Joanna Vladescu is a lead teacher in yoga teacher trainings in Goa and organizes Yoga retreats in beautiful Greece where she spends her summers.

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Suna Guven

from Great Britain, October 2017

"An experience you will want to repeat"

Exceptional teachers with outstanding teaching skills and a truly special place for a retreat.

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Ania C.

January 28, 2018. Vinyyoga Facebook page.

She will take you and your practice to the next level, this is all you need to know!

Keiko M.

November 4, 2017. Vinyyoga Facebook page.

I met her in Goa in India and Joanna is such a enthusiastic Ashtanga Teacher!!! very trustworthy, with right leading and adjustments and knowledge. I trust her completely and was assured my safety when I got her adjustments, and I could deepen my poses very much. I leaned so many things from her and really wanted to keep leaning from her. I really hope my chance to lean more from her and know her will come soon!!!! Love you Joanna!!! Kisses from Tokyo!

Rafaela G.

July 20, 2017. Vinyyoga Facebook page.

Joanna is excellent yoga practionare and my favorite yoga teacher! A patient,cheerful and always prepared teacher !! Take her classes!

Chryssa C.

May 23, 2017. Vinyyoga Facebook page.

Dedicated to Joanna for the past five and a half years now! She was my inspiration for discovering my passion for yoga and follow her to India for getting certified as a yoga teacher too! Until now I am practicing with Jo and getting better and better physically and mentally! I would for sure recommend her to anyone who wants to start yoga or a yoga practitioner!

Carina Greece

Vinyyoga website

I am very happy with Vinyyoga! I enjoyed it very much and I would like to make more people aware of what a wonderful yoga teacher she is and how good her retreats are. I have been practicing yoga for 8 years now and Joanna has been my yoga teacher for about 1.5 years now. She is by far the best yoga teacher I ever had!The first yoga retreat I went to was at Naxos in July 2015. It was for a full week and Joanna had found a very lovely place for the retreat. It was a outside a small village on a secluded part of the island and the owners of the hotel did everything they could to make us feel welcome. They cooked healthy and delicious food. The fruits and veggies came from their own garden. The participants came from all over US, Greece, Denmark, Switzerland, Romania, UK etc. and it was a great bunch of people. We all had different experience in practicing yoga from beginners to quite advanced and Joanna gave us all the individual support we needed to make the most out of the sessions. We had yoga both in the morning and in the evening and the kind of yoga varied (both Ashtanga and Vinyasa) so I always felt that there was something new and inspiring. It is also a special feeling to be able to have yoga outdoors ... I felt really good about myself that week, both body, mind and soul!The second yoga retreat I attended was over a weekend and it took place in Kalamata in the end of October 2015. Again, Joanna found a beautiful villa in a wonderful location perfect for yoga. Calm and peaceful with a special room dedicated for the yoga sessions that took place twice per day (morning and evening). Joanna proved herself again to be an excellent yoga teacher with the ability to support every individual in a very good way and her classes always makes you wish for the next one. It was self catering were we all helped out making the meals and eating together. Very nice and healthy food and a great team spirit!