Vinayak Scientific School of Yoga's mission is to educate people with practical, authentic scientific knowledge of the yoga system.

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Vinayak Kaurwar

Samiksha Negi

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Zass Cro

from United Arab Emirates, April 2019

"The Heart of India"

The people within the community were extremely welcoming. Kalavati, kissed me four times and hugged me twice as a farewell. Kalavati taught me how to make a traditional Indian meal (Poha) and took care of me as if I were her own.

Vinayak, was also generous and helpful. Through him I acquired and discovered more about the authenticity of yoga.

Thank you for such an unforgettable first experience visit to India.

Kenneth Dryburgh

from Nepal, April 2018

"Remote location and authentic teacher"

Vinayak has a good knowledge of the philosophy of yoga and he answers all your questions. He is a teacher, friend and life coach.

Ronald Steinmetz

from United States, January 2019

"Es war ausgezeichnet. Sehr angenehm. Ich komme gern wieder."

Die ruhige Lage. Der sehr gute Yogakurs. Ein sehr angenehmes Umfeld.

Laura Nicolas

from India, May 2018

"Understand your SELF"

Vinayak really touched me as a person and as a teacher. Like all of us, he is in a research process and I’m happy our path crossed each other. He helped me and my compagnon to understand how yoga could help us in our life and free us. He gave us very concrete exemple to each of his explanations, taking all the time we needed to answer to our questions. There were about everything; yoga philosophy itself but also simply about our life experiences and our emotions. Talking about emotions, I really wanted to work on that part and he gave me a lot of keys to understand them. After only one week with I feel more free and peaceful. It was really a relationship from people to another people and he will stay my friend and my teacher for life. Talking about the place itself we were surrounded by beautiful mountains and organic fields, it was pure beauty. The food was organic too and cooked by the most lovely family of India. We were in a little bubble out of time. Thank you so much vinayak and Pratima! I will keep what I learned for life!

Alexis Vandersmissen

from India, May 2018

"Understand your self, find your energy, feel the universe."

Vinayak is a quiet, gentle and helpful teacher. He is full of knowledge, and I loved the way he teaches. Discussions, questions, debates.. he is open minded and give me the tools to understand better, not only the yoga philosophy, but my Self. We quickly became real friends.

We stayed one week, my girlfriend and me, to learn, practice, and assimilate the teachings of Yoga. Kiarki is a beautiful village out of time, hide in the mountains. The people were very kind to us, especially the family who host us during our stay. The food is simple, organic, elegant, true and delicious.

Thanks you Vinayak, and Pratima, for this experience lived with you. We will see each other in the future, and I wish you the best in your projects and in your life.

Thank you!