Want to Learn about True Authentic Yoga? Come Join our Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Training School in Rishikesh India

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Yogini Parveen Ji

Yogi Yashpal Ji

Yogi Ram Ji

Yogi Vishnu ji

Yogi Naveen Ji

Yogi Ajay Ji

Yogi Rajesh Ji

Reviews (8)

Claudia Maggiotto

from United States, April 2020

All the teachers are very knowledgeable, passionate and joyful. It was a pleasure to participate to each class. All the classes are well interconnected therefore there is a continuity in the teaching that makes the understanding and memorizing of the different topics easier. The schedule of the day is well done giving the student enough time to study and rest if needed. The school is taking care of the students in an very friendly way and helps in everything and makes you feel really supported. The number of students in a group is perfect, so the teachers are able to assist each one when needed during the yoga practice. I really liked the food and appreciated the nice activities organized for the students on the days off, because it created a deeper connection in the group and some relaxing and funny moments to share. For me was a very good experience, that I can recommend to everyone intrested in a teacher training course.

Thi Trang Nguyen

from Vietnam, March 2020

"A big NO!!!"

Most positive is the response of the management and staff

Christina Biberger

from New Zealand, October 2019

"Better than expected"

The teachers were amazing! They were really professionell and knew exactly what they were talking about (well, sometimes was a little language barrier but we coped with it) :)

Most of the teachers were always very kind, nice, friendly, respectful, also really funny and made me laugh when i had a rough day and were worried and took care of us. I really appreciate that. Thanks for the great time guys! x

The food was better than expected, it was very very delicious especially breakfast was my favourite meal every day ^^

I would like to stress that JK, OP and Ankit are probably some of the best yoga teachers in Rishikesh xxx

Thank you for the experience and the memories xo

And the group I was with for that time was the best i could get. I made some really good friends and it was lovely how much we took care of each other.

Def more pros than cons !!!! I recommend Vinyasa Yoga Ashram!

Amanda Lithgow

from France, August 2019

"My incredible yoga experience in India"

What not to like? I discovered an area of mountainous countryside the like of which I have never seen before. I met people from all parts of the world whose common interest in yoga brought us all together and I hope some lifelong friendships will result. I undertook a training in yoga second to none at the hands of real masters of the art, realizing how much more there is to the practice and theory of yoga than I had ever thought. It was a truly wonderful experience that I hope will change my life in putting me on a new path, and it is certainly one that I will remember forever. All the classes were excellent but if I have to mention one in particular, it was the anatomy class.

Maria Shans

from New Zealand, July 2019

"Excellent "

Magical place to find beautiful people, grow spiritually and find the peace within.

Joanna Du Plessis

from United Kingdom, June 2019

"Peaceful place to meditate"

I really enjoyed my time in Vinyasa yoga ashram by the river. It was quiet, green and Himalayan mountains all around us. The teachers giving us 150% everyday, with smile and support. Kitchen staff superb. My experience with this ashram was better than I could imagine, so much knowledge, laughter and love. Thank you very much VYA for all the hard work.

Emmanuel Pato

from United States, January 2019

Amazing teachers! Very young but a lot of experiences! I feel that i've learned a lot during just one month! I like the way they are teaching because they are different, good mood everyday, good vibes, always smiling, loving, taking care of everyone, peace full and very friendly with all of us! I can't explain how much i have learn during that awesome month! I was so bad at anatomy but now i have this feeling that i understand everything so much better than when i arrived the first day! I can't criticize anything because i know that they did the best as they can and for me it was perfect. Amazing people, amazing month, amazing teachings, amazing yoga practises, learnings and even more because it have to be live by the people, i can't describe how much it was rewarding and growing. Thank's everyone for this amazing month! Love yall!