Vinyasa Yoga Shala offers intensive Yoga Teachering courses in Rishikesh. Their goal is to inspire others by sharing their extensive yoga knowledge.

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Ashish Rawat

Vikas Rawat

Tanushree Rawat


Yogi Rajeev Kumar

Yogi Aman Ji

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Jahnava U. Park

from Switzerland, November 2019

the bathroom was spacy, the mattress was for Indian standard good, the balcony nice

Rowena Bernardo

from Belgium, January 2019

"Yoga Perfection"

It would be an error to search for "the best yoga school" as yoga is not about competition but a means to better your own personal physical, mental, energy and overall wellbeing.

To this, Vinyasa Yogashala fits the description to perfection:

- Location (overlooking the Himalayas, far enough from the center, but close enough to walk on your day off, in the backdrop of superclean, gorgeous ganga river),

- Schedule (will set you off to a lifetime of healthy habits)

-Curriculum design- they keep the classes small so you are given attention and the quality of people (both teachers, students and staff) are extraordinary plus the weekly excursions are bucket list worthy experiences

- Food though vegetarian (paleo eater here) are superdelicious, varied and healthy. I have never eaten so much yet got so much energy and got to my ideal weight.

Ashish, a renowed teacher in Rishikesh made this his personal project and he has truly succeeded. This is simply the best investment I made for myself ever. Thank you Ashish, Thanu, Sadhu, Harry, Vikas, Pramud, Ankit, Rahul and Auntie!

Iris Van De Vondervoort

from Netherlands, January 2019

"loved my time at Vinyasa Yogashala"

All the teachers and people that work at Vinyasa Yogashala are amazing! They really made me feel like part of a family! I am so gratefull for my time at this school, they taught me so many interesting aspects about yoga and life. I look back with a great smile to my experience with them in Rishikesh. I definitely recommend this school to everybody, they are the nicest people, very knowledgeable and the classes are very personal!

Erin Devine

from United States, July 2018

"Must Experience Yoga in Rishikesh"

Ashish and the rest of the instructors were superb. If you are going to study yoga, do it here! There's no other experience that can match working with talented masters to understand the practice, in the one city in the world so important to its history.