Vedic Arogya Ashram respects and honors all people and offer the opportunity to rebalance the mind, body, and soul through their natural therapies and retreats.

Yoga Retreats (4)

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8 Days Yoga Retreat in Nepal

Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec | Jan, 2019–2020
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8 Days Ayurveda Detox and Yoga Holiday in Nepal

Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec | Jan, 2019–2020
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Instructors (3)

Bhakta Raj Maharjan

Sabin Maharjan

Dr Kumar N

Reviews (67)

Anouk Van Putten

from Philippines, May 2019

"Great lessons! "

We learned so much, much more then expected. We came for some yoga but it was much more Ashtanga, pranayama, nala yeti, yoga nindra, meditation etc.

Naledi Nickerson

from United States, January 2019

"A home from home"

This was my first stay in an Ashram and it far exceeded my expectations! Bhakta and his family made me feel like a long lost sister straight away and the programme was very focused yet informal. The other instructors Orla Breeding and Sobin Paasan added life to the place with some amazing classes too.

I couldn't have asked for more and would highly recommend it to anyone.


from Great Britain, October 2018

"Not what I expected "

Bhakta and his family were nice people and I thank them for letting me stay in their home and join the ashram. I enjoyed Bhakta's wife's cooking.

Myself and another girl left early and Bhakta gave me a refund which was very kind of him.

Juanita Leighton-ahnau

from Australia, May 2018

"Most beautiful and spiritual place"

This ashram is truly special.

Karen Gordon

from Australia, March 2018



Not being very experienced with yoga and also much older the all the others

Ileft there so refreshed and pleased at what I was able to achieve. Loved the food and

Atmoshere genereated in the ashram.


Rory & Hannah Van

from India, February 2018

"Lovely yoga retreat"

We really enjoyed the peaceful location and the the great hospitality.

Julie Fuhlendorff

from Denmark, February 2018

"The perfect yoga retreat"

First of all the family who runs the place are the most loving, welcoming family ever. The atmosphere at the ashram was so good, and everyone was sweet, the food was amazing and everything was just good.

Lily Mats

from Great Britain, February 2018

"beautiful place"

People in this ashram made my stay so great... i will always hold them in my heart. Sabin is wonderful, i will forever be grateful for his amazing yoga classes, i have learnt so much from him, thank you dear Sabin for all your kindness and expertise, pranayama classes were fantastic too, if you really want to take your practice to the next level, Sabin will show you the way. Anju didi the lovely sister is going to cook you delicious meals. Bhakta and his family are so lovely too, they are sweet and redy to guide and help whenever you need but also leave you alone and at peace if that is what you prefer (i needed plenty of time for introspection and meditation and it was amazing for me) the walks are great. i went end of january and it was a bit challenging at first with the cold, but Bhakta and his lovely wife did what they could to help me, and the days got warmer gradually. I met some of the most amazing people here, and had some of the most meaningful experiences and conversations.

I will certainly be back again.

Laura Garzón

from Kuwait, January 2018

"Peaceful Getaway "

I loved the ling walks around the place, seeing and visiting different temples, forests, and the rural life around the Ashram.

They’ll make you feel like family from the moment you come into the place.

Amanda Collins

from Australia, November 2017


I liked that the timetable had a structure to it but you could pick and choose what you wanted to do.

I loved the food! Always enough food, big portions, delicious Nepalese food!

I loved the location it was so quiet an peaceful and nice to be in nature after dusty Kathmandu.

I loved the people, even though it was fleeting.

I loved trying new yoga practices as well, the yoga was new to me!

The happy song was lovely too!!

Kyle Baird

from Nepal, November 2017

"New to yoga and meditation but they have something for all"

There was a lot of group discussions and teachings for further knowledge. I learned so much about yoga lifestyle and meditation!

Muna Owais

from Jordan, November 2017

"Unforgettable spiritual experience "

The most beautiful thing was the spirit of the ashram. Very positive, simple, loving, caring and sharing. You can just be yourself there. Very relaxing place and you have the freedom to choose the activities you want to do. Very supportive environment. The nature around makes the place so peaceful with fresh air. They do their best to make you happy. One big family. Thank you so much for everything! This experience gave me new perspectives for life! Namaste :)

Chaska Maria Magnusson

from Norway, October 2017

"I had an amazing week!"

This ashram is just perfect! The location is wonderful and there are many nice places to see around if you are up for a walk. The food is very delicious and you are never hungry. The yoga instructors are the best and they will help you and answer any questions you have. This week has been awesome and I can probably say that it has changed how I think about many things and how my lifestyle will be in the future! Thank you!

Judith Olmos

from Spain, August 2017

"Taking time out "

The wonderful teachers snd their amazing yoga classes. Their attention to detail and to helping each one of us imorove our practice. Their genuine warmth , enthusiasm and caring.

A massive thank you to you all! You are the best and this ashram experience will stay with me for a very long time I hopexx

Sinead Cloonan

from Great Britain, June 2017

"Great get away for peace "

Such a friendly atmosphere. You're made to feel like family not a guest.


from Denmark, June 2017

Its was both private, personal and professional at the same time. Its not luxuries, focus is on the all around individual experience of a ashram retreat. I would go again and recommend it to anyone who would like to challenge themselfs in several ways and levels. Its an unique individual journey that will change you, surprisingly it just happens to you and the people around you without you really noticing it.

I loved the peace, the food, the people, the walks, the talks and of cause the asanas......

Genevieve Bowers

from Nepal, June 2017

"Perfect for rest, relaxation, meditation & yoga novices"

The food was delicious, healthy and plentiful. We had three meals plus snack time, so I was never hungry. Lots of dark green fresh veggies and fresh fruit.

The staff aim to please and actively seek feedback.

Three teachers rotated amongst the classes so there was variety to the teaching and practices. Two teachers used tibetan singing bowls during class, which was lovely to listen to and feel.

Several facets of yoga are taught - not just asanas/postures.

None of the daily events were compulsory -

You could opt in/out of any part of the day. There was no pressure, guilt or judgement if you didnt, for example, do group meditation at 6am.

The location is away from city life but within a short walk of a village/town centre.

Showers are hot. There was an ensuite washroom with the dorm room.

The other guests and the staff make this place feel like a home with a big happy family. Everyone was kind, friendly, welcoming and supportive. They sing a "happy song" for each person when they leave. It is a nice touch.


from Australia, May 2017

"dissapointed- very basic."

The food was incredible. The individuals there made it for me. I did leave early however I would not have tried to give the place a chance if it wasn't for the wonderful people I met.

Armeen Musa

from Bangladesh, April 2017

"The perfect place for mind body and soul"

Very nicely maintained considering everyone helps out for the upkeep. Wonderful owners and food was yummy especially lunch. I truly enjoyed every aspect


from France, April 2019


It's impossible to describe how good it was. Every activities were excellent. Our professor was kind and patient.

We liked everything. The food was delicious and cooking classes excellent.

Every day we walked on a new place.

There is a before...and an after.

Nienke Strijks

from United States, March 2019

"Wonderful experience at the ashram"

The food was great, the people are lovely, the daily happy walks takes you to beautiful spots, and the yoga classes are good. I have learned a lot, and absolutely adored the lifestyle at the ashram. and even extended my stay! Definitely recommend this place!

Ester De La Fuente

from Nepal, February 2019

"Happy place and happy family"

After some days in noisy and polluted Kathmandu, the ashram was the perfect place to breathe again, enjoy the silence and the nature. Bhakta and his family are lovely and take good care of the guests, special mention to the Grandad who walked with us every afternoon to visit the Big Buddha, Botanical garden, monastery, temple... always with a smile!

The food is simply delicious and very healthy, and the daily activities very good for the body, mind and soul.

Thank you!!

Caroline Terpstra-westendorp

from Netherlands, January 2019

"wonderful time"

Ik vond de yoga lessen van beide docenten heel erg goed. Heb er echt van genoten en ook weer wat van geleerd. Ze geven duidelijke uitleg en je kan altijd vragen stellen als je iets niet begrijpt. Er zit een goede opbouw in de lessen en elke keer leerden we ook weer wat nieuws. Ik geef al jaren yoga les en ben best kritisch op hoe docenten les geven maar deze waren beide zeer goed. Ook genoot ik van het goed opgezette dagprogramma. Met daarin ruimte voor o.a. prachtige wandeling, meditatie, filosofielessen, vrije tijd en heerlijk Nepalees eten. Kortom ik kan het iedereen die van yoga en natuur houdt aanraden.

Nick Deussen

from Netherlands, June 2018

"Amazing place to do yoga and a lovely family "

The social environment


from Nepal, October 2017

"Very good experience"

As a beginner, I had a great time discovering yoga and meditation at the ashram, the program is flexible and the teachers always made sure we don't get bored! It was the perfect atmosphere to relax and think, and to heal body and mind. The food was delicious and the accomodation clean and comfortable. I would definetely recommend it for a week or more!


from United States, June 2019

"Disappointed in Nepal"

The yoga (only twice per day) was good & I liked the instructors. The one massage I had was nice.

Meetha Yedavalli

from India, April 2019

"Beautiful place and warm people"

The location of the ashram was absolutely peaceful. Bhakta ji's family are very warm and welcoming. Enjoyed the yoga, meditation, daily walks classes every single day. Great place for physical emotional and mental detox.

Małgorzata Dziczkowska

from United States, March 2019

"Best trekking with yoga ever!!! "

It was such a good experience! I did it with my husband- he did yoga first in his life, I have 10 years experience with yoga, and then was my mom with us... we all had an amazing time, learn a lot, practice a lot, laugh, smile, experience ... highly recommended for everyone

Anica Huber

from Netherlands, December 2018

"A purely peaceful place with caring and loving family vibes"

The Nepalese hospitality and the caring family atmosphere at the Vedic Arogya Ashram was very much enjoyable. It is a purely simple and peaceful place which created the opportunity for me to draw inwards and connect to the deeper level of myself. Throughout my stay at the Ashram I got new insights and inspiration about Yoga, BodyMind and Spirituality. I would definitely return to the Ashram. :)

Simon Whiting

from France, August 2018

"Beautiful surroundings, Peace and quiet, great detox program"

I liked the lushness of the green surroundings while contemplating over a cup of tea. I loved the food which had been gathered directly from their garden. The company was great with exciting conversations every night with Bhakta and the other visitors.

Desirée Brizi

from United Arab Emirates, August 2018

"Balance and peace"

The Reiki training was a blissful experience.

The yoga classes as well very exciting, dynamic, I learned so much! And Sobin is really a special person, as well Bhakta is always doing his best to accomodate all needs and also with suggestions and tips about trips or anything you need. I really felt at home at Vedic Arogya Ashram.

The food deserves a whole chapter, is delicious, healthy, never had anything similar!

The location is beautiful, surrounded by nature and its sound. The smells, waking up with sunlight.. What I neeeded! Really hope to come back again.

Kate Moldan

from Malaysia, July 2018

"What an incredible place! "

I had the most wonderful week here. Bhakta is an incredibly kind, warm man and him and his family make you feel right at home at the ashram. The philosophy classes were great, the food was delicious and varied at each meal, Sabine and Cannelle’s yoga classes were fantastic. I liked that the Ashram had a schedule, but that you could opt in or out of anything and there was no sense of judgement for not wanting to do anything. My week here was wonderful from start to finish: relaxing, inspiring and therapeutic. I would come back in a heartbeat.

Stephanie Bartlett

from United States, April 2018

"I have to come back ! Amazing experience ! "

The place had simplistic values exactly what you want at an ashram. It was chartered to your needs and had such a peaceful environment! High in the mountains everyday I was so thankful ❤️- if you have the opportunity to have Sobin as a teacher your life will be enlightened.

Rosa Ivette Cornier

from Hong Kong, April 2018

"An Ashram to stay"

The host, the ambience, the location, the food

Charles Verwilghen

from Belgium, March 2018

"Nice experience, but still room for improvement"

The crew is very welcoming. The location is very peaceful and the everyday walks very enjoyable. The food is delicious. I liked the fac that the atmosphere was quite relaxed, not too serious ; I wanted to practice yoga and to meditate but also to be able to laugh out loud with others while eating together and relaxing during the free times. From that point of view, it was a really nice experience.

Don't only focus on the "room for improvement" part of my comments ; my stay at the ashram was very pleasant and enjoyable. But I just feel I don't need to give more details about what was already awesome, so I focused on what could be improved.

Holly Meegan

from Australia, November 2017

"Peaceful ashram experience"

Vedic Arogya Ashram is a special place that is welcoming, peaceful and full of love. Bhakta is very kind and caring and I had a wonderful experience at the ashram. I learnt a lot about yoga, pranayama and meditation. I did the ayurvedic course as well and I got a lot out of this too! Being at the ashram was a rejuvenationg, relaxing and positive experience! The food is delicious!

Tatsiana Kali

from United Arab Emirates, June 2017

"Thank you, Universe, for this ashram!"

Everything! People, atmosphere, teachers, food! Yoga classes were amazing!

Janie Beetz

from Australia, July 2019

My yoga teacher Kumar was amazing ! He love to share is passion for yoga and adapt is courses to make enjoy your stay and learn more technics. We did acro yoga, reiki, artistic yoga and of course traditionnel yoga. For me, it was a really great experience and everyone is always there for you.

Sarah Scheltwort

from Nepal, April 2019

"Amazing experience with lovely people "

I really enjoyed my 3 days stay for reiki initiation at this lovely Ashram. I felt like at home from the first moment I arrived. The schedule of activities includes so many things (optional) that nobody will ever get bored here (yoga, meditation, philosophy, nature walks, cleansing techniques...) but you can also just relax and enjoy the place.

My reiki initiation was very well structured and easy to follow.

I also loved the yoga sessions and the practice of selected postures with individual support by the teachers.

After completing a yoga trainer course recently, these classes were just perfect to deepen my practice and strengthen my body.

The food was very healthy and delicious!

I wish I could have stayed longer but hope to come again for the detox program :)

I'll take home a lot of positive energy from this Ashram.

Stefanie Zeidler

from Nepal, March 2018

"Indescribable good"

Location outside of town - really quiet

Lovely family who owns it

Delicious good food

Nice walks


All perfect

Sabine Pirovano

from Netherlands, December 2017

"Amazing experience!"

This week brought me so much more than I'd expected. The location was beautiful, the teachers were amazing and the atmosphere was really relax. I also did the Ayurveda course witch gave me so much information about Ayurveda and that way of life. The doctor has so much knowledge and patience to explain you everything and you learn a lot about yourself.

Pilar Diego

from Spain, November 2017

"Recarga de energía y buenas experiencias "

El centro está en una zona con pocas casas a los pies de la montaña. Lo que lo hace un sitio tranquilo con posibilidad de hacer varias excursiones. A diez minutos a pie esta el pueblo.

La organización del día está llena de actividades, todas ellas optativas, dirigidas por distintos profesores . Meditación, yoga, pranayama, filosofía.

La comida muy rica y abundante.

Personalmente estuve muy a gusto y aprendí mucho tanto en las clases como compartiendo con los compañeros. Me voy llena de energía y mucho amor.


from France,

Just an amazing place with lovely people! The food is so good and everybody will help you if any problem appears. And yoga classes are very good, you really go deep in each posture. I really recommend this place. Thank you very much for this week!

Kim Stustman

from United Kingdom,

This AshramIs the real deal. It is a must for those preparing to head into Pokhara and the many beautiful hikes of Nepal. Yoga was excellent covering the 12 Asanas breathing,

sun salutations, and happy yoga. Meals where organic and seconds always available. Nothing was too much trouble for this family run yoga center. I learnt so much in the short time I was there and will return before I start my next hike. A must do it reminds you to just be happy. It prepares you for the real life of the mountains. Absolutely love the place.

Joe Hoyle

from United Kingdom,

I had a really nice relaxed week here. It was so good to relax after my travels before heading home. All the people staff are friendly and welcoming. The food was simple but really tasty. I really enjoyed the Asana classes with the Vietnamese teacher (can't remember her name sorry). She was really informative and helped to ensure you were doing the positions correctly. For me the yoga philosophy classes were a bit repetitive and not as informative as intended but I think that is mainly a language barrier issue.

I'd have been happy to spend a few more days there.

Katya Alldis

from United Kingdom,

While at the Ashram I was asked to describe my experience in 7 words by another visitor. The words I used are: Welcoming, Friendly, Warm-hearted, Interesting, Cold, Challenging, Delicious. Bhaktar tries his absolute best to ensure everyone is enjoying their time in Vedic Arogya Ashram. He has a very generous spirit as does his wife, 10 month old son and younger brother. The ladies (Didis) who cook incredible food and clean are a big part of the experience and helped to make my stay a memorable one. There are of course things which don't work out as planned and as with anything in Nepal it is good to be flexible to what may come. I had two very different experiences within the Ashram, first when there were only three guests it was subdued and Bhaktar seemed distracted and impatient to get on with other tasks (this may be his way though and I've interpreted it poorly?). Having said this it was calm and gave plenty of time for reflection and settling into a new country. Then the second experience when there was a larger group of guests a total of 10, the Ashram came alive in a totally different way and Bhaktar was more engaged and less obviously in a rush to do other tasks. It probably didn't help that the day after I arrived his Yoga teacher had to leave suddenly so he had to arrange a new one whilst taking all the classes himself and managing the Ashram and other bookings for the conference hall. I would definitely go back here but maybe in the summer though as it does get very cold first thing in the morning and at night. I am very glad to have met such warm, kind people and wish them all every success in the future.

Maritta Schranner

Enjoy your time with mediation, pranayama, yoga, delicious and healthy food, discovering the beautiful nature and the busy cities- a perfect place to calm down, to meet people from all over the world and to feel the wonderful energy and strength you will get!

Kassandra Rognstad Rognstad

Had a lovely time at Vedic Arogya Ashram! The Ashram is located on the hillside with beautiful and peaceful surroundings. I did the 8 days detox program, and left feeling very cleansed-physically and mentally.


Bakta, the owner and yoga teacher have been wonderful in welcoming me to the retreat. The place is magical and staff is very attentive to needs. The yoga and meditation classes were perfectly led by professional teachers. I would recommend this retreat to take a step back on our busy day to day life to help recenter own self.

Vicki Doner

from Canada and Bahrain,

Vedic Arogya Ashram was a down to earth, back-to-basics yoga retreat that was a complete healing experience for my mind, body, and soul. The owner and his wife were very knowledgeable but humble about their trade and made us all feel like family. The Ayurvedic detox program was both challenging and cleansing but not too extreme. It left me feeling refreshed and clean. The program was really wonderful and perfect for people who want to get away completely from the dust, business, and amenities of daily life and into the hills, villages, and smiling sunny neighborhood of rural Nepal.

Paula Profitos

The ashram was fantastic and awesome! Really nice place out of the dusty Kathmandu, healthy air, healthy food. The family are super peaceful and friendly, and the house has lots of spots to relax. If you are looking for a space to introduce yourself into a healthy lifestyle this is the right place.


from France,

L'accueil dans l'ashram est très chaleureux on s'y sent comme chez soi, l'endroit est calme ce qui est très reposant. La nourriture est délicieuse. J'ai vécu une expérience inoubliable, riche en relation humaine et très formatrice en ce qui concerne la pratique du yoga et de la médiation. Je vous le recommande vivement.