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Vedic Yoga Centre

The Vedic Yoga Centre was founded by Shailendra Singh Negi and aims to help bring the Vedic sciences back into people's daily lives.

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a traveler United Kingdom

TripAdvisor website, edited

My time in India was meant to be a time of self study, so I needed somewhere quiet to have my own practice. Vedic Yoga center was that place. It was just a few minutes to all the main restaurants and classes of Lakshman Jhula, but in the opposite direction so less crowded and noisy. I could even go for walks in the morning and not hear a single car horn, an amazing thing to find in India, and have beautiful views of the Ganges.

If you need a quiet place to stay in Rishikesh with access to a kitchen, I highly recommend Vedic. The rooms are beautiful, huge beds, and reasonably priced. My private room and shower was the same price as the dorm in the main hostel on Lakshman Jhula. Don't go to hostels when you can have so much more, plus privacy, for the same price. I had a wonderful experience staying at Vedic for 2 months. Yoga classes, massages, and ayurvedic treatments also happen. And their yoga classes are one of the few in Rishikesh that incorporate kundalini work and kriyas.

There are fruit and vegetable stands just a few steps away and the kitchen was stocked with pots, a kettle, bowls, plates and everything you would need to cook. Plus they give all of your veggie scraps to the cow and I love that nothing got wasted. Permaculture!

Wonderful experience and lovely family that runs this place (and free wi-fi)!

a traveler USA

TripAdvisor website

The management team, Shri. Shailandra, Shri. Rajendra, Ms. Priya - was extremely helpful and professional. Room was clean and reasonable size. It was quiet and peaceful to stay there. It's located very close to Maa-Ganga - an ideal location if you want to spend time by Her banks. Location is good with restaurants, tea-shops and fruit and vegetable shops nearby. They also arranged taxi for pick-up and drop-off from airport and also helped to arrange taxi for local sightseeing. Thank you to everyone at Vedic Yoga Center Guesthouse for making our Rishikesh stay a pleasant experience.

Gopika G. France

TripAdvisor website

I was well surprised when I arrived at the Vedic Yoga Guesthouse as there is all what we are looking for to have a perfect stay. A yoga hall for practicing and bajans, a kitchen, a massage center, a beautiful rooftop with a perfect view on Ganga and temples, etc. Rooms are very spacious, clean, cozy. I've felt like at home and that shows the quality of the place! My friends and I had a wonderful time there, and we will definitely come back!

Eva G. Germany

TripAdvisor website

I spent about two weeks in Vedic Yoga Guesthouse and enjoyed it very much. I especially liked the spiritual atmosphere with mantra singing and ceremonies in the morning. I also loved the clean and cozy room, the nice family who runs the house, and the stillness (although stillness is relative in Lakshman Jhula!). It was a pleasant stay and a home during my time in Rishikesh. Thank you!

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