself: the books to read and the written test make you really start to understand what yoga is about and how it goes beyond the asanas. The class we had to design was a lot of fun.

The ashtanga primary series morning practice: every morning I learnt something else about myself by sticking to the practice, by showing up.

The afternoon and evening yoga classes were a mix of precision and fun, strength and relaxation.

The estate: I stayed in a shared apartment with a private bedroom; it was fully equipped, clean, comfortable.

The food: was mostly vegan and very satisfying. The days were hot so having a late breakfast and a late lunch was enough for me.

The group of people: starting with Neda, our teacher - she is a true example of professionalism, expertise, yogic lifestyle with feet firmly grounded. The other participants were coming from all corners of the world and it was so nice to learn, stuggle, have fun together.

SUP yoga classes: they were fun, I will want to try it again:)

The day excursions: beautiful landscapes, nice people, fresh water to swim - bliss!