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Valentin's Pachamama Journeys

Valentin's Pachamama Journeys offers personalized, unique yoga tours to places that other tour groups don't go, interacting with locals, and see how life is lived in the region.

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Our family and friends are just back from hiking the 4 day Inca trail and visiting Machu Picchu & the beautiful Sacred Valley with Valentin. If you ever need a guide for this trip or other adventures in Peru, call Valentin! He is so knowledgeable, experienced and kind - you are sure to have an incredible travel experience and will feel so well cared for. He even showed us his family farm and we met his father and other family- they are all wonderful people- We highly recommend!! Thanks again Valentin!

Jacqueline Paraguay

Trip Advisor webiste

My family and I had an amazing 4 hour tour of Cusco with Valentin and Pachamama Journeys. They started off by picking us up at our hotel. We were initially going to go and try the famous Pisco Sour, but ended up going to the local market. That was an amazing experience. Valentin took the time to explain the local food and traditions. He also gave us ladies some much needed shopping time!!

After the market we walked the streets of Cusco making our way to the Plaza de Armas. He took the time to explain the history and take photos. We then went to a local restaurant where we tried the famous Pisco Sour! We had a great time and great conversation. Valentin is very personable.

After the taste testing we went to a family run planetarium where they explained to us the way the Incas looked at the stars. It was fascinating. The night was cloudy so we could not see much, but the experience was well worth it for us. Please keep in mind that this is a family run planetarium and is small.

After the planetarium, we went back to the city where we had dinner at a local mom and pop restaurant that has been there for years. Valentin talked to us about his life and what his ambitions are. He’s truly a wonderful man. He also told us that when you book with Pachamama Journeys, part of the proceeds go to provide funding and resources to 4 local schools!

We had an amazing experience with them! Can’t wait to do it again!

Kimberly T

Trip Advisor Website

Valentin was my guide on the Inca trail before he started his own company and was amazing! He knows so much history and you can tell that he feels passionate about the area, which really made the trip. I recommend him to all of my friends that want to do the trail. Also felt very safe the entire time. Would definitely recommend!

A traveler

Trip Advisor Website

Valentin was the guide for our family trip on the Inca Trail in 2014 when he worked for another company. It was one of our all time travel experiences, due in no small part to Valentin's skill as a guide, his easygoing, fun personality, his knowledge of the Incan and Peruvian history and his general hospitality. He was also great with our kids who were middle school age at the time. The company he worked for was very well run, and he was one of their main guides. My assumption that he would be providing the same level of experience with his own company. Would go again with Valentin in a heartbeat!

Ruth R

TripAdvisor Website

My friend and I had an amazing time with Valentin as our tour guide. We had a great tour of the sacred valley and Machu Picchu! The tour was well planned out and all the accommodations were great! I would highly recommend the tour. Although there were so many sites to see over the 2-day span, Valentin was so knowledgeable and so energetic the whole time. I would gladly use this tour group again, and have recommended it to any friends planning on going!

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