Vinyasa Yoga Shala offers intensive yoga teachering courses in Rishikesh. Their goal is to inspire others by sharing their extensive yoga knowledge.

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Bethany Bryant

from Great Britain, September 2021

"Excellent 200Hr Teacher Training Package"

Teachings were in depth and authentic. A group for all the students and teachers were on hand for any questions which arose. Loved the experience. At first the workload looked daunting but once you get stuck in you will not regret it. Touched on many different aspects and practices of Yoga.

Sarah Elias Rodrigues

from Brazil, August 2021

I'm in love with all the teachers. They are all very dedicated and make my day a better day!!

Erica Jones

from Great Britain, August 2021

I am about 1/4 of the way through, and am really enjoying the 200hr online teacher training course.

Although I do not intend to become a teacher, I signed up for the course just to improve my own practice and as a way to keep myself practicing while in-person classes are not available.

The course has exceeded my expectations in terms of video and instruction quality, and the instructors are always available to answer questions. I am learning a lot about meditation and breathing which is something I have always struggled with. Being able to practice peacefully at home in my own time, with support available when needed has made a big difference for me. I also find that being able to watch the videos and repeat the lessons as many times as I need is a big benefit of doing the online course. I feel like I am really learning the fundamentals properly so that I'll have a good foundation for lifelong practice. The course has also introduced me to styles of yoga I hadn't experienced before.

I have wanted to do further yoga training for years, but felt a little intimidated by the idea of going to a long training retreat. This course is really improving not just my physical yoga practice, but my confidence, commitment and enjoyment of yoga.

I would definitely recommend it to people even if you are not interested in becoming a teacher.

Michelle Schlechtriem

from Denmark, July 2021

"Best decision I've made in a long, long time! "

It has been my dream for many years to visit Rishikesh and do a YTT right in the Capital of Yoga. My plan was to finish University and travel to Rishikesh right after, but unfortunately, that was not possible because of Covid-19. I still wanted to do my YTT and get the real, traditional experience, so when I found this YTT online, I knew that this was something I had to do! I have not regretted joining Vinyasa Yogashala for one second and I'm very, very happy with all of the teachings.

It's really wonderful to go through the different types of yoga, including Mantra chanting, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama, and many more. The teachers are all very nice and competent, and you can feel their yogic wisdom shining through the computer screen :)

It's also very nice to be part of a WhatsApp group where you can ask for feedback, and there's always a quick and honest response from the teachers - especially from Ashish! On top of that, there is a live class organised every week, which is great for getting personal feedback on your poses and for asking questions about the course.

If you are looking for a YTT that embraces the ancient traditions and practices as well as the original yogic philosophy, I highly recommend Vinyasa Yogashala. It's really a blessing to receive this ancient wisdom and knowledge from beautiful Rishikesh during these difficult times <3

Nicola Tsang

from Great Britain, July 2021

"Positive experience with Vinyasa Yogashala"

When I first signed up for the online course, the staff member were super friendly and responded to my queries very quickly. Even though it was online based, we stayed connected with WhatsApp, and our teacher, Yogi Ashish, is always prompt when responding to student's query, and felt we could always reach out if we had any questions.

The course itself is extensive, you get an abundant of reading material. Personally, I printed some of the material as well as read some of the bigger books on my kindle, which was super helpful. There are also tons of video material that are structure chronologically for you to learn, however, Yogi Ashish has explained you can choose what you want to learn first as it's self-paced.

I also really enjoy the weekly online streamed classes available, even though there were the odd technical issue with the zoom meeting yoga class, Yogi Ashish would always try to reschedule it as soon as possible. The classes were varied and challenging in their own way. Since I work as well, it's not always possible to join the live classes, however, we can still access the post-live classes online after as well, which is very helpful!

I've really enjoyed learning about the historical and philosophical aspect of yoga, which is helping me to deepen my practise with yoga. Taking this course, it has also motivated me immense to practise it daily as well as off the mat. Last but not least, this course is an amazing value!! I would 100% recommend it!


from United States, July 2021

"Comprehensive and inspiring"

With gratitude. I am honored. Vinyasa Yogashala yoga teacher training course was amazing. I am grateful for the comprehensive course. I enjoyed learning about yogic philosophy, history, pedagogy, methodology, meditation, pranayama, and asanas. The teachers were amazing and well spoken. The attention to detail in this program was perfect.

Tamara Abikhalil

from Lebanon, July 2021

"A life changing experience; even behind the screen! "

Honestly I have been wanting to travel to do my 200 hours teacher training. And I had to face some personal issues that didn't allow me to travel so I registered online with Vinyasa Yogashala. It went beyond my positive expectations.

The videos were immersive (you can really feel you are right there with them). One of my favorite classes was Yoga Philosophy; honestly with what I was going through I felt like he was speaking directly to me.

The classes were the right balance of easy and challenging. Doing the training on your own really tests your emotions and your patience, but it was worth it and I learned so much about yoga and about myself!

Ashish and Tanushree were extremely helpful and timely in answering any question.

Honestly if you cannot travel at the moment, don't think twice and register! <3

Venelin Ivanov

from Spain, July 2021

"Don't doubt, just go for it! You won't regret it! "

There are many schools out there and to be honest I was sceptic in an online course at the beginning, I'm half way my training at the moment and I can't recommend it more! The online platform is very easy to use and very comfortable for any device, classes in the weekend are amazing, the course is well structured, the pre-recorded videos are very well explained and all the teachers are always ready to help, they reply straight away to your questions and encourage you to ask and keep your motivation up! Best thing is - you can do it in your own time, I combine mine with work, try to listen to my body and advance with little steps. Yoga is something you learn for life, but I would say if you want to start from the beginning the best way to do it is where the roots of yoga are in India. Advertisements are still coming up my feeds for different schools and seems like they all focus on the physical part of the study (which is important without a doubt), but the course of Vinyasa Yogashala is well rounded and covers all aspects of yoga, not only Asanas, which I say it's much better if you want to form yourself as a teacher you have to go deeper and have a good understanding of all. You have different teacher for every subject, all very experienced and serving you the information in best way possible for you to learn and understand. In general it's an amazing course,I find all very interesting,I keep up my work and can't be happier I found the best school for my 200hours training!

Nikki Terry

from France, May 2021

"Exceeds expectations!"

I'm really enjoying the 200hour online Teacher Training course with Vinyasa Yogashala.

It is great being able to fit the classes in and around my home life. The course is so flexible. With the added bonus of being able to repeat sessions as many times as I like as it is stored in my account.

The web site is user friendly, and easy to navigate around. The online training videos are of exceptional standard, with high quality visuals and audio. 

There is always a quick and simple way to contact Vinyasa Yogashala if I have a question, with fast and helpful responses.

The whole team are very professional and have a wealth of teaching experience and knowledge. There is a good balance of theoretical and practical material. The classes are at a pace that I can keep up with and all asanas explained in depth from top to toe. It is nice to learn the sanskrit names as we go through too.

The live group classes for me are the highlight. Classes are tough and challenging but just enough to push you. It is wonderful to be in the group learning together. We have the opportunity of interacting and getting to know one another. Enabling the feeling of comraderie.

An amazing experience.

Claudia Münch

from Germany, May 2021

"Great online training"

Ashish and the team from Vinyasa Yogashala School provided excellent content of high quality. The videos were easily accessible and good to understand. The live trainings were great and all questions were answered immediately. Great insight into yoga teachings. Very nice people. Definitely a recommendation!!

Linda Perry

from Great Britain, May 2021

"On-Line 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certificate"

After enrolling for my 200 hour on-line certificate, I was really pleased at how quickly I was able to get straight on with learning. PDFs were sent to enable me to read the relevant material, books and manuals. The on-line learning platform was well thought out and allowed me to progress in a step-by-step way whilst keeping track of my progress through a percentage marker. The on-line course is broken down into Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Alignment, Meditation, Pranayama, Yin Yoga, Yoga Philosophy and Mantra which has given me a really detailed understanding of yoga. The course is delivered in English and different teachers cover various aspects of the course. The teachers are all very knowledgeable, friendly and make the course feel authentic and spiritual. In addition to the on-line course, weekly Zoom classes have been organised so regardless of where you are in the world you can continue to receive expert tuition, get individual feedback and also ask any questions that you have. I would have no hesitation in recommending Vinyasa Yoga Shala and I am looking forward to the day when I can travel to India and attend one of their courses in person.

Kristina Karaivanova

from Bulgaria, May 2021

I did a long research before starting the online 200 hour TTC with Vinyasa Yoga Shala and now I am so glad I found them! During these hard times we have the opportunity to learn the beautiful knowledge of yoga from the source in India in the comfort of our living room!

All of the teachers are professional and so passionate about their work! I really enjoyed the high quality of the videos and the fact that you have access to them even after you finish the course.

Thank you Vinyasa Yoga Shala and keep spreading the love of yoga all over the world!


Gayathri Ramaswami

from Singapore, August 2021

"Best experience ever"

It was a truly great experience. Ashish was a great instructor. He really takes time to understand each person and personalises the poses to suit your individual needs or challenges. You feel absolutely refreshed and ‘well-oiled’ after each session. I cannot recommend it more - wonderful treat for both body and soul!!!

Alessandro Dalla Libera

from Germany, August 2021

"Amazing online yoga experience "

Best yoga with amazing indian instructors and very very well organised. I do highly recommend it!!!

Jian Kim

from South Korea, August 2021

"Was excellent experience. "

Well ogarnized the class and online studying

All faculty are professional kind. Self pace learning is convenient to study. Can learn multiple style of yoga which is very nice!!

Every class is lovely and they are try to help to students and when we have questions contact them they reply so quickly than I thought.

Ashish Joshi

from India, July 2021

"Best yoga program i ever experienced"

A lot of thing I have learnt throughout the program .

I have problem regarding my sleep cycle , but with help of yognidra teaching I have found an amazing balance within myself.

Ayurveda help me to find my body type, the type of yoga practice i should do, kind of food i should prefer to balance tridosha.

The present scenario of covid have scared a whole lot of population, and its a high time for all of us to start building immunity by opting healthy lifestyle, yoga is helping me in finding my inner strength and boosting my immunity...

Rahul Singh

from India, July 2021

"The best decision of my life ever. It Changes my life 😇"

When I was looking for an online Yoga retreat myself I came across many worldwide, but I chose Vinyasa Yoga Shala because of the lineage of Indian teacher described at website.

I just finish the "10 days Yog Nidra Course" Which brings my Consciousness and awareness in a super state Level.

Don't hesite to choose this AMAZING course.

Vinyasa Yogashala provides different courses like-:

* 10 days Yog Nidra Course.

* 85 hours Yin Yoga course

* 200 hours Multi-Style yoga Teacher Training course.

* 200 hours Traditional Kundalini yoga Teacher Training course.

This is a great opportunity for me because the course can be added to my credited hours.

I wanted to go deep into the very essence of yoga and I am grateful that the course fully met my wish. I now feel inspired to go even deeper into the topics.

I would love to go for there other courses too.

The online platform is super easy and convinient to use also you can check the progress anytime.

You have whatsApp support 24*7, Lead Teacher Ashish directly take care of your messages.

Once again go for it without any hesitation.

Hari Om 😇

Love & greetings


Nix Terry

from France, July 2021

"Wonderful short course "

I loved the 10 hour yoga nidra course. The tutor was exceptional. So timely to boost immunity and focus on well-being during Covid.

The mix of live and recorded sessions offered flexibility.

The yin and hatha classes really centred me and got me focusing on what's important again. Working on the breath and respiratory system.

I loved learning about the Ayurvedic diet and disease, so interesting and important. I have incorporated many changes into my diet to boost me mentally and physically.

The bonus too is that the course can be added to my credited hours.

Don't hesite to choose this AMAZING course 😁

Valentina Mazzanti

from Great Britain, May 2021

"Great experience so far "

Not gonna lie, initially the library of the course was very basic, with some videos on Hatha, vinyasa, yin and philosophy. I completed all the first part of the course in under two months, but a few weeks after, a lot of new videos have been added and now I have many more videos to learn as well as assignments! Super excited!

Live classes are great and I’m sorry sometimes I can’t attend them because of my job, but Ashish always send us the recording of any class we have missed. We also have a WhatsApp group with all the students which is great!

I always wanted to join a YTT but because of my job I was never going to do it in person, and this online experience has been great for me so I can attend live classes when I’m free (or watch the recording), watch all videos and read all books in my own pace and submit my assignments and videos for the final exam when I feel ready.

It’s been a great experience so far, and I gained a lot of knowledge on this beautiful discipline.

All the videos are very detailed, explained very well and very informative.

Thank you for giving us such a great content!


from Great Britain, May 2021

"Excellent online course"

Friendly and knowledgeable instructors. The online content and platform is high quality and easy to navigate, and the manual is really informative and well laid out too! Weekly live sessions are great

Jahnava U. Park

from Switzerland, November 2019

the bathroom was spacy, the mattress was for Indian standard good, the balcony nice

Rowena Bernardo

from Belgium, January 2019

"Yoga Perfection"

It would be an error to search for "the best yoga school" as yoga is not about competition but a means to better your own personal physical, mental, energy and overall wellbeing.

To this, Vinyasa Yogashala fits the description to perfection:

- Location (overlooking the Himalayas, far enough from the center, but close enough to walk on your day off, in the backdrop of superclean, gorgeous ganga river),

- Schedule (will set you off to a lifetime of healthy habits)

-Curriculum design- they keep the classes small so you are given attention and the quality of people (both teachers, students and staff) are extraordinary plus the weekly excursions are bucket list worthy experiences

- Food though vegetarian (paleo eater here) are superdelicious, varied and healthy. I have never eaten so much yet got so much energy and got to my ideal weight.

Ashish, a renowed teacher in Rishikesh made this his personal project and he has truly succeeded. This is simply the best investment I made for myself ever. Thank you Ashish, Thanu, Sadhu, Harry, Vikas, Pramud, Ankit, Rahul and Auntie!

Iris Van De Vondervoort

from Netherlands, January 2019

"loved my time at Vinyasa Yogashala"

All the teachers and people that work at Vinyasa Yogashala are amazing! They really made me feel like part of a family! I am so gratefull for my time at this school, they taught me so many interesting aspects about yoga and life. I look back with a great smile to my experience with them in Rishikesh. I definitely recommend this school to everybody, they are the nicest people, very knowledgeable and the classes are very personal!