Vagabond Temple offers ongoing yoga and meditation retreats and strives to share knowledge, spiritual guidance and love with people from around the world.

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Eliza Coman

from Vietnam, March 2020

"Soul retreat"

I did the 6 days retreat but it wasn’t enough for how much I loved it.Everything is well thought and organized and I’m sure they are always improving that piece of Eden.The place is really beautiful with the nature who welcomes you, hummocks here and there, prana lounge so so nice with sea view and the food always tasty and different meals everyday.A general warmly atmosphere because they really care about what they are doing.The yoga classes were not too easy not too hard, but if you want to practice more there is the yoga hall all for you in your free time.Dancing, meditations, games, conversations to make each of us feel part of a big thing called life.Then if you need to go deeper in your body, mind and soul healing (which is normal when you dedicate all this time to yourself) they offer a lot of sessions and therapies.

Thank you to all Vagabond Temple Team.

Charlotte Cain

from Isle of Man, February 2020

"Incredible 6 weeks experience as a guest ♥️"

I just loved everything. I loved the alll classes, loved the Dharma talks, loved morning circles, loved meditation, loved my room, loved the food, loved the staff. everyday focusing on a different part of your body in yoga-no days were the same in my 6 wks. Treatments available go above&beyond any imagination.

Myann is incredible Who REALLY knows what she is doing. There’s a great balance with your spare time for solitude or socialising. If you want to be alone in silence there are areas which everyone respects With no judgment. Scooter’s are easy to rent if you wanted to take yourself off in spare time at wknds. I knew I loved it So I extended my 5 week booking on week 3 to 6 weeks.

6 weeks for me was perfect! Leaving feeling happy and ready, fit and healthy. And strong .. inside and out! I felt at home and part of the family there, Hours after arriving you get a really happy homely feel. Real Smiles everywhere you look. Real people who are really interested And are there to help you grow. It’s a community. Noday were the same every week working on a new Dharma topic~

Iv Learnt so so much with incredible knowledge from Kobi & Pazit. I feel they have this whole experience down to a fine art.. if your thinking of ‘test booking ’ 1week- book atleast 2 week (EVERYONE EXTENDS-you will extend if you can ☺️) if you have the time book 4-6 weeks! Trust me you won’t regret it ♥️ I will be taking these last 6 weeks with me for life.. forever grateful thank you Vagabond Temple 🙏🏽 Xx

Kinga Kircher

from Austria, December 2019

"Good for body and soul"

Pazit, Melissa and Kobi were truly amazing. They have so much knowledge and passion. I could learn so much while I was here.

The place is simple but so perfect to relax and just have time for yourself.

Sarah Merz

from Switzerland, November 2019

"Amazing yoga retreat to meet like-minded people"

The people and program were great.

Ralitsa Yaneva

from United Kingdom, June 2019

"Beautiful people 💞 amazing vibe 👌🏽🇰🇭"

I love everything there... even the challenge was tasty 😋

Nastasia Clement

from Philippines, April 2019

"Everything was perfect"

The lessons, the food, the atmosphere.

Andreas Mossburger

from United States, February 2019

"Großartiger Ort für Yoga"

Ich war hauptsächlich dort um Yoga Stunden zu besuchen, im Wechsel von bis zu fünf Lehrern wurde es nie langweilig und war sehr abwechslungsreich!


from Spain, January 2019

Meeting so many new people from all over and getting to know their stories is the bestAll the lessons (Claire, Donna, Mary Sarah and of course Coby and Pazi). Excellent to be able to experience different types of yoga within little time. The morning circle and Dharma talks and the movie night was fun too.

Olena Medwid

from United States, January 2019

"Life changing experience..."

Pazit and Kobi, you are forever in my heart ❤

Lara Heliotis

from Switzerland, December 2018

"Great experience - can absolutely recommend it! "

- teachers

- the food

- the whole atmosphere

Suzanne Johnson

from United Kingdom, December 2018

"Wow! What an experience!"

This is a truly magical place. It’s not down to one or two things, it’s everything that Vagabond encompasses.

The grounds are beautiful, of course, but it’s the people mainly and the culture that serves everyone.

Kobi & Pazit, Maayan, the teachers and volunteers enabled me, for the first time in my life to feel unjudged, to be free, to be silly, to dance like nobody is watching, to sing like nobody can hear. I became who I always was but have never acknowledged before.

The food also is outstanding! I’m vegan anyway so when I realised that it was fully vegan there I was so excited. The sheer joy of having 3 delicious, nutritious meals served to me every day was incredible!

This was my first, but not my last visit.

Each yoga lesson, meditation, movement class, morning circle and Dharma talk was so very precious.

Thank you Vagabond team, for everything!

James Miller

from United Kingdom, December 2018

"A good place to heal"

Excellent vegan food, some good yoga instructors, Mary Sarah and Amanda in particular I found outstanding , incredible nature and climate, a varied curriculum of classes with an emphasis on play, dance and opening up. There is without a doubt a magic to this place. I felt a lot of change take place in myself in the week that I spent there and observed a lot of changes in those around me


from Cambodia, March 2020

"Erster Aufenthalt in einem Yoga-Retreat"

Ich mochte das Gleichgewicht zwischen Yoga, Meditation und Freizeit. Es gibt einen relativ engen „Stundenplan“ aber schon am ersten Tag verfällt man in einen natürlich Rhythmus. Leider bleibt einem nicht besonders viel Zeit für Ausflüge in der Umgebung außer am Wochenende.

Marie Omshanti

from Laos, December 2019

"Un havre de paix et d’apprentissage "

Un lieu qui appelle à la serenity et à la reconnections avec soi même... mais aussi à la joie et au partage du yoga...

Une équipe passionnée et sincère, de très belles rencontres.

Des cours de qualités avec des enseignants excellents. Un pur régal, je conseille cette retraite à 200% vous en sortirez changés.

Martine Rominger

from Cambodia, November 2019

La super ouverture, disponibilité et connaissance des enseignents.

Le fait de rencontrer tant de personnes si gentilles les unes envers les autres.


from Cambodia, January 2019




from Thailand, December 2018

Tolle Atmosphäre, super Programm und leckeres veganes Essen.