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Bangalore, India

Vinay Jesta is a yoga teacher from India with over 7000 instruction hours, trained in various yoga traditions, and teaching Hatha yoga for healing and healthy lifestyle, Vinyasa yoga, and Yin yoga.

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  • Raksha Hegde India

    Vinay Jesta Yoga website

    Vinay changed my life and got me to love yoga in the truest sense. I have tried all sorts of classes and places to learn yoga, but could not even touch my own toes despite all the years I put into it. Vinay is the kindest, gentlest and above all patient teacher I have met. The step by step instructions he gives you will get you to do the toughest asanas as if it is the easiest and most natural thing to do. He takes the time to understand you and teach you yoga in the way best meant for you. Vinay definitely touches and lights up the life of his students with yoga and his disposition.

  • Shilpi D Sinha India

    Vinay Jesta Yoga website

    I can rave on and on about Vinay's manner, style of teaching, knowledge of yoga styles and practices. As far as possible, I've always tried to attend Vinay's classes and like his style of teaching very much. He is an inspiring and immensely popular yoga teacher and phenomenally gifted at what he does. Unpretentious and humble, it's amazing to see Vinay bring his incredible deep and extensive knowledge of yoga to his students.

    His teaching is grounded in clear instruction, meaningful adjustments, positive encouragement, his ease of communication reflective of his immense experience and mastery over his craft. His genuine commitment towards learning more and passing on more is inspiring. Vinay's enjoyment of the practice is apparent in how he instructs and nurtures students. His patient and supportive style of teaching have helped my own self-practice to evolve and come a long way through. Days seem to be much better having practiced on my mat listening and watching Vinay guide us through, a teacher for anyone who wishes to make yoga a part of their life.

  • Meera Veer India

    Vinay Jesta Yoga website

    Vinay Kumar Jesta is an amazing and dedicated teacher and basically a wonderful person, full of life, his passion and commitment towards yoga are very inspiring. It's a pleasure to attend his class, well paced and challenging. His teaching skills are outstanding. Instructions are very clear and well demonstrated which inspires even the beginners to try the difficult postures. My love towards yoga grew eve more after attending his yoga classes. Hope to learn more from him in future.

  • Uttam Chandrashekhar India

    Vinay Jesta Yoga website

    What is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Vinay and his amazing classes? Is it the purity of his choice of words and instructions, or how grounding his classes are? Is it how interesting he makes his classes, or how much he inspires students or is it plain how challenging he can make his classes? Or maybe all of this together!? The very first class of his I attended, I fell in love with, just the quality of his instructions, and how calming and soothing they were to hear! Vinay is an amazing yogi, and it's been a privilege attending his classes, his passion for yoga is truly inspiring, and he is definitely an ascent to the community! We miss his classes here in India, but he leaves with us his resonating words, purity, and passion, something that will always inspire us. We look forward to practicing with him sometime soon! Ohm

  • Vidya Moola India

    Vinay Jesta Yoga website

    Vinay has been my guru for over four years now. His knowledge of yoga is vast, and his dedication to his own learning and practice is nothing short of awe-inspiring. In the time that I have known him as a teacher and as a friend, he has grown to be seasoned, mature, and extremely focused in the way he imparts knowledge. Vinay has an innate ability to inspire, and help one push boundaries that one didn’t know existed in the first place. Most of all, his humility is what makes him stand apart from any other teacher I have ever known. To learn from Vinay is an honour and a privilege. I consider myself blessed to have him as my guru. Om.

  • Sanjana Gururaj India

    Vinay Jesta Yoga website

    This is Sanjana, may is not the teachers favourite student but the student's favourite teacher. Vinay is one of the best teachers's I have ever met. Thanks a ton Vinay for your guidance. The love for yoga has increased because of you. That smile on your face has made me get the best experience. Will miss the pressure you put on me to do that last Surya namaskar, always worked. Will miss u a lot, please come back soon! You are the best. Wishing you all the very best in life and may all ur dreams come true.

  • Shruthi Rao India

    Vinay Jesta Yoga website

    Vinay's classes are always such a joy to be a part of! They say every yoga teacher brings a different flavour of energy to class and the one Vinay brings is that of peace, happiness and strength. Every class, be it Hatha, Power, Vinyasa flow or meditation, is so beautifully thought out and structured respecting all body types. That's what I really love about his style of teaching. All of his classes have left me feeling completely at peace with myself and everything around me, really "soulful" yoga. Thank you Vinay.

  • Neetha Harish India

    Vinay Jesta Yoga website

    For me, Vinay is God sent, his practice is soul soothing and truly blissful. Anybody should just spread their mat, listen to his instructions and flow with it! Trust me it's magical, you just forget the entire world and you are only with your body and breath. I am sure this is something really special that I feel with each and every session that I have attended. I was blessed to have you as my guide and look forward to practice with you as soon as possible. Till then wishing you good luck and also telling everyone out there in Poland ,please don't miss practicing with Vinay. He is a blessing to be with. Thank you and much love

  • Nivedita India

    Vinay Jesta Yoga website

    1. The first thing that appeals to me of Vinay is his lovely smile. If you have come to class with any baggage, its just gone!

    2. He takes the classes not very fast nor very slow. We get time to complete each asana before we get into other. Be it Suryanamaskar or while doing Vinyasa. So each and every part of the body is exercised.

    3. I love the fact that he gives individual attention. Be it a class of 5 or 25, If anyone struggling with any asana, he corrects us without even we asking him. ( no favoritism)

    4. I was very scared to do standing chakra asana, tried doing it many times but gave up. Vinay gave me some very simple tips and I could do it easily with his help though! His techniques are simply the best!

    5. His knowledge in yoga, his dedication, love to teaching, connection with his students is commendable. He is a true Yoga Guru in class, in after class one among us! So Simple n mature at this young age. We are going to miss you Vinay at Aayana. All the best!

  • Michelle Woo Deemer Bangalore/California

    Vinay Jesta Yoga website

    Vinay is a truly outstanding and delightful yoga instructor. He is incredibly generous and really guides his students to their highest potential while being safe and supportive and fun. Yoga is clearly Vinay's passion -- he lives yoga and its spirit -- so it is always a pleasure to be in his presence and the embrace of his teaching. Vinay is so warm and his encouragement and commitment to the practice are contagious. You don't want to miss an opportunity to be in one of his classes and to soak in the rays of his light.

  • Alka Gera India

    Vinay Jesta Yoga website

    There are few great things I have undertaken in my life and practicing yoga is one of them. After my first class with Vinay, I was inspired, uplifted and knew that I had to take the teacher training program. Vinay’s passion for yoga and life oozed from every pour. His kindness, warmth, vast knowledge and quirky personality opened my heart and left me feeling hopeful as he masterfully guided me toward my spirit. There are a love and compassion that underlies the philosophy of Yoga which is a reflection of Vinay's energy. Each day he dedicates his life to improving the lives of anyone who asks. Yoga gave me an opportunity to meet myself.

  • Bharathi Gururaj India

    Vinay Jesta Yoga website

    The purpose of this short testimony is my experiences with VINAY in the journey of Spiritual Deception.If we think that you can use yoga only for physical training and not be affected by its spiritual side, we are wrong. Vinay Kumar Jesta is a Hatha Yoga practitioner with many years of experience. I practiced yoga with Vinay for more than a year and my experiences with him was truly amazing. From the moment I used to step into the studio, Vinay greeted with a feeling of complete serenity & a wonderful smile. Vinay is a perfect combination of 3P’s passion, patience, and perfection which makes him a perfect yogi. For me personally, yoga is my way of balancing the stress of being a homemaker and a part-time consultant. No matter what class we used to do, Vinay would give me a feeling like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and was ready to take the day head-on. One of the things that I particularly loved about his class is the variety offered. I have been fortunate and blessed to have had an opportunity to learn yoga from Vinay and I miss him tonnes and loads!!! Wishing you good luck for all your future en devours!

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