Vegetarian Peru Adventures

Cusco, Peru

A specialist tour operator organizing customized and special tours for vegetarians, vegans and travelers with food allergies in the Andes of Peru.

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  • Marianne Ireland

    Vegetarian Peru Adventures website

    I enjoyed everything. I came with an open mind, looking for something to give me energy, positive thoughts, and to stretch my body and mind alike. The Yoga classes were enjoyable. The food was phenomenal! So many flavors - each delicious!

  • Tim United Kingdom

    Vegetarian Peru Adventures website

    I enjoyed the diversity of the country, the landscapes, the indigenous architecture, learning about the history and cultures of the people; also the balance between discovering the country and the spiritual journey offered through yoga, Doris (the shaman) and Tito La Rosa (musician). Oda and Armando are excellent guides and travelling companions.

  • Thelma United Kingdom

    Vegetarian Peru Adventures website

    Oda was our tour leader on a 3-week tour of Peru. Oda is an experienced guide and an expert in Andean culture. I enjoyed the detailed information from Oda, her personal views which I found coincided with my own spiritual view of life, the friendship of the group and Oda's hospitality and her concerns for others.

  • Sue United Kingdom

    Vegetarian Peru Adventures website

    I enjoyed the variety of places and sites visited, the time on Taquile island, Oda's contribution to the whole trip, her experience and expertise, the extras she was able to organize through personal contact. A very big thank you to Oda and Armando for everything they did to make our visit to Peru such a wonderfully memorable experience.

  • Joanne United States

    Vegetarian Peru Adventures website

    I enjoyed the deep connection the staff and owners have to all indigenous cultures, both local and from around the world. The gentleness, beauty and love of land well tended. The flexibility of guides and staff which allowed us time to be fully immersed in the energies and the personal teachings present at each sacred site. Plus, excellent, excellent food! Much gratitude.

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